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Mobile City: UI/UX DesignTracker Poker 1About MeAllan DavisLead Developer of Mobile Technology for AgendaIntroduction(Tip Calculator)Overview of Objective C(TicTacToe)UI UX (TrackerPoker)CoreData (MyBloodyTaskList)Networking and web-services (TrackerPokerLive)Debugging, Testing, Tuning and DistributionGame Development with Cocos2d (Oni Attack)Class AgendaHuman Interface GuideDesign and PrototypeUsing Interface BuilderTracker PokerHuman Interface Guide Guidelines by AppleDon't break the rules set by the HIGCreate A PrototypePhotoshop/GIMP or InkskapeInvisionapp web appHtml5 Javascript JqueryMobileDojoStart with the InterfaceTracker PokerPlanning Poker app that works with Pivotal TrackerIndividual Team members is synced to a web based roomStory is displayed on screenEach team member Votes on the storyScore is tallied up and set an points on the story