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Marlborough Sports History

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The history of sport in Marlborough, Massachusetts, from 1660 to the present. Presented January 30, 2013, by Bob Kane, curator of the Marlborough Historical Society. More information on Marlborough and on the historical society is at


Page 1: Marlborough sports history

Marlborough Sports History

Page 2: Marlborough sports history

Researched and presented by Bob Kane, curator of the Marlborough Historical Society

January 30, 2013

Page 3: Marlborough sports history

Early Times (1660 – 1860s)

Puritans settle in Marlborow

“Time was Money”

Revolutionary War

Types of Sports 

Page 4: Marlborough sports history

The First Sport


Page 5: Marlborough sports history

1860 – Present• Water Sports• Snow Skiing• Fish & Game• Bicycling• Bowling• Running• Boxing• Wrestling• Harness Racing• Soccer• Hockey• Golf• Basketball

• Football• Baseball• Marlborough High• Olympic Torch• Lacrosse• Ralph Grasso &

Louis Ghiloni

Page 6: Marlborough sports history

Water Sports

Popular in the 1890s 1st recorded race was June 1891 with 3 boats Raced around Lake Williams 5 times and the winning boat

was “Electric” with a time of 1 hr., 15 min., 17 sec.


Page 7: Marlborough sports history

Water Sports

FT. MEADOW SKI CLUB• Organized summer of 1954 by

9 boys• Built a regulation “American

Water Ski Assoc. ski jump in 1957

• Sponsored “AWSA” official tournament

• Hosted the New England Open Championship

• Charles River expedition• Became the largest club in the

East• Harry Belafonte water skied on

Ft. Meadow in 1964


Page 8: Marlborough sports history

Water Sports

• Purchased and built through the guidance of the “Recreation Dept.” and its new director “Louis Ghiloni” and dedicated in 1953 as the World War II Memorial Park


Page 9: Marlborough sports history

Snow Skiing

• Late 1930s constructed a ski jump


Page 10: Marlborough sports history

• 1943/44 removed jump & constructed ski hill & tow


Page 11: Marlborough sports history


• 1944 organized Ski Club• 1950s - One of first in country to make

snow• 1980-81 - Purchased by City

Page 12: Marlborough sports history

Fish & Game Club• Started in 1924 with a

very modest beginning as “Marlboro Sportsmen’s Club”

• Formally chartered as “Fish & Game” on July 27, 1933

• Purchased 28 acres on lower Elm Street

• Developed indoor & outdoor rifle & pistol ranges, archery course and trout pond, etc.

Page 13: Marlborough sports history


Page 14: Marlborough sports history


Page 15: Marlborough sports history

Marlboro Bicycle ClubOctober 24, 1880

Bicycle Racing

Page 16: Marlborough sports history

July 18, 1891 – First known race sponsored by the Marlborough Rubber Co. 7 cyclists participated. Started in Marlborough, went through surrounding communities. Won by Cliff Wolcott.

June 12, 1893 – Sponsored by Marlboro Rubber Company with the same route of the 1891 race but with 12 cyclists, and Cliff Wolcott won again.

August 1990 – Stratus Computer 20 mile bicycle race (part of city’s 100th Anniversary)

Page 17: Marlborough sports history

• Bowling at Flynn’s Alleys - 1894

• Bowling Alley opened in Monument Square –1899.

• Pastimes Alleys on Rawlins Avenueo Became Allen’s Alleys in 1915.


Page 18: Marlborough sports history

Allen’s Alleys in Pastimes Building on Rawlins Ave.


• Leo Ballard set world record at Pastimes• Over the years there were many different leagues

Page 19: Marlborough sports history

• Bowling at Flynn’s Alleys/Six team league – March 6, 1896.


Page 20: Marlborough sports history

Maple Lanes -164 Northboro Road

During WWII there were no bowling leagues for 3-4 years. Ten pin bowling came when Maple Lanes opened. Maple Lanes destroyed by fire in 1989.


Page 21: Marlborough sports history


• Amateur runner/Legendary trail runner

• Has run in over 70 Marathons, 61 Ultra Marathons.

