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<ul><li><p>@andri_yadi | a at dycode dot com</p><p></p><p>Mobile + Cloud + IoT = Future</p><p>Andri Yadi</p><p>A story of product development, combining those</p><p>Part 2</p></li><li><p>CEO of</p><p>DyCodes subsidiary, focuses on Jepret and IoT products</p><p></p></li><li><p>This deck is part of this one: </p></li><li><p>Another Case StudyFree idea, for you to build :)</p></li><li><p>You want to create mobile app to monitor electricity usage</p></li><li><p>How do you achieve that?</p></li><li><p>Alternative #1 - Solution Manually enter the reading from electricity meter, regularly</p></li><li><p>Alternative #1 - Problem Are we living in a stone age? There should be a better solution :P</p></li><li><p>Another meter (digital version) </p><p>Anything in this meter that represents usage? Readable not only by human, but also by machine</p></li><li><p>LED blinking represents usage </p><p>1000 pulse = 1 kWh 1 pulse = 1Wh where 1 pulse = period = seconds between adjacent LED on Wattage = 3600 second/period</p><p>Turn out, there is</p></li><li><p>If only we have a way to read the LED pulsing period</p></li><li><p>Create mobile app to capture the blinking Do simple image processing to determine that LED is ON or OFF Then determine the frequency of the ONs</p><p>Alternative #2 - Solution</p></li><li><p>Still need to physically come to the meter, to capture the blinking Impossible to do online usage monitoring</p><p>Alternative #2 - Problems</p></li><li><p>Cannot be solved solely by Mobile App</p></li><li><p>Architecture</p><p>Mobile app</p><p>Cloud</p><p>Data Source ????</p><p>For further data analysis and remote monitoring, you may need Cloud Still, how we collect the data?</p></li><li><p>You need IoT</p></li><li><p>Architecture</p><p>Mobile app</p><p>Cloud</p><p>IoT device is the data source</p><p>IoT</p><p>Sensor</p><p>MCU</p><p>Network</p><p>MQTT MQTT</p></li><li><p>IoT Architecture</p><p>WiFi ModuleLight sensor (Photosensitive Diode)</p><p>MCU</p></li><li><p>Used to determine electricity meters LED is being ON or OFF Put it as close as possible to meters LED LED is ON &gt; lower ADC value from light sensor</p><p>Light sensor</p></li><li><p>Demo</p></li><li><p>Demo Architecture</p><p>iOS app</p><p>MQTT Broker on Azure</p><p>MQTT MQTT</p><p>Espruino + Light Sensor</p></li><li><p>For simplicity of this demo, I use Espruino platform for MCU and development framework</p><p>Espruino</p></li><li><p>For internet connectivity via WiFi, I use ESP8266. Connected to Espruino Pico via WiFi Shim</p><p>Espruino + WiFi</p></li><li><p>Instead of purchasing nice looking Shim, I made my own! Ugly, I know :)</p><p>Espruino + WiFi</p></li><li><p>Espruino + WiFi +Light sensor</p><p>SetupAO of light sensor A5 of Espruino </p><p>VCC of light sensor 3.3v of Espruino GND GND</p></li><li><p>Show me da Code!</p></li><li><p>iOS App Espruino Web IDE</p></li><li><p> </p><p>Everything is here:</p></li><li><p>Custom IoT/hardware for your startup or any custom requirements?</p><p></p></li><li><p> |</p><p>a bit of ads</p></li><li><p>We contribute100+ seminars, workshops, trainings delivered </p><p>Delivered to 20+ communities, organisations, </p><p>campuses </p><p>Next event could be yours Just drop us a message:</p><p> |</p></li><li><p>We teach</p><p>+ + [Obj-C]</p><p>+</p></li><li><p>Opening soon</p><p>+</p></li><li><p>Thanks!Andri YadiEmail a at dycode dot com twitter @andri_yadi www github</p></li></ul>