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  1. 1. Hello! My name is Rosario Iacono... And this is my visual resume
  2. 2. I grew up in the countryside near Ragusa (Sicily, Italy).Since when I was a kid I have been having a great fondness for nature and natural sciences. All my lifelong I walked along the path of this fondness
  3. 3. I lived in the countryside untill I was 21 and I worked for ten years in my family multifunctional, diverse, organic and traditional farm Then I learnt how to... Autonomously manage the farm Make traditional P.O.D. Ragusano cheese Take care, graft and prune carobs and olive trees Feed cattles Face calving and animal diseases Drive a tractor and use a chainsaw Milk cows
  4. 4. Continuing to work in the farm, in 2001 I started a University course in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies in the University of CataniaIn 2006 I gained a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies in tropical and Subtropical Areas. In 2004 I worked for 6 months as an University trainee in the Sensory Evaluation Laboratory in CoRFiLaC (International Reasearch Institute for Ragusano PDO).
  5. 5. In 2006 I moved to Catania. I attended a course in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in University of Catania
  6. 6. I was fascinated by plant pathology... As Masters candidate I worked for a year at Department of Agri-food and environmental Systems Management Division of Plant Pathology with the team of Professor Giancarlo Polizzi. On July 2010 I defended my thesis on the first use of trunk injection techniques on Cycads against manganese deficiency. And I got a Master of Sciences in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
  7. 7. In 2010 I moved to Milan......where I successfully applied for a PhD in Molecular Biology at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in University of Milan
  8. 8. With a public scholarship in 2011 I started to work on a a PhD project on Molecular Basis of Bioremediation and Sulfur Use Efficiency in Plantsat Parco Tecnologico PadanoThere I had the opportunity of working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment,
  9. 9. With the team of Prof Gian Attilio Sacchi and Fabio Nocito I gained gratifying results Such as... An innovative hydroponic method for growing Arabidopsis in differential nutritional conditions A new method for assess the affinity for sulfate of some Arabidopsis and Brassica sulfate transporters. Avoiding the use of radiolabeled ions. The evidence of a differential regulation of sulfur metabolism under sulfate deficiency and cadmium exposion in Brassica juncea
  10. 10. And acquired some skills such as... Several basics and advanced molecular biology techniques Teaching skills to students of secondary school Bioinformatics skills through transporters genomic analyses Team working and multidisciplinary thinking Problem solving and results critical analises
  11. 11. In 2013 I moved to London to improve my English, looking for a new career development and new challenges
  12. 12. I love languagesItalian is my mother tongue But I speak English as well and I recently gained a ESOL L2 certificate in English And in my spare time I am studying Chinese
  13. 13. I have a good knowledge of...
  14. 14. In my spare time I love... ActingPracticing martial artsTravelling(After a performance with my acting class mates Milan in 2012)ReadingWatching movies
  15. 15. Unbelievable? Call my referees Prof. Giancarlo Polizzi As Thesis Tutor Department of Agri-food and environmental Systems Managment Division of Plant Pathology University of Catania Ph. : +39 0957147348 E-mail: Dr. Fabio Francesco Nocito As PhD Tutor University of Milan Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Ph.:+39 02503 16526 E-mail: Prof. Gian Attilio Sacchi As PhD Co-Tutor University of Milan Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences +39 02503 16525
  16. 16. Personal details:Rosario Iacono NINo SP 877289 B 13 Navenby Walk E3 4EZ, London, UKContact me: iaconorosario@gmail.comsaretto37+44 7436974395

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