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  • 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SAMPLEAdvisors must be more efficient using computer technology for studentscheduling, documentation, and reporting. Students schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments Automate the documentation of advised student records Automatic advisor schedules, workload reports and graphicsGeneral Requirements Summarized Student Advisor ReportsSystemNiceWt Rk Sc Wt Rk Sc Wt Rk Sc Wt Rk Sc Wt Rk Sc Totals Vendor 1 10 9 90 10 8 80 8 7 56 8 7 56 5 5 25 307 Vendor 2 10 9 90 10 9 90 8 8 64 8 8 64 5 4 20 328Three Year Cost Projection FY11 FY12 FY13 Vendor 1 $12,000 $1,000$1,000 Vendor 2 $11,040 $840 $840Recommended Solution We believe Vendor 2 meets our long-term needs and budget.

2. SCOPE AND RQMTS SAMPLEScopeWith budget constraints, limited resources, and the need to reduce workloads, advisors and staff must use their time more efficiently. They canreduce time consuming activities with available software and technology.This includes student scheduling, documenting visits, and duties relatedto student tracking, record transfers, and student advising reports.High Level Requirements Students schedule, reschedule and cancel their appointments Reduce no-show appointments with automated student reminders Automate the documentation of advised student records Advisors have more time to advise students into majors of study Maximize staff resources to provide student advising services Manage one master calendar efficiently and prevent conflicts Capture advisor and student data with available statistics Automate advisor schedules, workload reports and graphics 3. VENDOR CRITERIA SAMPLEMust Have Criteria0 = Doesnt Meet Criteria1 = Meets CriteriaVend 1 Vend 2 Vend 3 Vend 4 Vend 51. Student Capabilities 111112. Advisor Recording111113. Reporting Capacities 110104. System Capabilities111015. System Implementation11011Go or No-Go RankingGo GoNo-Go No-Go No-Go 4. REQUIREMENT DESCRIPTIONS SAMPLEStudent Capabilities1. General ease of system use for students2. Students required to login to system3. Web-access to schedule/reschedule, cancel appts4. Automatic student appt reminders via e-mail5. Automatic student appt reminders via text msgs6. Limit one appointment per student per day7. Schedule student groups (vets, nursing)8. Schedule students by advisor name 5. WEIGHTED REQUIREMENT SCHEME SAMPLEMax MaxRequirement Weight Ranking ScoreRqmt A 1010 100Rqmt B9 981Rqmt C8 864Rqmt D7 7 49Rqmt E6 6 36Rqmt F5 5 25Rqmt G4 4 16Rqmt H3 3 9(Nice-to-Have)Rqmt I2 2 4(Nice-to-Have)Rqmt J1 1 1(Nice-to-Have) 6. VENDOR RANKING SAMPLE Vendor 1Max MaxAdvisor Recording Weight Ranking Scorea. Enter student visit notes 10 10 100b. Attendance (show/no-show)9 545c. Search by student name10 990d. Track unscheduled visits 8 864e. Appts - office, phone, emails7 535f. Advisor notification check-in8 324g. Purge/transfer records 7 642 Weighted Sub-Totals507 400Total Percent 100% 79% 7. COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS SAMPLERequirements Vendor 1Vendor 21. Onetime software cost 5,000 4,2002. Yearly maintenance cost 1,000 8403. Initial service package cost4. Yearly service package cost5. Server requirements 2,000 2,0006. Computer requirements 3,000 3,0007. System training cost1,000 1,000Totals $12,000 $11,040


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