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Making crypto fun, safe and accessible for everyone, while helping to protect women's rights!
Launched in July 2021 Mommy Doge Coin is going to be the most viral crypto project of its kind. Mommy Doge is fully decentralized, hyper deflationary, environmentally friendly and on a mission to support the women's rights and gender equality movement.
Mommy Doge has studied Dogecoin and all its copy cats for a while and has learned a few tricks and lessons from the meme father. We are proud to say that Mommy Doge is a hyper evolution of Dogecoin:
− Being built on the Binance Smart Chain it comes with 10x faster block speeds, 1000x cheaper fees and is super friendly to the environment
− Mommy Doge actually has a purpose and vision: Bringing gender equelity to crypto and supporting the women's rights movement
− The token is hyper-deflationary burning coins with every transaction and thus steadily growing the value of each Mommy Doge coin
− It comes with an integrated smart staking system built in to reward you. So, more Mommy Doge Coins are being automatically added to your wallet with each transaction.
− While Mommy Doge is super cute, she got sharp teeth and protects her babies - her holders. She comes with a one of a kind tokenometrics to protect all of you from whales and scams
− But Mommy Doge is also a big fan of the meme father - Dogecoin - and wants to imitate it in building a viral community of loyal supporters and be the new pet project of mega influencers
So love, hug, and grow Mommy Doge to make this project rule the crypto world and let the dream of gender equality become a reality!
The community team supporting Mommy Doge has been in crypto since the early days, they have seen many projects moon, got lucky with a few coins and learned their lessons the hard way. But recently, they have just been shocked by the number of scams and rug pulls in the crypto space. So actually, the team just wanted to let the market settle a bit and focus on blue chip alts for a while.
But this super viral High School speech changed everything:
How is it possible that in the 21st century, during the Pride Month, there is still so much gender discrimination in our society? That just shows how far away we are still from a divers and inclusive society, where women have the same rights as everyone else.
So yes, the market is not great and of course, there are too many scams around recently - but can we really just let this happen? Can we really sit still when women and girls need us the most - girls and women that are being deprived of education, forced into marriage, exploited, harassed, and do not even have the basic human right to decide over their own bodies.
No! We cannot just sit still in such times! Let's get out there and show them the power of our community - let's show them what we are capable of. So many times already, we came from nowhere and took over the streets. We made progress happen that our mothers and grandmothers could only dream of. Our movement is unstoppable and we will fight until we prevail - until gender equality is a reality for every girl and every women, everywhere, no matter what their identified gender, race, social standing, sexual orientation is or whatever individuality they choose. Let us unite for all girls and women in this world!
In the spirit of this vision we just made a coin that is both, supporting women's rights, a viral meme and helping fight scams with a one of a kind tokenometrics.
You - the Mommy Dog community - are the team. There is no developer, no owner, no major holder. Mommy Doge is simply a decentralized project for the community to grow and make viral.
Mommy Doge was coded and deployed by a diverse team of mostly female crypto enthusiasts with the sole purpose to be given to the community. The coder has burned the dev keys and simply handed the project over to the community. Now, a diverse group of people have formed a community to make Mommy Doge into a viral project that helps to promote women's rights.
Mommy Doge was born in July 2021 with the goal of being a decentralized meme project with a great purpose. Mommy Doge is a fun meme on a serious mission to make crypto accessible and safe for everyone, while also supporting the women's rights movements. The project wants to bring crypto adoption to the mainstream by protecting her holders. But Mommy Doge got even more to offer for her babies - her holders: We will build an ecosystem of cool new concepts such as holding rewards, non-fungible toke (NFT) marketplace for creative creators, token launchpad, community voting and many more ideas our community can vote on. Mommy Dog calls this the Paw Empire and will rule it as the new Paw!
