marketing your office. objective increase listings find more buyers increase sales attract new...

Download Marketing Your Office. Objective Increase Listings Find More Buyers Increase Sales Attract New Agents Maximize the Value of Your Business

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  • Marketing Your Office
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  • Objective Increase Listings Find More Buyers Increase Sales Attract New Agents Maximize the Value of Your Business
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  • Agenda Office Websites Listings SEO Confidentials Virtual Postcards Catalogs Postcards and Letters Public Relations Social Media Advertising Local Ad / Branding Campaigns
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  • Office Websites There is no more powerful FREE marketing tool you have manage it daily, recognize its extremely high value. All Sellers will Review Your Website 99% of Buyers Start Their Search Online Buyers will Review Your Website (99%) Potential Agent Recruits will Review Your Website Potential Purchasers of Your Company will Review Your Website
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  • Office Websites 1.Home Page Local Pictures 2.Agent Photos 3.Agent Resumes 4.Feature Properties on Home Page 5.Quick Search Buttons 6.SEO Copy 7.Advertise Your Story {Live Review / Exercise}
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  • Listings SEO Headlines SEO Descriptions Multiple Pictures Embed Videos Add Specialty Property Codes {Live Review / Exercise}
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  • Winning Listings with SEO Specialty Property Groups (SPGs) Show them Google searches that we win on Farm, Ranch, Recreational, Golf, Costal Etc. The importance of your headline in Real-Time Importance of Specialty Codes Presenting this to sellers
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  • Marketing to Confidentials First Contact with Confidentials o Create template marketing piece for most asked about property types o Email local information about your area o Follow up plan CMP Go ask Nate and Tonja how to create these or schedule time with them after convention We have most of this already on the intranet, or we can create new piece too.
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  • Virtual Postcards Confidentials Property Tracker Demonstration: Building a Virtual Postcard
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  • Catalogs Office Insert and Identification Distribution Plan Suggestion Sheets Especially Specialty Catalogs
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  • Postcards and Letters #1 cited technique for getting listings Many new designs and letter templates Ex: Vineyard Postcard MO Campaign Great format to explain your advantages Proof of marketing Staying top of mind Target Marketing Special Confidentials and InfoUSA
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  • Public Relations PR builds your reputation Two hats to wear when executing a PR campaign: 1.Storyteller 2.Subject Matter Expert Two important questions to ask yourself when crafting a PR message: What audience do I want to reach? What message do I want my office to receive? Complete templates now and walk into your local newspaper Additional PR templates
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  • Social Media LinkedIn SEO your name - Facebook and LinkedIn Even if you dont want anything to do with social media, at least make a LinkedIn page Post resume to appear at the top of search engine results Get recommendations from co-workers and clients (past and present) to display expertise Facebook Personal page vs. Business page How to attract people to your business page QR codes, email signatures, local ads What to post vs. what not to post. Not a place to put every listing, but consider interesting properties (i.e. Historic, unusual, eye-catching) A great place to welcome to new buyers to your area, display pictures with out-of-area buyer or to congratulations seller, We are happy for you, but sad to see you leave, too.
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  • Advertising Create a Marketing Message Keep it Simple Emphasize Unique Differences Communicate it in Multiple Media (Media Mix) Conversation (free) Business Cards (free) Office Website (free) Letterhead (free) Public Relations (PR) (free) Letters Postcards Sign riders Radio
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  • Creating a Local Ad/branding Campaign What story do you want to tell to differentiate? Marketing Mix
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  • Basics of the UC Program (Score Yourself as of Now) 1.Lifestyle Brochure? 2.Free catalog distribution plan? 3.Suggestions and inclusion of your listings in the Specialty catalogs? 4.Confidential Buyer marketing plan how did you work them? 5.Number of Special Confidentials ordered per year for listings and target buyers? 6.Number of Training Session per year? (Attendance at national conventions, UnitedPower! attendance (every 3-4 years), regional training classes, free live webinar training, free recorded web training classes, etc.) 7.Number of free agent websites? 8.Basic website management? Agent picture and bios? Featured properties on home page? Local images on Home page? 9.Regular SEO direction to Mike Podraza to make sure your website is found? Y/N 10.Number of Postcards from the automated UC postcard program per year? 11.Virtual, free electronic postcard marketing program on all listings? Y/N 12.Number of listing presentation partnerings with the Home Office per year? 13.Number of EMS projects? 14.Listing presentation materials used from Home Office? 15.Niche marketing free program use (which niche programs did you use)? 16.Number of listings per agent on average at any given time? 10, >20 17.Number of projects leveraging a strategic partner? (John Deere, Ducks Unlimited, American Outdoorsman, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, etc.) 18.Utilization of Home Mortgage and Home Warranty per year? 19.Yearly strategic planning at regional training planning class or Home Office help?
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  • Objective Increase Listings Find More Buyers Increase Sales Attract New Agents Maximize the Value of Your Business
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  • Marketing Your Office