my book report on the fault in our stars by john green by: andrea (warning: spoilers!!! be warned!!)

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  • My book Report on The Fault In Our Stars By John Green By: Andrea (WARNING: SPOILERS!!! BE WARNED!!)
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  • Hazel Grace Lancaster Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main Character/ protagonist is the famous novel. She is a 16 year old female suffering from Thyroid Cancer that hit her lungs and metastasis that is starting to form, so she has one of her lungs working. So, Hazel uses the drug phalanxifor to slow down her cancer from growing. So she must wear a breathing tube everywhere she goes in order to properly breathe. Despite of her ailment, she goes to a support group with others who suffer from a disease or illness just like Hazel. On one typical Wednesday, the support group was going to gather in the basement of a church named, The literal Heart of Jesus. The support group was leaded by a man named Patrick. Once she arrived and the meeting started she met a teenage boy.. Augustus Waters. ( Hazel Grace at the support group)
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  • Augustus Waters Augustus Waters is a major character in the popular novel as well. The 17 year old had suffered from the cancer called Osteosarcoma, and because of it, he had to remove his lower right leg, which was where the Osteosarcoma was found. Augustus would use a prosthetic so he is able to walk. His best friend,Isaac, suggested that Augustus should be his companion going to the support group. Augustus did so and went to the support group that Isaac went to. Ever since the day he went to the support group and met Hazel Grace, they bonded and became closer to each other.
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  • Minor Characters Part One Isaac: Isaac is Augustus friend who suffers from eye cancer. A.K.A retinoblastoma, which is a tumor is the part of the eye called retina. He has one glass eye and one real eye. Later in the book, Isaac had to get surgery because his other eye got removed and then he was NEC.(NEC: No evidence of Cancer) Peter Van Houten: Peter Van Houten is the author of the book, An Imperial Affliction, which was the book that is mentioned in the story that Hazel loved so much. He based the book off of his daughter who had died of cancer. Peter Van Houten was an alcoholic man and he never read fan mail that was given to him because of his daughter that passed away.
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  • Minor Characters Part Two Lidewij Vliegenthart: This woman is Peter Van Houtens assistant that replies to all of Peters email and she organizes travel plans. Patrick: Patrick is the leader of the support group and in the book Hazel said he mainly talks about the heart of Jesus every meeting. He must think of everything in a good way. Mr. Lancaster: Mr. Lancaster is the father of Hazels. When it comes to his daughters ailment, he becomes very emotional and so Hazel doesnt like upsetting him. Mrs. Lancaster: Mrs. Lancaster is the mother of Hazel and she stays at home in order to take care of her daughter. She wants her daughter to live life to the fullest, but her daughter just wants to stay at home watching TV.
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  • Where the story takes place The Fault in Our Stars takes place in Indianapolis. Indianapolis takes place in the state, Indiana. Which is where Hazel lives. Later in the story, Augustus and Hazel travels to Amsterdam, Denmark so Hazel can meet Peter Van Houten. (Indianapolis) (Amsterdam)
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  • Rising Action The rising action of The Fault In Our Stars is when Hazel Grace met Augustus Waters at the Support group. One day Hazel the two met up at Augustus house and Hazel told Augustus to read, An Imperial Affliction, and Augustus told Hazel to read a book called, The Price of Dawn and they continuously met with one another. As they got to know more and more about each other, Hazel has been more happier ever since the two had met. In the book, Augustus sent an email to Hazels favorite author explaining why Peter Van Houten should write a sequel to,An Imperial Affliction. Then Hazel emailed Peter Van Houten to say sorry about Augustus emailing him saying that she was a part of it without her permission. Hazel emailed and emailed Van Houten before butPeter Van Houten never responded, but ever since Augustus was able to email Peter Van Houten, the author responded, and Augustus and Hazel got a trip to Amsterdam so Hazel can finally ask Peter Van Houten the questions that she has been longing to ask him.
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  • Climax The more dramatic events from the story is when Augustus and Hazel arrive to Amsterdam. When they arrived, Augustus and Hazel were going to go out for dinner which was set up by Lidewij Peter Van Houtens assistant. During the dinner, Augustus confessed his love to Hazel Grace, making her cry in happiness after a speech he has given to her about his love. Then Augustus and Hazel went to Peter Van Houtens place and Hazel asked him some questions, but Peter was very rude and mean and as he talked to Hazel and Augustus he drank achohol. Hazel got mad and then she left with Augustus. Then Lidewij had followed and apologized and they went to the Anne Frank Huis. That was where Hazel and Augustus had their first kiss with each other. Lastly, Augustus had told Hazel he got a PET scan and that his cancer came back, which was devastating for Hazel.
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  • Falling Action Now that Augustus cancer had made a come back, he became unbearably weak and had to stay in a wheel chair. Hazel did her best to take care of him while he was still alive and take the chances to be with him before he passes away. Once the day Augustus had passed away, Hazel was in heavy sorrow and mourn after losing her first love, Augustus. Hazel went to Augustus funeral and left a new pack of cigarettes that Augustus would use right on his casket. The day of the funeral Peter Van Houten gave Hazel a letter written by her dear love, Augustus, before he died.
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  • Tone The Tone The tone of this novel would be sweet, sad, and sorrowful. The tone is sweet because Augustus was a very sweet guy and selfless to Hazel because he spent his one and only genie wish for Hazel. As mentioned earlier, Augustus explained his love for Hazel making her cry tears of happiness. The tone is also sad and sorrowful because Hazel found her first ever love, which was Augustus, and it was really sad when he passed away because he was such a gentleman to Hazel and the two create so many memories with each other in such a little amount of time. Thats why the tone is Sad, Sorrowful, and Sweet.
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  • Mood The mood of this story is the author might try to make you feel really, really, really, sad because of the plot. Maybe in some events you will say, Aww that was so sweet and there might be on another event where you say, OH MY GOODNESS, THAT WAS SO SAD I CANT BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED. But, that honestly depends on how you would feel about this story and what happens.
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  • Protagonist and Antagonist Protagonist: The Protagonist of the novel is Hazel Grace because she is basically the narrator and she is the girl who falls in love and her life leads to the plot when she meets Augustus. Antagonist: The Antagonist isnt exactly a character but its the cancer. It leads Hazels and Augustus relationship to get ruined because, as mentioned earlier, Augustus died because of his cancer. The two main characters both suffer from cancer and it makes it a struggle to live.
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  • Quote from the Story The Quote, Okay? Okay. is one of the most popular quotes from the story. They way the quote was made is on page 73 on my copy of the book it said Okay, He said after forever. Maybe okay will be our always Okay I said. The word Always from Isaac and his ex girlfriend because Isaac would always say Always to her and so now Augustus and Hazel would say Okay instead.
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  • NOTE At the end of the book, in the acknowledgments John Green wrote that Phalanxifor, the drug that Hazel uses to slowly down her cancer does not exist in real life and that he just made it up because he wanted it to exist in the book. I searched up if An Imperial Affliction was a real book, but all the results said it was not a real book and that Peter Van Houten isnt a real author, meaning John Green made him up. Yet, It was based on a book called Site: aia-a-real-book-i-feel-actually-dumb-for aia-a-real-book-i-feel-actually-dumb-for imperial-affliction-a-real-book-heres-what-you-need-to-know- about
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