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  • 1. Pengelasan sebatian mineral Metal oxide Gabungan metal dengan oxygen --> Metal carbonate membentuk metal oxide Metal sulphideGabungan metal dengan carbon andoxygen --> metal carbonateGabungan metal dengan sulphur -->metal sulphide

2. 1 The diagram shows an experiment to investigate thereaction between pieces of egg shell and dilutesulphuric acid.What are the products of the reaction?A Calcium oxide + carbon dioxideB Calcium carbonate + carbon dioxideC Calcium sulphate + carbon dioxide + waterD Calcium hydroxide + carbon dioxide + water PMR 2004 3. 5 Diagram 18 shows the apparatus set-up to investigatethe properties of compound Q. The gas released turnsthe lime water chalky.What is compound Q?A Copper oxideB Lead sulphideC Silicon dioxide.D Calcium carbonate.PMR 2008 4. Paper 2 Panas = oksigen 5. (a) (i) What can you observe happeningto the iron filings during the reaction? Iron filling burn very brightly.(ii) Give one reason for your observation in(a) (i) Iron filings react with oxygen. 6. (b) Write the word equation for the reaction. Iron + OxygenIron oxide(c) The iron filings in the experiment is thenreplaced with copper powder. Write the word equation for the reaction. Copper + OxygenCopper oxide 7. Diagram 3 shows the apparatus set-up to study theeffect of heat on calcium carbonate.(PMR 2007)Calcium CaCO3carbonateWDiagram 3(i) What is liquid W?Lime water 8. (ii) What can be observed happening to observedliquid W at the end of this experiment? Lime water/Liquid W turns chalkyComplete the word equation for this reaction.CaOCaCO3Calcium Carbonate Heated Calcium oxide + Carbon dioxide 9. What conclusion can be made fromthis study? Calcium carbonate when heated releases carbon dioxide that turns the lime water chalky. Suggest how slaked lime can be formed from pieces of sea shells. By heating the sea shell strongly and then pour few drops of water to it.