• Ran the Vermont 100 at age 72.

• Raced in over 60 Snowshoe Races.

• Busa Bushwhack Trail• Runs in 25 +/- races a



Page 22: Marlborough sports history


• Won 7 Gold Medals in his age group in the

U.S. National Snowshoe Association Race.

Page 23: Marlborough sports history


• 1900 – 1910o Old Marlboro Theatre -

Newton Sto Local favorites Hookie

Kane & Ed Stanton

• 1915-1928o Pastimes Hallo Sponsored by the

Marlboro Driving Clubo Local favorite Frankie


• 1928-1935o Pastimes Hall – every

other weeko Vic Lotti & Alec D’Angelo

leading lightweights in N.E.


Page 24: Marlborough sports history


• In 1908, he won the Boston Athletic

Association Sparring Open.


Page 25: Marlborough sports history

Lyonhurst• Many athletic events held at the Lyonhurst as well

as dancing and roller skating.

Page 26: Marlborough sports history


S• Professional wrestler in the

1940s, 50s, and 60s. A total of 25 years.

• Fought Killer Kowalski and Haystack Calhoun.

• Also a body builder, winning the title of Mr. Florida.


Page 27: Marlborough sports history

HENRY “MOSES” DUFUR • National Champion of Collar and Elbow wrestling.

• At age 17 defeated a 250 lb. wrestler

• Moved to the Hudson section of Marlborough

• 1863 moved to what is now Marlborough

• 1878 issued a challenge in a New York paper.

• 1880 battled John McMahan over 5 hours

• He fought 127 matches and lost but one!

Collar& ElbowWrestling

Page 28: Marlborough sports history

Harness Racing Dacey’s stables started in 1896.

Marlboro Trotting Park opened May 30, 1898 Development of Pari-Mutual Harness Racing Many Marlborough people associated with Harness Racing


withDr. Eugene

Page 29: Marlborough sports history

Harness Racing

JOHN HOGANHall of Fame Trainer & Driver


50+ year career as a professional Ranked among the top 100 drivers in the

country 3rd ranked in 1970 Won close to 4,700 races Won 6 driving titles One of Marlborough’s best horses

o Royal Joseph

Page 30: Marlborough sports history

Harness Racing

Some of Marlborough’s Best Horses over the years

Tom Kyle’s “Highland Piper” Fred & Ruth Condry’s “Shadydale Judge” Carl Rowe’s “Justanuf” Jim Hogan’s “Shadydale Feather” & “Claude

Lybrook” Ralph Seymour’s “Southern Boy” Dr. McGee’s “Newport Ali” Jim Hutch’s “Chief Canuck” Bill Dacey’s “Tommy Song”

Page 31: Marlborough sports history

Jack, driving Royal Joseph, at Hinsdale Raceway in


Jack Hogan on the right with his father, Jim, and Little Piper.

Page 32: Marlborough sports history

Jack Hogan driving Southern Boy, owned by Ralph Seymour. At Jack’s left is Ralph, at his right, Bob Kane, and far right is Mike



Page 33: Marlborough sports history

Started at age 6 High School All State

team 2 years 4 Years at Hartwick

College World Hockey player Olympic Games N.E. Revolution San Jose Earthquakes Kansas City Wizards N.E. Revolution



Page 34: Marlborough sports history


Marlborough High School Years Played for Univ. of New Hampshire 2010 signed with NHL’s Ottawa

Senators 2012 Signed with NHL’s New

Jersey Devils.


Page 35: Marlborough sports history


• Was a talented 3 sport athlete at MHS

• Was a standout player and captain of the 1993/1994 squad when at West Point

Page 36: Marlborough sports history



Opened on June 3, 1922 with Francis Ouimet Exhibition match 

Golf was played on New Year’s Day, 1944

Added second nine holes in 1970 

Bob Hope and National Champion, blind golfer, Joe Lazaro played here

Over the years has had many golfers & champions but one in particular stands out…

Page 37: Marlborough sports history



Won 28 “Women’s Club Championships” in 40 years.

Won numerous state championships

When she was 78 she shot her age!

