napoleonic era- 1799-1814

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Napoleonic Era- 1799-1814. 1799- Coup d’etat made Napoleon dictator. Napoleon supported the ideas of the French Revolution: No feudalism or serfdom Accepted the Declaration of the Rights of Man But…believed the F rench people should obey ALL his policies. Napoleon I. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Napoleonic Era- 1799-1814

Napoleonic Era-1799-18141799- Coup detat made Napoleon dictator

Napoleon INapoleon supported the ideas of the French Revolution:No feudalism or serfdom Accepted the Declaration of the Rights of ManButbelieved the French people should obey ALL his policies.

Reorganized GovernmentNapoleon had unlimited powerFirst 5 years = ConsulateHe commanded the army and navyHe had the power to appoint or dismiss government officialsHe could propose new lawsThe Legislative body could approve of reject Napoleons lawsHe put the Constitution up to the vote of the plebiscite.They voted for the ConstitutionNapoleons Governmental AccomplishmentsThe Napoleonic Code- A law codeThe Bank of FrancePublic Education-elementary was supported by local communities and the church-high school, universities and technical schools supported by the governmentConcordat 1801-religious freedomUndid alliances of foreign enemiesMade France a peaceful, stable and economically prosperous country

Napoleonic Code

1804-France becomes an EmpirePlebiscites vote to make France an empire and Napoleon becomes Emperor Napoleon Pope came to put crown on Napoleons head but he grabbed it and put it on himself.Signifying his power over the churches

War with BritainFrance invades Great BritainVice Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats France at seaFrance places a blockade on Great Britain ( Continental System) and Great Britain does the same to France

Reorganization of Europe1809- France dominates EuropeTreaties with Austria and PrussiaRussia becomes an allyNapoleon rules the Netherlands and SpainHe forces Denmark and the Papal States into an allianceAbolished the Holy Roman Empire and unifies Italy into the Kingdom of Italy under his controlPlaced family members as monarchs in conquered countriesNapoleon like King Henry VIII?Napoleons wife Josephine was unable to provide an heir.Napoleon has marriage annulledNapoleon marries Marie-Louise of AustriaShe has a son- Napoleon II in 1811

Nationalism Nationalism is extreme pride in ones country= patriotismConquered territories see an increase in nationalismBegin building armies to fight against FranceIncreased opposition of Napoleons ruleThe Peninsular War 1808-1814Iberian peninsula between Spain and PortugalPortugal refuses to follow the Continental SystemNapoleon sends in troops- drives out the king and then takes over Spain too.Makes Joseph, his brother, the King of SpainDuke Of WellingtonGreat Britain sends the Duke of Wellington to help the Spain and Portugal defeat Napoleon1813- Joseph driven out of SpainSpain writes a new Constitution with a limited monarchy following the ideas of the French RevolutionDuke of Wellington

France Versus RussiaRussia an ally of France begins trading with Great Britain. Going against the Continental System1812- Czar Alexander INapoleon sends troops to invade RussiaGathers 600,000 troops from all his conquered territories= The Grand ArmyThe troops marched into RussiaScorched-Earth policyAs the French troops would march into Russia, the Russian troops would retreat burning everything and anything the French troops could use.France captures Moscow, but the Russian troops leave Moscow burning upon their retreat.October 12, 1812 France retreats due to the cold and lack of suppliesGreatest Military DisasterAs Napoleons troops retreat the Russian army follows-invading the French territories.Napoleon loses 2/3 of his troopsAll alliances are brokenOctober 1813-LeipzigThe allies defeat Napoleon1814- Allies capture ParisBattle of Leipzig-1813

Napoleoans DefeatNapoleon gives up claim to the French throneRetire to the island of ElbaFrances monarchy is restored-Louis XVIII

100 Days of NapoleonPeople of France are upset with the monarchyMarch,1815- Napoleon returns to FranceTroops sent to catch him and they turn and help himMarch 20- Napoleon captures Paris

Battle of WaterlooAllies attack FranceThe Duke of Wellington defeats Napoleon at the Battle of WaterlooBattle of Waterloo

Napoleons LegendMonarchy restored in FranceNapoleon asks to be sent to America but instead they send him to the South PacificThe island of St. Helena where he will die in 1821.1840-The remains of Napoleon will be laid to rest in FranceNapoleon becomes a legend to the French peopleNapoleons Tomb

Napoleons Tomb in Paris


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