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  • 1. Media KitA division of Move Yourself Pty Ltd.
  • 2. CONTENTS1. Our History2. MYST Media Today3. Our Network4. What We Do5. The Path to Purchase6. Complimenting other Media7. In Store Advertising Works8. Local Area Marketing9. Kiosk Locations10. Screen Capabilities11. Advertising Rates12. Contact Us
  • 3. OUR HISTORY Move Yourself Trailer Hire was the first company to build and rent enclosed Furniture Trailers (Furniture Vans) in Australia, and is the leader in helping people move efficiently and economically themselves. We are a family run business with years of experience manufacturing and renting of all kinds of trailers. We have a national network of dealers around Australia who provide one way interstate and country rentals as well as local hire.
  • 4. MYST MEDIA - TODAYMove Yourself Trailer Hire was the first to design and develop therevolutionary concept of the Self Serve Kiosk to trailer rentals at ourmany locations across Australia. The self serve kiosk was introducedso that our customers no longer have to wait to be served for trailerrental!In 2010 our self serve kiosks averaged 12,329 transactions permonth with the average customer spending three to five minutesinteracting with the kiosk.Launched in 2010 MYST Media was created to assist companieswanting to utilise the unique placements and capabilities of ourkiosks to target shoppers at the point of purchase.
  • 5. OUR NETWORKMYST Media has an extensive network of digital kiosks that are located in major Petrol/Convenience stores in Metro and Regional areas of Australia. Our network includes:
  • 6. WHAT WE DOMYST Media operates one of Australias largest and fastest growing networks of digitalscreens, with over 680 kiosks currently operating in major Service Stations around Australia,we are on target for our goal of 1,000 locations by mid 2011.We offer advertising on our screens with category exclusivity, and can offer a combination offormats to suit your needs.With the average customer spending approximately 3.5 minutes in the Service Station, ourAdvertising platform is 2.5 minutes in length, and rotates on screen 24/7 to give our clients themaximum exposure during their campaign.Predominantly located next to the ATM, the kiosks are in high trafficareas of the Service Station and offer eye-catching exposure to anestimated 8.5 million shoppers per month.
  • 7. THE PATH TO PURCHASEStrategically placed inside the Service Station, our kiosks are usually located beside the ATM and in close proximity to the fridge, shelving units and register (Point of Purchase).Our network of digital screens allow brands to continue an expensive advertising campaign right to the point of purchase, and influence the purchasing decision.
  • 8. COMPLIMENTING OTHER MEDIA Television Radio Newspaper Magazine Adding MYST Media With Radio being Advertising on our Magazines offer to your Television Theatre of the network establishes a excellent selective campaign can help Mind, our digital continuing 24/7 reach, yet limited minimise wasted screens provide a presence in the frequency. Our digital coverage & improve graphic visual market, directing the screens can your media campaign association to help consumer to the significantly increase by providing the bring your campaign newspaper ad or frequency to a mass ability to target your to life. coupon market market geographically With placement at Adding MYST Media When booking MYST Media allows Service Stations to your Print advertisements in a you to extend your around Australia, campaign increases national magazine, television campaign MYST Medias screens the reach and MYST Media can add outside of the home, provide the missing frequency ensuring movement, life, and a and pinpoint link and can help greater coverage local flavour where messages by reinforce Radio among light readers the product or service neighbourhood or messages to create and younger is sold postcodes top of mind consumers awareness for consumers
  • 9. IN STORE ADVERTISING WORKSWhats unique about in store advertising?Our digital kiosks can pull your above the line In-store advertising speaks directly tomarketing campaign into the store to help influence shoppers.customers at the moment of purchase. Almost 9 out of 10 shoppers deviate from their shopping list. Our digital screens are located within the retail environment, which allows your brand to have the last word with consumers at a time when they are actively shopping. Its estimated that more than 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store
  • 10. LOCAL AREA MARKETINGOur network of Metro and Regional locations around Australia enables you to target specific geographical areas and allows you to deliver content to consumers thats local and relevant, and minimises wastage.We can tailor a campaign on a local or national scale to: Ensure your brand is active and visible to consumers who live, work and shop locally Localise your Advertising by using our Digital Screens to direct consumers to your nearest store Promote your event to people who are mobile and on the go and give them reasons to attend Build excitement and urgency by targeting the surrounding area with messages that are local and relevant Capture the attention of people who are visiting the area and show them a map to your location
  • 11. KIOSK LOCATIONS MYST Media operates one of Australias largest and fastest 5 growing networks of digital screens, with 149 over 680 kiosks26 currently operating in 109 major Service Stations around Australia. 140 We are on target for our goal of 1,000 238 locations by mid 2011. 15
  • 12. SCREEN CAPABILITIESOur screens are capable of broadcasting 15, or 30 second Flash Advertisements.We broadcast 2 different formats for each campaign: 1. 1366 (w) x 463 (h) Banner that targets consumers as they enter the Service Station and influences their purchasing decisions while in the store. 2. 342 (w) x 768 (h) Tile that displays as customers use the kiosks to arrange a Trailer hire. This tile offers you a captive audience as the user spends 3-5 minutes interacting with the kiosk and entering their details.In addition, we also have the capabilities to offer an interactive Flash format where your customers canuse our touch screen kiosks to browse additional content, enter competitions, collect data, get storedirections, print coupons or contact information, etc.Please speak to us about your requirements.
  • 13. ADVERTISING RATES Price per Location Impressions Potential