She was also an outstanding athlete in bowling and was State Archery Champion for 2 years.

The new walking bridge on the 17th hole at MCC was dedicated in her name this past November.

Page 38: Marlborough sports history


• View from the #4 Tee, looking east

Page 39: Marlborough sports history


From 1965 to 1967 had 41 Wins and 1 Loss Won 1967 State Championship



Page 40: Marlborough sports history

One of the first PGA TOUR Senior Tournaments, held in 1981o 1981 Tournament

won by Bob Goalby

Brought to Marlborough some of Golf’s All Time Greats

Won by Arnold Palmer, the “King” of Golf in its 2nd year, 1982!


Page 41: Marlborough sports history

Arnold Palmer,1982 winner & Mayor Ferrecchia

Bob Goalby1981 winner

Bob Kane

Sam Snead

Page 42: Marlborough sports history


The “GOLDEN ERA” 1894-1940 “Hotbed of Semi-Pro Basketball”

o 1894 Introduced to Marlborough by a YMCA instructoro Team comprised of 8 playerso Part of a 7 team league



Page 43: Marlborough sports history

Basketball YMCA League folded

o Same group form “Young Men’s Athletic Club”

o N.E. Professional League

Page 44: Marlborough sports history


1899 - The YMCA ceasedo Replaced by the “BBA Team”o Marlboro Basketball Assoc.o Due to a lack of suitable halls, very little

Basketball was played for 7-8 yearso except for “Williams & Ryan Team” of 1906

Page 45: Marlborough sports history


1899o Games were played in the old City Hall until

it burned down on Christmas Day, 1902, not that long after a game was played there!

Page 46: Marlborough sports history


1910 - The Irish Americans (I.A.A.C.) organized  The I.A.A.C. folded

o Same group formed a new team called “Williams & Ryan”

  1915 – Chris Ghiloni organizes “TD’s” (Totally Different)

o Opens season with Northboro A.A. winning 67-21 o Broke up when World War I started


Page 47: Marlborough sports history


1920 – Industrial League with 6 shoe factories formed

o played for about 4-5 years  1926 – “Marlboro Bears” played until 1934

o Rated as the top team of the day in New Englando Won New England Championshipo Beat Bunker Hill K of C in quintuplet over time 23 –

22o Top notch professional teams came to play them


Page 48: Marlborough sports history


Early 1930s - Company K National Guard team

o Played against the best of them  St. Jean’s was playing about the same time

o Featured local stars  1934 – popular WPA league with 16 teams formed

o 2 classes, Class A & Class Bo Marlborough’s Navy Yard dominated the Class A loopo The Navy Yard had local stars o The younger Crusaders beat out Navy Yard for title in


Page 49: Marlborough sports history


World War II ended the WPA League & there was little basketball until after the war

o The Crusaders & the Bears were re-activatedo Played double-headers at St. Jean’s Hallo City league operated with a six team circuit during war


o Marlborough Boys Club organized a team with local stars that dominated play for several yearso Nucleus of group played for different teams such as

the I.C. Senior CYO, Halon’s Jewelers, Ethier’s Motors & the Boys Club in city basketball league

Page 50: Marlborough sports history

Basketball 1960

o Boys Club organizes team that won 30 straight games  Another top team was the “Central Auto Rebuilders”

1962-1967o Central Auto Rebuilders, one of top Semi-Pro teams in MA 

Former top high school players Played in Lowell Town League Played all the top teams in Boston & Worcester Played Boston Patriots w/Larry Eisenhower, Nick

Buoniconti Top former high school players such as: Bill Miller, Pat


o Central Auto was last semi-pro team in city 

1968 – Presento Mostly city leagues & tournaments at the Boys Club &

High School

Page 51: Marlborough sports history

Football 1880s – 1940s

o Marlboro Redskinso Marlboro Yellow Jacketso Marlboro Trojans

o Marlboro Tigers Existed for 12

years Lost only 4 games

Marlborough Tigers

Page 52: Marlborough sports history


Two Marlborough athletes were in the Pros

o 1942 - Leo Brennan

played for the

Philadelphia Eagles

Page 53: Marlborough sports history

Football 1960/61 Mike Long

played for the very first

Patriot’s team

Mike Long beingtackled by

Goose Gonsoulin

Page 54: Marlborough sports history


Page 55: Marlborough sports history

Formed 1965 Won National

Championship 6 times Won Eastern League

Championship 19 times

Won 7 East Regional Titles

Seven members in National Hall of Fame

460 Wins – 98 Losses – 2 Ties


Page 56: Marlborough sports history
Page 57: Marlborough sports history

Baseball• 1865-1870 – “Fairmount Baseball Club”

