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  • Culture Myth Gods and Goddesses

    Time Period Interesting Facts

    Roman- Romulus and Remus

    Romulus and Remuss mother set them adrift on the river. Then a she-wolf came and picked the boys up. Then a farmer came along and took the kids. When they got older the twins decided to build a city on the shore of Tiber. Both the twins wanted to be kings, so they started to fight and Romulus picked up a rock and killed his brother Remus. That is how Rome came to be.

    Romulus Remus Rhea- Mother of

    Romulus and Remus.

    Mars- God of War that married Rhea.

    Faustulus- Farmer that took the boys in.

    758 b.c and 728 b.c I thought it was interesting that Romulus and Remus was raised by wolves.

  • Culture Myth Gods and Goddesses

    Time Period Interesting Facts

    Greek- Prometheus and Pandora

    Prometheus was the creator of man under Zeuss throne. One day Prometheus stole fire from Zeus so the mortals could keep warm and cook their food. When Zeus found out, he punished Prometheus. Zeus chained Prometheus to a mountain and got his liver eaten by a bird. Hephaestus created the first woman called Pandora and gave her a box and she could never open it. One day she opened the box and cursed the world.

    Pandora- First woman

    Prometheus- Crafted man

    Hephaestus- Made Pandora

    Zeus- The king of Gods.

    8th to 7th century(b.c)

    I found it interesting that Prometheus had to get his liver eaten every day by an eagle and his liver would grow back each day.

  • Culture Myth Gods and Goddesses

    Time Period Interesting Facts

    Japanese- Kitsune Kitsunes are foxes, which can shape shift. Kitsunes are often called tricksters because they play tricks on overly proud samurais and greedy merchants.

    Kitsune 811 a.d I think its interesting that a fox can change into many things, but it has to still keep its basic form.

    Egyptian- Ra Ra lived on Earth in the very beginning and he was the king of all gods and humans alike. As Ra grew older he got tired of everything he had to do. This caused many humans to doubt his abilities as king. So he sent his eye (Hathor) to kill everyone who doubted him. He then left Earth and went to the sky.

    Ra- Sun God Hathor- His eye

    300 b.c I found it interesting that Ra could remove his eye to go out and find people.

  • Culture Myth Gods and Goddesses

    Time Period Interesting Facts

    Norse- BeoWulf BeoWulf is on the hunt to get back his sacred horn called the Dragons Horn that got stolen from him.

    BeoWulf Wiglaf Herlock Ferlock King Hroghgar

    1000 b.c I found it interesting that BeoWulf defeated a dragon and took its horn.