Mommy Doge Auto Holding Rewards
Mommy Dog loves to take care of her babies, so her holders are rewarded just for holding Mommy Doge tokens. How cool is that? Any holder is eligible to participate, no matter how small the holding - Mommy does not care whether you got a big or a small wallet, she loves all of you. The tokenometrics of Mommy Doge just rewards every holder with every new transaction. Hold Mommy Doge to get some extra love!
Mommy Dog Has a Big Heart
Mommy Dog has a big heart and loves all people. We will use the charity wallet to support projects that promote
women's right and gender equality. We will partner with organizations such as:
Mommy Doge Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Trading Cards & Card Games
Mommy Doge is the only project of its kind that comes with super cool NFT Trading Cards on launch day! We have developed a whole series of trading cards with your favorite meme coins. Collect, trade and play with amazing NFT meme cards such as Doge, Shiba Inu, Baby Doge and of course the almighty Mommy Doge. See which meme has the strongest attacks when you let them fight against each other in our soon to be released NFT cards game – but remember: Mommy Doge is the mother of all memes and always trumps! So hold Mommy Doge to win!
Show Your Support with Mommy Doge Merchandise
We will build a merchandise store for Mommy Doge creators to present their best creations and for Mommy Doge holders to proudly support their favorite meme in the real world. All profits will go into projects Mommy Doge supports. Show your love and support with Mommy Doge merchandise!
Community Voting on Mommy Doge's Development
We are a fully decentralized community token, where you, our community, have the say. So, we will build community voting that allows you to decide on the next
development step in Mommy Dog's life.
Mommy Doge NFTs Marketplace
Mommy Doge has a super creative community that knows how to create great content and make it go viral. We want to give our community of creative creators a platform to create, market, sell, buy, trade and hold some of the most amazing NFTs the world has seen.
Mommy Dog Wants to Have More Puppies and Build a Paw Empire
Mommy Doge wants to build a Paw Empire of viral coins and at the same time protect its holders from scams. So we will develop a launchpad for new coins to be vetted and voted on by our community and then help them go viral. The Mommy
Dog LaunchPad. You as Mommy Doge Coin holders will profit from this as we will aidrop coins of new projects launched on the Mommy Dog LaunchPad! Hence, holding
Mommy Dog is a great way to participate in promising future projects.
Mommy Doge is decentralized, without an "owner" and fully run by her community of viral supporters. We encourage open communication and believe Trust, Diversity & Inclusion, as well as a Purpose and a strong Vision will lead to the long- term success of this project.
In the crypto space trust is paramount, especially in the current market conditions. Mommy Doge wants to build trust with you and has gone a long way to make sure you are save: Ownership has been renounced, liquidity is being locked for months and an audit already being on the way. We will include you in the decision making around Mommy Doge's future. So, no rug pulls or scams here, only Mommy Doge with lots of cute puppies to come.
Women's Rights, Diversity & Inclusion
We believe in the power of a diverse and inclusive community being able to make the Mommy Doge movement go viral. Therefore, we encourage everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or social background to join our movement.
Purpose & Vision
Working without a purpose or vision is just not worth it - if you all put your trust into Mommy Doge, you need to know what she stands for and where she wants to go, which is why we have given her a strong purpose:
Making crypto fun, safe and accessible for all people, while helping to protect women's rights!
As well as a strong vision to build an ecosystem of viral crypto projects.
This is easy, we got the most memeable coin - Mommy Doge with cute puppies - the most viral community and we have superior tokenometrics. While the big meme father Dogecoin and its offspring Shiba Inu have a few years more experience, Mommy Doge beats them on all elements of a great token:
When compared to Doge, mommy Doge comes with 10x faster block speed, 1000x cheaper fees and is just super friendly to the environment as its build on the Binance Smart Chain. The Binance Smart Chain already uses Proof of Stake today, so its super environmentally friendly compared to most other blockchains or coins.
Just wait until Elon finds out about Mommy Doge and he knows who the real winner will be!
