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Making Change Happen -Its simple things that help Slide 2 Give yourself space to think Slide 3 Talk it through Slide 4 Remember you dont have to do it all on your own Slide 5 Have courage! Slide 6 If communicating your idea is challenging - remember: Message must be clear Know your audience Know your subject Use the right language Dont over egg Slide 7 Keep going: its worth it in the end! Slide 8 SLIDES FROM TODAY Link to MTW RCM (left hand side) Will be available very shortly Slide 9 Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells RCM Local Branch Supporting women through promoting best practice Supporting midwives peer support, funding, collaboration, story telling, fun Fundraising charity (eg Slings project), branch funds Help and advice (learning, employment issues, representation, conflict resolution etc. Facebook group, publications Next meeting Weds 16 th June, venue TBA