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Modern Day Content Creation/Promotion

Modern Day Content Creation/PromotionDerek Miller

Panda Vs PenguinPanda: Started in 2011 and aimed at hitting sites with bad user experience (too many ads, unoriginal/dubbed content)Penguin: Started in 2012 aimed to hit websites that had bad inbound link profiles (buying links, link-networks)

Oh ..ya.. HummingbirdHummingbird: A 2013 Google update centered around its search results- aiming to provide semantic search results to create better user experience. The goal is to provide an intuitive search result based on what the user is actually searching and not just keywords.

Content First and ForemostHow to create engaging, link-worthy content?

Step 1: Idea generationFind content that already works and improve upon it: Content MarketingTOOLSOpen Site ExplorerTopsyBuzzsumoTwitterLinkedIn

Step 2: Research / Pre-creation outreach

Step 3: Prepare for OutreachStroke Ego of People that interact with you. thank them for sharing, save their contact information, use any resources they give you in your content.

Also Build a list of URLs, Twitter Handles, LinkedIn Profiles, and Names relevant to what you are writing about.

Step 4: Create Content Improve the content you findLongerUpdated More thorough Unique perspectiveDifferent elements

Outreach: Leverage the pre-creation list

LinkedIn message asking to read/share/commentPost in LinkedIn GroupComment on URLs for influential articlesFind and share on discussions in forums, Q&A sites Tweet at influential industry membersAny resources that were given by someone share and mention that you used their resource, quote, etc.

Bonus: Targeted Outreach

Reach out to sites that linked to your resources

Build content that Earns LinksPost Google Updates are quality-content-centricFind content that is already working and improve itOutreach to people in your industry that care about your contentOutreach to people that are already linking to content similar