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NAND Flash Memory

IntroductionMicro-computer Systems Micro-controller Course Mohamed Fadel Barakat

1AgendaMicro-computer Systems.Micro-controller Systems.Micro-controller Features.Micro-controller Architectures.Number Systems.

Micro-computer SystemsLarge computers to a single-chip embedded controller.

Micro-controller SystemsLimited components.Programmed with High-level languages.

Micro-controller SystemsMicro-controller Systems

Micro-controller Systems

Micro-controller Systems MemoriesRAM.ROM.PROM (OTP).EPROM (ultra-violet).EEPROM (electrical).Flash EEPROM.Micro-controller FeaturesSupply Voltage (Regulator).The Clock Speed.Timers (Counters || Comparator).Watchdog (Handler Timer).Reset Input.Interrupts.Interrupt


ISR(Interrupt Service Routine)Micro-controller FeaturesBrown-out Detector handle supply voltage drop.Analog-to-Digital converter (A/D).Serial Input-Output (USART module).EEPROM Data Memory store data.LCD Drivers.Analog Comparator.Micro-controller FeaturesReal-time Clock (Date & Time).Sleep Mode (Wake Up by Reset).Power-on Reset.Low-Power Operation.Current Sink/Source Capability (25mA max).(USB | Motor Control | CAN | Ethernet | ZigBee)Interface.Micro-controller Architectures

Harvard architectureVon Neumann architectureMicro-controller ArchitecturesRISC vs. CISCRefers to the instruction set of a microcontroller.CISC 8-bit wide both data and instruction (e.g. Intel).RISC 8-bit wide data and 16-bit wide instruction.RISC Instructions are fetched and executed in one cycle (e.g. Motorola).Number SystemsDecimal (base 10).Binary (base 2).Octal (base 8).Hexadecimal (base 16).We already know how to convert from one system to another ReferenceBest Recommended Book Advanced PIC Microcontroller Projects in C for Dogan Ibrahim.

PIC18F4550 datasheet.The EndQuestions??