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Hydra pH Buffer is a good product for maintaining the pH level, general hardness and alkalinity in water. The product increase water buffering to maintain pH level. 1 kg of product is used to treat 1000 litres of water and to Balance Pond pH level. Visit the link for more info:


  • 1. HYDRA PH BUFFER To Maintain Pond Water ph Levels

2. PH LEVEL FOR FISH POND pH is a measure of whether water is acidic or basic. Fish have an average blood pH of 7.4, so pond water with a pH close to this is optimum. An acceptable range would be 6.5 to 9.0. Fish can become stressed in water with a pH ranging from 4.0 to 6.5 and 9.0 to 11.0. Fish growth is limited in water pH less than 6.5, and reproduction ceases and fry can die at pH less than 5.0. Death is almost certain at a pH of less than 4.0 or greater than 11.0. Pond water pH fluctuates throughout the day due to photosynthesis and respiration by plants and vertebrates. 3. HOW DOES PH AFFECT FISH HEALTH? Liken pH to the way the water "feels" against their skin. Low pH is highly acidic, burning their skin; high pH is highly alkaline, chapping their skin. When pH varies more than .5 in a 24-hour. period, the water experiences what is called a pH swing. Swings are very dangerous, as they interfere with basic body functions, leaving fish vulnerable to stress and disease. 4. WHAT DROPS THE PH? When you have a lot of hydrogen ions in the water (such as are liberated by the reduction of Ammonia) then the pH drops into the 'acid' range below 7.0 When carbon dioxide is made in the water, by plants, it converts into carbonic ACID and this brings down the pH into the acid range. So there are a variety of forces pulling and pushing pH. Almost all biological effects are pulling the pH down. 5. WHAT CAUSES PH SWINGS? The most common cause of pH swings is the normal CO2 exchange cycle of plants between day and night. Typically, pH will rise through the day as plants give off oxygen, then decrease at night when plants produce CO2. Acid rain, runoff, fish excrement, dead vegetation, and limestone can also cause pH swings. 6. HOW CAN I ADJUST PH AND KEEP IT STABLE? Test your water hardness before trying to make pH adjustments. If a pH decreaser is added to hard water, it will decrease pH initially, but the pH may swing back dangerously in 24 hours because of the buffering capacity of hard water. Pond pH Buffer raises pH while adding buffers to increase water hardness, allowing pH to remain stable once adjusted. 7. HYDRA PH BUFFER 1 KG Shop Now Hydra pH Buffer 1 kg @ 13.45 to increase buffering capacity of water. 8. HYDRA PH BUFFER 5 KG Order Now Hydra pH Buffer 5 kg @ 26.95 to balance Pond water pH 9. HYDRA PH BUFFER 20 KG Shop Now Hydra pH Buffer 20 kg @ 83.95 maintain the optimum alkalinity and hardness in soft water areas. 10. CONTACT US: Hydra international Carters Lane, Cerberian House, Kiln Farm Milton Keynes, MK11 3ER, UK Call Us: +44-1908265889 Email Us: Web Address: 11. Follow or Like us: 2/102927059130992654542/posts Review us: about?gl=GB&hl=en-GB


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