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  1. 1. MONETIZING THOUGHTFULLY Peanut Labs connects your users with thousands of paid online surveys from leading brands and market researchers.
  2. 2. Only a fraction of your users generate revenue. How much are you missing beneath the surface?
  3. 3. Peanut Labs crowdsources exciting research surveys and marketing offers on your site and pays you for user engagement. You incentivize users with valuable rewards for each activity and keep them coming back for more. Revenue Surveys & Offers Rewards Responses & Engagements Your Site Most users love to spend time on your site, but not always their money. Peanut Labs monetizes that time, unlocking the true potential of your users. How we do it
  4. 4. Surveys We provide you with surveys from leading research firms and brands looking to learn about their target audience. Users tell us a bit about themselves and we match surveys best fit for them. Surveys are lucrative and addictive. People by nature love to share their opinions and we value them. Not only do your users earn incentives, but thanks to their opinions, the world enjoys better products. NEW Soda
  5. 5. Offers Along with surveys, Peanut Labs hosts great marketing offers from leading brands that are quick and easy to engage with. Offers are a rapid revenue stream. With offers lasting from 1-3 minutes, this is an additional quick and easy way for your users to earn rewards and for you to make money. +30 Points Watch our video to find out how Zipcar works. +45 Points Visit our website to learn more about Gorilla Glass. +95 Points Sign up with us to get the biggest tax refund. +10 Points Learn why the new Samsung Galaxy S6 is the best phone on the market.
  6. 6. Turning coins to cash Our partners typically use virtual currencies or any other reward system that holds tremendous value to users. Reward your users for taking surveys and offers and they will keep coming back. Enjoy the check we send you every month. 500 GIFTCARD 500 $ Gift 500 Decide your portion of the pie Your margins are yours to set. Determine the exchange rate between what we pay you for a completed activity, and how much you reward your users. 500
  7. 7. The Reward Center The Reward Center integrates within your site to list surveys and offers tailored to each of your users. It is highly customizable and positively engaging. You get paid whenever your users complete an activity, and in turn they are rewarded with your sites virtual currency or reward system. You can remove content that you feel isnt suitable for your users. The Reward Center gives you complete control. Our Reward Center is a completely opt-in experience for your user, maintaining the purity of your site or app. It is available for desktop, tablets, and phones. For mobile we support both iOS, Android, and Unity with SDKs that are easy to integrate. iOS, Android & Unity SDKs Available YOUR WEBSITE Special Offers PEANUT LABS Available in every color imaginable The color of the Reward Center can be customized to fit the color theme of your site.
  8. 8. The Reward Station The Reward Station is a standalone Reward Center with its own payout and rewards system. Hosted by Peanut Labs, we take care of incentivizing, rewarding and monetizing your users so that you can stay focused on what you do best! It is custom designed for your brand. Your users can earn and redeem in gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, BestBuy and other great brands. Select those that will resonate most with your users. Better yet, add your own gift cards and increase the spending on your site or products. 500 500500 500 STARBUCKSCARD The integration requires no development. Simply drop the link to your Reward Station on your site to drive traffic, and watch your revenue and brand engagement grow!
  9. 9. Publisher Dashboard We believe in performance transparency and giving you the tools to see exactly how much value we are adding to your business at any given time. Analyze your monetization strategy Peanut Labs Publisher Dashboard gives you real-time data on how your monetization solution with us is performing. Leverage deeper knowledge about your users through our insightful demographics report. Getting Insights
  10. 10. Your Experience We handle end-to-end support for your users at all times. Youll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will ensure that your integration consistently yields the best results. Were international United States United Kingdom Canada Brazil Germany Mexico France Australia Spain Italy Netherlands We have surveys and offers available in all of these countries, with more on the way.
  11. 11. Publisher Team Peanut Labs 180 Montgomery Street, Suite 1700 San Francisco, CA 94104 Contact Us