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Math OAT Competition. PQR is similar to  XYZ Find the perimeter of  XYZ. 21 cm 63 cm 105 cm 126 cm. The 2 on the spinner shown will be replaced with a 7. How does the probability of the spinner landing on an even number change ?. It increases by 1/6 It decreases by 1/6 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • PQR is similar to XYZ Find the perimeter of XYZ 21 cm63 cm 105 cm 126 cm

  • The 2 on the spinner shown will be replaced with a 7. How does the probability of the spinner landing on an even number change?It increases by 1/6It decreases by 1/6It increases by 1/3It decreases by 1/3

  • Aqua Water Company purchased a new water tank. The tank is a cylinder with a diameter of 14 feet and a height of 24 feet. What is the volume of the tank in cubic feet? 168 cubic feet 336 cubic feet 3,693 cubic feet 4,704 cubic feet

  • Which subset of the real numbers contains ? integers whole numbers rational numbers irrational numbers

  • Which equation represents a nonlinear function ?y = x y = 2 x y = x2 y = x + 2

  • The parallelogram shown is translated 4 units to the left and 2 units down. Which property will remain the same? length of the sides coordinates of the vertices coordinates of the y-intercept distance from the vertices to the origin

  • The graph shows the number of VCRs and DVD players shipped to distributors in North America from 1997 to 2002. what year did the number of DVD players shipped first exceed 10 million? 1997199920002002

  • Marco is building a model of a square pyramid. He wants to cover the entire model, including the base, with gray paper. How many square feet of paper will he need to cover the model? 40 square feet 46 square feet 56 square feet 96 square feet

  • Which statement is true about the quotient when 12 is divided by a fraction greater than zero and less than one?The quotient is undefined The quotient is equal to 12 The quotient is less than 12 The quotient is greater than 12.

  • The graph of y = x2 9 is shown. For what values of x does x2 9 = 0? x = 2 and x = -2 x = 3 and x = -3 x = 4.5 and x = 0 x = -9 and x = 0

  • In the figure, lines j and k are parallel. Which angle is congruent to 1? 2 3 4 5

  • A bag contains 4 sour-apple candies and 3 watermelon candies. One piece of candy is chosen at random and returned to the bag. Then a second piece of candy is chosen at random. What is the probability that both pieces or candy chosen will be sour-apple?1/1612/4916/498/7

  • The formula used for converting the temperature from Fahrenheit ( F ) to Celsius ( C ) is

    The outside temperature is 80F. About what is this temperature in degrees Celsius? 27C 45C 80C 140C

  • Simplify: 52 5-201525

  • The line segment is shown on the coordinate system. What is the slope of ? 2/7-7/2-2/77/2

  • Three vertices of a trapezoid are located at points (2, 3), (2, 2) and (5, 2). Which point could represent the fourth vertex of the figure? (5, 0) (5, 4) (1, 3) (1, 5)

  • Sarah has five hats of different colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. How many different ways can Sarah arrange these hats next to each other on a shelf? 51025120

  • A cup of water is heated in a pan on the stove. The temperature of the water increased from 22C to 35C in 20 seconds At this rate how long would it take the water temperature to increase from 22C to 100C?2 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes 6 minutes

  • A store sold 28 boxes of juice from a case containing 48 boxes. Approximately what percent of the case of juice has been sold?20% 30% 40% 60%

  • What is the slope of the line containing the points (-2, 5) and (1, -7)? - 4- 224