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New womans fashion magazine

New womans fashion magazineBy Jacira Carvalho

My ideaMy idea is to create a Womans Fashion Magazine. The style I will focus on is African Fashion.

Target AudienceMy target audience are young females aged 16 to 21 years old. However, I am also expecting an older audience to purchase my magazine since I will include contents suitable for their age range. The style in my magazine might also appeal to them.The reason why I have chosen an younger target audience for this magazine is because I feel that it is at this age that a bigger sense and passion for fashion starts developing in girls specially.

Secondary ResearchFor my secondary research I analysed 3 different magazines. These were: Glamour, Cosmopolitan and InStyle UK.I paid close attention to the ABC figures. This way I could dictate who my competitors are. I found this data using the website.

I then decided that my competitors were Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Look magazines since they had the biggest Readership.MagazineReadershipGrowth (year on year)Glamour400,270-2.5Cosmopolitan252,231-9.6Look153,007-17.8Elle UK159,292-4.4InStyle UK149,8943.6Stylist433,4821.0%

PricesI also looked at the prices since this is also a very important detail to every magazine.While analysing the prices I noticed that the Elle UK magazine was the most expensive one. The Cosmopolitan magazine which is the second magazine with the higher readership results is being sold for only 1.

I concluded that the lower the price of the magazine is the more people will want to buy it.However I thought that 1 was a little too cheap for my new womans fashion magazine and that maybe the audience will doubt the quality of my magazine. Therefore the price I chose for my magazine is 3.MagazinePricesGlamour2Cosmopolitan1Look2.25Elle UK4.10InStyle UK3.99Stylist Free

Primary ResearchFor my primary research, I decided I would analyse 3 magazines. I ended up choosing Glamour, Cosmopolitan and InStyle UK magazine. I didnt choose Look or Elle UK that were the 3rd and the 4th magazines with biggest readership in my previous table. And this is because, I thought that the InStyle Magazine looked similar to the magazine I was planning to create. Another reason to why I chose to analyse this magazine as well is because I wanted to compare InStyle to Glamour and Cosmopolitan to find why the magazine had a lower readership but then a bigger Growth in readership during this year.

I created a small questionnaire and asked people to tick the name they preferred fro a Womans African Fashion MagazineImpulse and Exquisite received more results. I ended choosing Exquisite.

Title of MagazineExquisiteI chose this name because of its meaning. My magazine is not just for people of African Origin but also for people from other ethnicities. Therefore I think that Exquisite would be the perfect name. It means: extremely beautiful and delicate and also someone who is affectedly concerned with his/her clothes and appearance. (as seen on

Focus Group

Ideal Reader ProfileName: Daniela OlateruAge: 18Student, currently at University studying Arts.

Daniela was born to a Nigerian family in London, England. She is a Fashion lover. Her style is street style. She has a very daring and trendy choice of style. Her inspiration is Solange Knowles. She is interested in traditional African printings and she has done a lot of projects in her course.Daniela is living with her parents but is currently saving some money as she is planning to rent a small apartment that she could share with her friends. She works part-time in Zara. She visits the gym twice a week and goes out with her friends every Saturday evening. All these details show that she has a budget on what she is able to spend.She generally goes for fast fashion which means our clothe prices would appeal to her needs as a student. Daniela does not own a car yet; she travels to University from home by train which is an hour journey. She has modelled for her friends fashion line as part of her university course, but does not wish to pursue with a career in modelling. She would rather be a fashion designer which is what she is studying for.

My Cover StoryMy cover story will be called: New African Woman In my cover story, I will interview a fashion designer called Tosin O.She is a young Fashion designer from London.In the interview she talks about what is needed to be confident.

Interview QuestionsTell us about your style?Whos your inspiration?What tips would you give to all the young black women out there, on how to boost their confidence?You are really confident about yourself. How do you handle the stress while working in the demanding Fashion Industry? You are a fashion designer. So do you create your own clothes?How do you manage to do well in both education and fashion?Where do you think you will be in the Fashion Industry, in the next 5 years?

These are some of the main questions I am planning to ask Tosin O. during the interview:

SummaryI have decided that my magazine will be called ExquisiteExquisite will be a Womans Fashion Magazine The focus will be African Style/FashionThe cost for my magazine will be 2.99Exquisite will be a monthly magazineMy cover story will be an interview with a new Fashion Designer from London called Tosin O.

However this is not definite as I might do some changes.