ndc beer analytics using kibana and elasticsearch

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1. Beer analytics using Kibana and Elasticsearch 2. tweet: #ndcROI most bang for the bucks product #ndcoslo You can win! 3. Christoffer Vig works at http://blog.comperiosearch.com babadofar 4. Norwegian government owned alcohol monopoly. Sells beverages above 4,7 % alcohol Open data http://www.vinmonopolet.no 5. Vinmonopolet CSV file 6. CSV -> Elasticsearch Logstash 7. Logstash config 8. Elasticsearch output 9. Demo time! #ndcroi 10. Discover 11. Visualize 12. Bitterness in beer 13. View details 14. Use cases Boss is buying Last call Gourmand customer dinner Foreign hipster visitors ... 15. Boss is buying 16. Last call 17. Price pr Alcohol unit pricePrAlcohol floor(doc['Literpris'].value/doc['Alkohol'].value) pricePrAlcohol = Price pr 1 Alcohol unit 18. Gourmand 19. significant terms 20. Belgian beer significant terms 21. Optimal ROI product #ndc-roi 22. Resources vagrant ELK box https://github.com/comperiosearch/vagrant-elk- box code for this talk https://github.com/babadofar/bbuzz_code 23. Thank you!


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