Page 58: Marlborough sports history

• 1869 – Fairmount

ranked 4th in the country

Page 59: Marlborough sports history


No text

• 1870 – Fairmount playedCincinnati “Red Stockings” June 10, 1870

Page 60: Marlborough sports history

Baseball1878-1879 – THE “MADDEN BROTHERS”

Page 61: Marlborough sports history

• 1878-1879 – The Madden Brothers• Organized in 1878• Nine brothers• Played on Stevens Field and Prospect Park• Played two years• Toured country• Played Chicago Cubs in 1880 – Lost 4-2

Page 62: Marlborough sports history


o MARLBORO TEAM along with the Carters of Franklin


o BOSTON RED SOX with Cy Young

o Last game of Boston’s 1901 postseason

o Played at Prospect Park

o The Score was 4 to 3

The Game

Page 63: Marlborough sports history


o Major League Catchero Played for 8 teams in 18 year careero Home Run Champion – 1891o Won 1903 World Series w/Boston Americanso Ranks 94th on MLB All-Time Triples listo Ranks 4th on MLB All-Time Runners Thrown Out list

Duke Farrell

Page 64: Marlborough sports history

BaseballDuke Farrell

Page 65: Marlborough sports history

• Other Marlborough people who played in major leagues

o Harry Bemis (Cleveland Indians – 1902-1911)

o John Buckley (Washington – 1889)

o Jack Quinn (Philadelphia – 1911)

Page 66: Marlborough sports history


• 1948 TED WILLIAMS visits Marlborough

• 1912 - Tris Speaker and Smokey Joe Woods visit Marlborough

Ted Williams

Page 67: Marlborough sports history


o 1970-1972 Philadelphia Phillies

o 1973 - Milwaukee Brewers

o 1975 – St. Louis Cardinals

o 1976 – San Diego Padres

o Player/coach Toronto Blue Jays

o Coach for Chicago Cubs farm system

Page 68: Marlborough sports history

From the 1860s on, the High School has always been represented in the Athletic Field in both Football &


Marlborough High School

Page 69: Marlborough sports history

• 1869 – Prospect Park• 1898 – Trotting Park• 1898 – New High School


Marlborough High School

Page 70: Marlborough sports history

• 1900 – 1928 Basketball was played on & off• 1900 – 1947 Hockey was played on & off• 1906 – Traditional Thanksgiving Day Game w/Hudson


1906 MHS Football Team

Page 71: Marlborough sports history

1909 MHS Baseball Team

• 1907 - Baseball lost glory of equaling “World Record”• 1909 – Baseball one of best in state

Page 72: Marlborough sports history

• 1909 – Controversial Thanksgiving Day Game• 1910

o Hudson would not play Thanksgiving Day Game.o Track added

1910 MHS Track Team

Page 73: Marlborough sports history

• 1914 – Midland League started

• 1914 MHS Football Team

Page 74: Marlborough sports history

• 1921 – Girls Field Hockey started

• 1924 – Ward Park built


Page 75: Marlborough sports history

• 1927 – Jr. High w/gym added

Page 76: Marlborough sports history

• 1928 – Undefeated MHS Football Team

Page 77: Marlborough sports history

1930 – Boys & Girls Basketball start 1939 – Ward Six (Kelleher Field) built 1941 – Tennis & Cross Country added

MHS 1941 Football Team with All State standout player Armand Allaire

Page 78: Marlborough sports history

• 1953 – Roy Norden becomes coach of football


o Beginning of football’s “Golden Era”

o 6 Yearso 1st year no wins, then went 36-

6-1o ‘56, ’57, & ‘58 outscored its

opponents 797 to 265o 5 Midland League

Championshipso 2 Consecutive State “Class C”


