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Ending Poverty With Software: Using Globally Distributed Teams to Tackle Difficult Problems


  • Ending Poverty With SoftwareSoftwareS l i l bl ith O SSolving large problems with Open Source software, distributed teams, and Agile

    th d l imethodologiesAdam Feuer, Van Mittal-Henkle, Adam MonsenGrameen FoundationGrameen FoundationMifos Initiative

  • Poverty a large problem

    Six million children die of hunger every year, 17,000 every day.

    2 7 Billiy y , , y y

    2.7 billion people live on less than $2/day

    2.7 BillionPoor

    4.1 Billion $2/day (World Bank poverty definition; 2001 data).

    40% f th t t l ld l ti f


    40% of the total world population of 6.8 billion

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty#Absolute_poverty http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theories_of_poverty#Poverty_as_restriction_of_opportunities http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_poverty


  • Microfinance is key to ending poverty

    Financial services for the unbanked Smooths irregular income flows Provides cushion for emergencies Expands economic activity

    Vision is to eradicate poverty by helping the poor to help themselves. Yunus: Our grandchildren should have to go to the museum to see what poverty was


    Prof. Muhammad Yunus founded the Grameen Bank in the late 1970s in Bangladesh and successfully scaled profitable microloans to millions of people. Nobel Peace Price 2006Nobel Peace Price 2006


  • Lending to women

    Typically ~ 98% loan repayment (recovery) rate.

    Microcredit customers are mostly women

    Gro p / Solidarit Lending is common creating a bond among a gro p Group / Solidarity Lending is common, creating a bond among a group of clients.

    Often only Loans not Deposit (Savings) accounts (hesitancy among Often only Loans, not Deposit (Savings) accounts (hesitancy among regulators)


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  • Mifos open source banking software

    To reach 2 billion people, you need web-based, scalable software


  • Basic Stats http://sourceforge.net/projects/mifos/ registered 2004-11-19 Initial release (and some early publicity) in 2006

    Winner of JavaOne 2009 Duke's Choice Awardfor Best Java Technology for the Open Source Community

    Google Summer of Code (2009 & 2010) student programs

    Today Today About 214 database tables

    according to SchemaSpy job on http://ci.mifos.org/schema/head/latest/

    About 120'000 Lines of Code (NCSS, Non Commenting Source Statements) according to Sonar report on http://ci.mifos.org:9000/project/index/1

    Very active mailing list, bug tracker, and IRC channel


  • team/tools/code late 2007 team

    development in fits and spurts no activity on IRC no activity on IRC unsearchable, unmirrored mailing lists

    tools clunky ci server, manual backups, haphazard system monitoringclunky ci server, manual backups, haphazard system monitoring subversion outages & performance issues (java.net svn) parallel tracking/planning systems (Mingle + Issuezilla)

    code cumbersome, unmaintainable build w/Ant (unknown jar versions!) didn't know what version of our code our largest customer is using monolithic codebase Mifos only ran in JBoss and was only usable from Internet Explorer insanely slow & cumbersome compile/edit/fix cycle


  • team/tools/code Today! team

    scrum with daily standups, iterations, burndown this slideshow is a remix of one given by a volunteer awesome IRC channel searchable, multi-mirrored mailing lists

    tools Hudson CI server, tested backups, awesome monitoring via OpenNMS distributed version control (sf.net git) single, powerful issue tracker and planner (JIRA Studio)

    code predictable, modular build w/Maven (proper dependency management!) codebase divided into modules, API and plugins Mifos runs in any servlet container and is usable from any browser much improved compile/edit/fix cycle (Eclipse WTP) customers running known, tested versions of our code


  • Distributed, Agile, Awesome documentation on FlossManuals.net (crowdsourced barnraisicalized synergy!)

    http://en.flossmanuals.net/Mifos/Welcomedi t ib t d d i i ki distributed decision-making http://www.mifos.org/developers/wiki/DeciderViaEmail


  • Communication BandwidthAs an open source team, how can we we communicate most efficiently? The usual suspects:

    M ili Li t Wiki P j t T ki T l (B ill Ji ) IRC Mailing List, Wiki, Project Tracking Tools (Bugzilla, Jira), IRC Higher communication bandwidth alternatives:

    Audio, Video, In Person

    Higher communication bandwidth has reduced time to convey ideas, reach decisions build team cohesion (USA India Ireland Australiareach decisions, build team cohesion (USA, India, Ireland, Australia, Ghana-Africa)

    Free tools that ork for sFree tools that work for us Audio skype Video tokbox


  • Team = Product

    Great communication = great team

    Great team = great product


  • Mifos Technology RoadmapLegacy micro-finance web application financial services platform for offering

    Legacy code was monolithic and used: Hibernate, Struts, JSP

    Integrated BIRT reporting Integrated BIRT reporting

    Lots of custom code: Transactions I18n SecuritySecurity


  • Mifos Technology Roadmap (Target)


  • Get Involved! Join the global collaborative Mifos community and united effort to build and

    extend this platform that fuels innovation from the bottom up and empowers the poor to ascend out of poverty There are many ways to get involved:poor to ascend out of poverty. There are many ways to get involved: Build acceptance tests Find & fix bugs (look around JIRA for open issues you could have a go at)

    Ans er q estions on mailing lists participate on IRC Answer questions on mailing lists, participate on IRC Guide implementations on-site Write new or complete existing documentation Translate Mifos UI or documentation Localize by building local region-specific reports

    Get on the mailing and/or IRC and say Hello!People will point you to how and where you can contribute.


  • Based on a presentation by Mifos volunteerMichael Vorburger

    htt // b hhttp://vorburger.ch

  • Links http://www.mifos.org http://www.mifos.org/developers - Developer start page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0OGeRdluyU Mifos Intro. Video http://www.gfspl.in - Grameen Koota, Bangalore/India MFI using Mifos http://www.mifos.org/developers/wiki/MifosVolunteerProjects - Mifos volunteer

    projects page http://www.mifos.org/developers/wiki/TestServers - try Mifos https://ci.mifos.org/hudson - continuous integration http://ci.mifos.org/schema - schema diagrams http://www.mifos.org/developers/wiki/MifosVersionControlGuide - source code http://link.mifos.org/listserv - mailing listsp g g #mifos on irc.freenode.net & http://www.mifos.org/developers/listserv/irc-mifos/irc-logs

    http://twitter.com/mifos (@mifos)