neptune melanie pereira michael veronsky this is a picture of neptune. neptune has a dark spot

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Download Neptune Melanie Pereira Michael Veronsky This is a picture of Neptune. Neptune has a dark spot

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  • Neptune Melanie Pereira Michael Veronsky This is a picture of Neptune. Neptune has a dark spot.
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  • Neptunes symbol Galle and dArrest discovered Neptune. Neptune got its name because Roman God of the sea named Neptune.
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  • Neptune Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. Neptune is 2,794 million kilometers away from the sun. It takes 60,196 days to orbit around the sun. A day on Neptune is 16 hours.
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  • Moons Neptune has 13 moons: Triton, Nereid, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina,Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Halimede, Psamathe, Sao, Laomedeia, and Neso.
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  • NEPTUNE Neptune is blue and has a great dark spot. Its about the size as Uranus. Neptune has four thin rings. Its the coldest planet in the solar system. I weigh 75.3 on Neptune.
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  • Rings Neptune has four faint rings. Neptunes rings were first discovered in 1984 in Chile by Patrice Bouchet.
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  • Exploration
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  • Interesting Facts Neptune is made of gases. Neptunes moon, Triton is the coldest moon. A day on Neptune is 16 Earth hours. Neptune does not have a solid surface. Neptune also has a small dark spot. The winds on Neptune can reach 600 miles [1,000 kilometers] per hour.
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