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  • 1. Scarys habitat is in the rocks of Myst. It eats spiders, beetles, ants and rocks. By: Antonio

2. Munrias habitat is the desert of Tomahna.It eats lizards, chameleons and scorpions.By: Pearl 3. Jossie Janes habitat is the forest. It eats insects and grass.By: Marielle 4. James habitat is the forest. He eats leaves and other creatures. By: Chelsea 5. The Horned Sand Snakes habitat is the hot and drydesert. He eats lizards, scorpions and spiders. Hisscales and horns help him to attract prey in the sand.By: Joseph 6. Snake-Heads habitat is the desert. Iteats cacti, lizards, scorpions, spiders and snakes without horns. By: Alfie 7. Rockys habitats is the rocks of Myst. Iteats small animals and rocks.By: Nathan 8. Pola-grom-a-doms habitat is the sea surroundingSaavedros island. It eats fish, sharks and most seacreatures. Sometimes boats and humans!By: Anna