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Make Things Happen20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan for Versatile ReynReynosa P. CasidoAteneo Graduate School of Business

High Performance, Highly Personal Hyper-Road to Making Things HappenDaily RoundsVision/ MissionRoles/ Strokes5 Golden Rules of Goal SettingMy Daily MonitoringEnd in Mind- Inspire, Influence, Lead, Serve and Make a Difference by Making Things Happen

I align dailyVISION/MISSIONMy vision is to be an honest, empathetic and impactful leader and a good example that is recognized within my industry and my community. I am committed to deliver value and to create and lead a team where everyone is playing to their full potentials.

7 roles/strokes to achieving goals

1. Loyal servant of God2. Loving daughter and sister3. Caring pet parent4. Trusted friend5. Faithful girlfriend6. Model employee7. Responsible student

A loyal servant of God

A loving daughter and sister

A caring and supportive pet parent

A trusted friend

A faithful girlfriend

A model employee

A responsible student

5 Golden Rules of Goal Setting

1. Set goals that motivate youCreate reasons why I will succeedBe positive and claim that its doneInclude reward in my goal setting

I will become a team leader/manager in five years and continue to be a contributing member of the team I will create and execute professional training and development plans, which may include attending courses and seminars, on-the-job training, special projects ten years from now

2. Set SMART goalsSpecific use the questions who, what, when, where, why in setting specific goalsMeasurable numeric or descriptive measurement Attainable doable, consider resources neededRelevant make sure the goal is consistent with the vision/missionTime bound work with a finish line, block it in my calendar

3. Set goals in writingDocument my goals to track progress and to serve as reminder

Personal life, financial, health, career and relationship goals are written in my Belle de Jour yearly power journal

Work related goals are documented in the yearly employee performance management agreement with periodic discussions/update with my boss

4. Make an action planStart small at least one action per dayestablish good habits to prevent burnoutList down step by step procedure on how to achieve goalsserves as monitoring/tracking of where I am at one point and what I will do nextConsider backup plans if one strategy/procedure doesnt workalways ready with continuity plans to prevent delay

5. Stick with itBe stubborn about my goals and flexible about my methodsbe ready to catch opportunitiesfigure a new routeKeep working towards goalsaccept mistakeseliminate negative thoughtsnever quit

The 20 year journey is worth every day of itHere and Now30 yrs old56 kgsDaughterGirlfriendEmployee

MBA studentRenting a studio-type apartmentCommutes everyday

End in Mind50 years oldHealthy, fit & fabTwo kidsHappily marriedManager of own businessEntrepreneurOwn house and lotOwn car

My daily monitoringCellphone apps:Money Manager

My Fitness Pal (calorie counter/food log/)

My daily monitoringCellphone apps:Health


My daily monitoringCellphone apps:Calendar/Reminder/Post it Notes

Belle de Jour Power Journal

Personalized spreadsheet for income and expenses monitoring

Questions I will answer today:What is the most important thing to get done today? What can I do today to improve myself?In what ways I can help others?

The milestone I achieve my goals by being an inspiration, an influencer, a leader and a Gods servant who is making a difference in the lives of my family, my colleagues, my friends, my classmates and all the people around me.For me, making a positive difference by making things happen is a way of moving someone elses life towards a bright future.

Make Things Happen20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan for Versatile ReynReynosa P. CasidoAteneo Graduate School of Business