Phase 1 - Pioneer Phase
- Mommy Doge is born - Website launch - Meme development - Big marketing and social media push - 1st Mommy Dog Airdrop - Mommy Doge Auto Holding Rewards - 5k Telegram and Twitter members - Mommy Doge NFT Trading Cards
Phase 2 - Growth Phase
- Influencer marketing push - Listing on CoinGeko and CoinMarketCap - Third party audit - 1st Charity donations - 2nd Mommy Dog Airdrop - Community Voting on Mommy Doge's Development - 25k holders - Mommy Doge NFT Cards Games
Phase 3 - Mooning Phase
- Large influencer push - Listing on major CEX - 3rd Mommy Dog Airdrop - More memes from our community - Mommy Doge NFTs Marketplace - $100k donation to charity the Mommy Doge holders vote on, for
example to fight for women's rights in Africa, at $250m market cap - $500k donation to charity the Mommy Doge holders vote on, for
example to fund girl's education projects, at $1bn market cap
Phase 4 - Paw Empire Phase
- Viral marketing with mega influencers - Massive meme push through our NFTs Marketplace - Listing on more CEX - Launch of the Mommy Doge LaunchPad - Crowning of Mommy Dog as the Paw Empress - Major donation the Mommy Doge holders vote on, for example
building children's home and shelter for women, at $10bn market cap - Global Mommy Doge community gathering at $100bn market cap to
promote women's rights with a viral campaign and live voting of the Mommy Doge holders for the biggest donation of Mommy Doge history
- $1trillion market cap establish the biggest ever crypto driven viral campaign to promote women's rights and major donation for charities the Mommy Doge holders vote on
- Total supply 100% 420,000,000,000,000,000 - Burn 30% 126,000,000,000,000,000 - Initial liquidity 60% 252,000,000,000,000,000 - Charity wallet 5% 21,000,000,000,000,000 - Marketing & Paw Empire 5% 21,000,000,000,000,000
Mommy Doge Got Sharp Teeth to Protect Her Babies
With so many scams and pump and dump schemes around, Mommy Dog just wants to ensure her babies are save. So she comes with super sharp teeth to protect her holders:
With a sales tax of 10% its unattractive for many bot schemes to buy Mommy Doge with the only purpose to then just dump it again quickly. Even if this happens, the 10% tax goes back to the holders and are added to liquidity.
An anti-scam and rug pull system that ensures liquidity and marketing wallets are save by locking them for many months.
A hyper-deflationary burn rate that makes Mommy Doge a bit scarcer with every transaction.
Mommy Doge employs 3 simple functions: Reflection + LP acquisition + Burn.
In each trade, the transaction is charged a 10% fee, which is split 2 ways.
5% of the fee is redistributed to all holders, ensuring everyone gains more Mommy Doge coins just by holding. This enables three cool secret features of Mommy Doge:
1. Hyper-deflation of the token value: As 30% of the Mommy Doge tokens were burned initially, a large part of the transaction fee is added to the burn wallet
2. Giving back big time: The donation wallet of 5% of the total token supply will gain with each trade, allowing Mommy Doge to give big time and support the charities its community supports
3. Building a Paw Empire: The marketing & development wallet of 5% of the total token supply will gain with each trade, allowing Mommy Doge to grow viral and add more value with every trade
5% of the fee is used for liquidity acquisition: Half of which is sold by the contract into BNB, while the other half of the Mommy Doge tokens are paired automatically on Pancake Swap.
Mommy Doge is a charity project lead by the community without an owner or official team. The decentralized Mommy Doge community is developing all content, including this whitepaper, and owns all (social) media channels. Consequently the publisher and author of this whitepaper disclaim any and all liability in the event any opinions, analysis, information, advice and/or recommendations from this whitepaper or any other information on the social media channels of Mommy Doge prove to be unreliable, inaccurate, incomplete or result in any investment or other losses - this applies to the maximum extent permitted by law. The purpose of the Mommy Doge token is not investment, payment or a security, but purely to be a utility token that allows its community to engage in the Mommy Doge ecosystem.