1944 – Undefeated Football Teamo Outscored opposition 177-20o Average weight was 150 lbs.o Midland League Champso State Champs 

1949 Hockey/Golf/Girls Softball added

Page 79: Marlborough sports history

1957 – 1st Norden Undefeated Football Team

o 9-0 record/outscored teams 281-91o Midland League Champso State Champso City raised $8,000 & sent team to Miami

• 1958 – 2nd Norden Undefeated Football Team

o 9-0 record/outscored teams 288-82o Midland League Champso State Champso City raised $4,000 and sent them to NYC

• 1958 – Rifle Team started

Roy Norden

Page 80: Marlborough sports history
Page 81: Marlborough sports history

• These four gentlemen captained an undefeated

Marlboro High School football team.

Paul Drummey - Raymond Richer - Walter Brennan – Libby Ginnetti

Page 82: Marlborough sports history

1963o New High School on Union St. opens


o Undefeated Football Team 10-0 record Midland League Champs Class C State Champs


o Gymnastics & Tennis added 

1967o Golf Team “State Champs”

41 wins & 1 loss in 3 yearso Football Team Midland League Champs

  1969 – Soccer added 1970 – Dennis Zilembo scored 41 points in a single

game 1972 – Wrestling added 1972 – Navin Rink Opens

Page 83: Marlborough sports history

• 1973o Assabet Valley Reg. High School openso Girls Tennis & Track added


• 1976o Girls Volleyball addedo 1st girl to receive 4 yr. college athletic scholarship for

Field Hockey from Syracuse University - Mary Beth Russo 

• 1977o New High School on Bolton St. openso Girls Hockey


• 1979 - Football Team wins Super Bowl 

• 1985 – Girls Soccer Team State Champs 

• 1986o Boys Soccer Team Midland League Champs

& District Finalists 1987

Boys Soccer Midland League Champs & District E. Champs

Girls Soccer Midland League Champs & District E. Champs

Page 84: Marlborough sports history

1988 – Girls Soccer Team State Champs 

1990 – Girls Basketball Midland League Champso “Eighth consecutive year”o Finalists in State Championship

o New Mid-Wachuset League

• 1991 – Girls Soccer Team State Champs 

1995 – New England Sports Center opens 

2003-4 – Girls Volleyball State Champs 

2004-5o Girls Volleyball State Champso Boys Hockey State Champs


2008-9 – Cheerleaders State & National Champs 

2011-12 – Girls Volleyball State Champs

Page 85: Marlborough sports history



Los Angeles


Page 86: Marlborough sports history

RYAN KANEIn the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay

Torch Bearer

• Ryan was one of several Community Hero Torch Bearers from Marlborough

Ryan – Mark Bonin – Bill Fiske

Page 87: Marlborough sports history

Lacrosse• 2003 – Youth Lacrosse started• 2007 – Marlborough High School started• 2013 – “Boston Rockhoppers”

o Playing at the N.E. Sports Centero January – March Seasono Member of the North American Lacrosse



Page 88: Marlborough sports history


Marlboro Enterprise & Hudson Sun Sports Editor

Marlboro Youth Baseball Pony League founder Little League Baseball coach 1960-1975 JV & Varsity Basketball coach, MHS 1940s semi-pro Basketball team, “Halon’s

Jewels” founder Central MA High School Basketball League

referee Marlborough Football coach Boys Club Board of Directors, Past President,

and director 1984-1994 Launched the Boys Club’s Youth Basketball

Program Started the Boys Club’s annual winter

Basketball Tournament Boys & Girls Club of America Medallion Award

and Man & Boy Award Boys Club’s Alumni Assoc. President Boys & Girls Club Teen Center dedicated in his

honor Shamrocks football team Gen. Manager Harness Racing Assoc. National & Regional

Director U. S. Harness Writers Assoc. President MHS Athletic Hall of Fame

Page 89: Marlborough sports history



Page 90: Marlborough sports history