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  • GLRP 2017

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  • GLRP 2017

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    About Solomon Pacific 3

    Agricultural Land Sponsorship Program 4

    Land Management Packages 5

    Two Part Payment System (Instant Cash) 7


    Network Operating Centre (NOC) Binary plan 9

    Activity & Qualification 10

    Career Ladder 11

    Commission Distribution 12

    Definitions 13

    In Business with Nature

    We understand the complexities of environmental issues and developing responsible strategies, whilst delivering social purpose and quantifiable financial benefits.

    Our aim is to increase the value of sustainable living, provide success and significance

    with our partners, their respective governments, investors and shareholders.

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    Secure an Income by Sponsoring Land Management Packages

    Solomon Pacifics specialty is direct selling and offer a range of products, that are building a diverse portfolio of Land Management Projects, potentially worth billions.

    SPN offers members the opportunity to sponsor highly profitable Land Management Projects throughout the South Pacific Region and it all starts with Land Management Sponsorships.

    Certificates are issued for all Land Management Sponsorships for the project areas that SPN are supporting. Sponsorship certificates recognize peoples contribution to these important projects.

    Sponsors are then allocated Network Operating Centres, where they can be rewarded with revenue sharing from a diverse range of highly profitable projects and sales.

    1. Large Scale Hydroponics 2. Wild Hemp 3. THC Oils &, Medicinal Oils 4. Coconuts, Oils 5. Cocoa ( Chocolate ) 6. Bamboo 7. Rubber

    8. Power Generation) 9. Fisheries, (mud crabs, crocodiles, Fish) 10. Tourism, (Word War II relics, Diving) 11. Mid-size resorts 12. Real estate 13. Mineral Sands and Gravel supply

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    Network Operating Centres. (NOC)

    SPN rewards people financially for sponsoring land management projects that can be expanded and developed. When you sponsor Land Management Projects you will receive a complimentary Network Operating Centre that can generate income through network sales. To help people succeed, SPN supports its people with (free of charge) marketing tools, seminars and webinars. SPN pays commissions every day on sales made and profits from, its land management projects.

    You can earn income for the entire life of the projects promoted by SPN. You can also view all business activity through your personalized Members Area. To begin your journey just follow these simple steps

    1. Be invited by an existing SPN Independent Distributor

    2. Purchase a voucher

    3. Become a SPN Independent Distributor

    4. Sponsor 1 or more land management packages

    5. Activate your Network Operations Centre

    6. Choose to employ passive or active income

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    Land Management Starter Packs

    BV Total

    Deposited to Coin Account

    Deposited to Rev Share

    Paid Period Total Value

    LMP 300 300 50 500 300 2 Years 800

    LMP 3000 3,000 600 7,000 3000 2 Years 10,000

    LMP 5000 5000 1000 15,000 5000 2 Years 20,000

    Active Income:

    There are two packages. 300 euros and 3000 euros

    You are paid 50% of the package price 150 or 1500 euros per package

    Rank Achievement Bonuses of up to 80,400 euros

    Group Volume Bonus pays from 50 to 1 Million euros the more land management sponsorships you purchase the more income you can earn

    The Binary Plan pays up to 80,000 euros per week and offers extra cycle bonuses, of up to 10 euros

    Depending on package selection you can create 800 or 10,000 euros worth of vouchers and cash

    out selling the vouchers as quick as you like

    Passive Income:

    The full price of the package can be recovered through Revenue Share over 2 years plus additional profits from future coin values. Revenue Share, pays 0.14% of the account balance daily.

    Or you can cash out through the Coin Account Cash out option. Option to directly invest in some premium high yield projects.

    Revenue Share pays 0.14% of the account balance daily or can be used to purchase vouchers

    The Coin Account can be used to purchase coins or vouchers

    Invitation to directly investment in some premium high yield projects

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    To purchase a Land Sponsorship Packages you can use the two-part payment system for instant cash commissions.

    1. Purchase a voucher from your sponsor to cover 50% of the payment.

    2. Make a payment direct to the company for the other 50% of the payment to complete the order via Bank Wire or Credit Card.


    Full payment can be made directly to the company. When the full amount is sent to the company, you can claim the cash commissions from the company entering in a voucher number to the cash claim section at any time. You must be rank qualified to claim the amount of money.

    The system will allow you to purchased vouchers, using the following accounts, starting with a: -

    1. Revenue Share Account

    2. Coin Account

    3. Rebuy Account

    4. Cash Account

    5. Green Life Coins

    You can purchase land management sponsorship vouchers using the Revenue Share, Account, the Coin Account, the Rebuy Account, the Cash Account, and Green Life Coins.

    150 voucher used for 50% payment on 300 package. 1500 voucher used for 50% payment on 3000 package. 2500 voucher used for 50% payment on 5000 package

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    SPN is one of the first organisations in the world to offer a unique home-based business that is empowering and rewarding people financially for sponsoring trees. Multiple income streams are offered when you become a plantation sponsor, where you can work from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else around the world where there is an internet connection. 1. Instant Cash: 50% of the sales price paid directly to you

    when using our exclusive two-part payment system.

    2. Multi-Match Income: 50 per cycle paid when you match 300 BV of sales on one team of your business tree and 200 BV of sales on the other team (called a cycle). The system will pay as many times as it finds this match of 300BV and 200BV, up to the level maximum 80,000 per week for top earners.

    3. Cycle Bonus: Your cycles are calculated and when you reach a certain amount of cycles an additional cycle bonus will be paid, from 1 to 10 extra per cycle.

    4. Group Volume Bonus: Achievement Bonuses paid on accumulated group volume From 50 to 1,000,000. 50% to Coin Account and 50% to Revenue Share Account

    5. Rank Achievement Bonus: Achievement Bonuses paid on accumulate personal purchases. From 1250 to 100,000, Bonus Paid to Coin Account.

    The Green Life Rewards Program also offers several early cash out options.


    SPN has a joint venture agreement with a premium digital product supplier to produce the first Conservation Backed Crypto Currency. For every coin produced, profit producing Land Management will have been sponsored, which will create significant social and economic benefits for local communities where the projects are being managed. Through SPN, a unique crowdfunding model has been created, whereby people can be paid when sponsoring a wide array of diversified land management projects. When you sponsor land, you will be able to secure 100s even 1000s of Green Life Coins that can be used just like Bitcoins. It is our hope that the financial world will sit up and take notice. Green Life Coins are designed to be accepted by businesses all over the world because the trend is towards doing something beneficial for the environment and being able to show proof that economic and social benefits are being created.

  • GLRP 2017

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    Green Life Coins are given out as a reward to people that help crowd fund important Land Management projects. This will create a unique niche for the coins which include not having the high expense to mine coins, (electricity and computer equipment) and mining pools.

    Every Coin is proof that crowd funding had been received to acquire assets that are proven mechanisms of conservation and profitable commodities. Green Life Coins are given as rewards when land areas are secured, jobs will be created and profits distributed.

    1 Billion Coins - Initial Release Value of 1.00

    Here is why they are worth $1.00

    1. You can purchase 2-part payment vouchers with them, that can generate instant cash 2. Use the coin cash out (CCO) option 3. The coins will be able to be used as part payments for other products offered by SPN

    Would you spend 1.oo to make 2.oo?

    For every 50 CCO voucher you purchase, 50 will be deposited to your Revenue Share Account and then you can transfer 50 from your Coin Account, over to your Revenue Share Account. = 5 Bv

    The amount of CCO packs you can purchase is limited to 800,000


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