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<ol><li> 1. NEBULA DRAMA </li><li> 2. DIVE IN THE SKY COMENIUS PROJECT TURKEY </li><li> 3. OUTCOME At the end of the lesson, students will be able to define what is the nebula is. </li><li> 4. PRESENTATION Stars lives begin in hot balls of gas which are called nebula( plural: nebulae). A nebula is a gigantic cloud of dust and gas; mainly of hydrogen and helium gases, and they can be light years across - thats trillions of miles </li><li> 5. Nebulae are made from the huge collapse of gas in what they refer to as the Interstellar Medium (the gas, dust and cosmic rays that can be found between planets and stars in galaxies). </li><li> 6. As the material falls in on itself under its own weight, large stars are made in the centre. When this happens, ultraviolet radiation shoots out like a laser beam and the nebula is lit up. </li><li> 7. The teacher needs 15 volunteers. Five of these volunteers will make a star and the other ten students will make a nebula. ( T chooses 15 students .) </li><li> 8. 5 of students will make a star. (The teacher sticks stars on students chest.) Embrace each other, now they are a big star and wait. </li><li> 9. Get your colorful aprons and wear them.( Teacher uses colorful trash bag for apron.) Hold your hands and make a circle around your friends. </li><li> 10. (Teacher says the students who make the circle.) T: Now, you are a nebula, now dance around your friends and produce some sounds like booom, loooooow.. (Students act like this for a while and also teacher uses deodorant spray to show gas.) </li><li> 11. T: Now, stars split from each other slowly, now the students are new little stars they can dance and celebrate this. T: Clap your friends. They show us how new stars are made in the sky. </li><li> 12. This drama was developed by Rana KARATAY and her university student from Anatolia University at Elt Department Ceyda KARAKAN </li></ol>