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Making That Tumblr Tumble Achieving Tumblr Success Wendy Darling, Atlanta, GA @wcdarling | | |

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Presentation to accompany talk at SoCon, Atlanta, GA, Feb. 9, 2013. Case study of successful Tumblr, Art Deco Architecture, and tips on how to succeed on Tumblr.


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Making ThatTumblr Tumble

Achieving Tumblr Success

Wendy Darling, Atlanta, GA@wcdarling | | |

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Art Deco ArchitectureBlog for Art Deco architecture, civil engineering, interior

design, plus related history and culture – around the world

Begun October 2010

As of Feb. 8, 2013

6,963 Posts


746 Likes on Facebook

299 Followers on Twitter

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Types of Posts• Photos

• Historical Photos (1900s-1940s)

• Later Photos

• Recent Photos

• Historic Illustrations• Architectural Drawings

• Postcards and Posters

• Advertising

• Movie Sets

• New Digital Design & Traditional Art

• Videos

• Articles and Books

• Reblogs

• Questions & Submissions

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Traffic Numberson Web SiteSince Inception*

200,000 Visits570,000 Page Views

Most Viewed Posts:

• Empire State Building Lobby - 12,000

• Chrysler Building Elevator - 5,200

• Helsinki Train Station - 3,900

• Whitehouse Diner (NJ) - 3,400

* 6 mo. missing data in 2012

NOTE: This does not include views via Tumblr itself.

Tucson, Arizona

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Audience Growth• Google

• Tags and descriptions in posts

• Other Tumblrs & sites linking

• Success leads to success

• Tagging• Users browsing by tag (click under


• Users searching Tumblr by tag

• Influential Tumblrs reblogging

• Tumblr Features• Featured Tumblr tags

• “Spotlight” image

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Pinterest

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Why Tumblr?

• Easy to use from both browser and posting POV

• Plays well with others – Twitter, RSS, etc.

• Wide variety of templates and options

• Fun to explore

• Easy to reblog*

• Community and reciprocation – “I’ll share you, you share me, we both benefit”

* (Maybe too easy.)

Page 7: Making That Tumblr Tumble

Good Tumblr Citizenship

• Tag!• Enables others to find your


• Provides more context

• Links your content to similar content

• Be egalitarian!• Promote other Tumblrs and blogs.

• Reblog others and while you’re at it, thank them.

• Don’t spam!• 100 reblogs in a day isn’t going to

gain you followers.

• Stay on your topic.

• Credit, credit, credit!• Name source.

• Link to source.

• Link photo to source.

• Promote source.

• Identify!• Buildings, people, etc. should

not be posted unlabeled.

• This way, context is retained.

• Goes along with crediting source.

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Tools to Try• Queue

• Tags

• Facebook• Fan Page

• Automatic RSS Import

• Hootsuite

• Twitter

• Co-Editors

• Tumblr Apps

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