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  • Platypus By Nick Davies Grade 6 Fesseden School
  • Scientific classification Kingdom: animal Phylum: chordata Class: mammal Order: monotremata Family: ornithorhynchidae
  • Appearance
    • Brown fur
    • Has a beaver tail
    • A bill ( beak )
    • Has webbed hands and feet
    • The male platypus has a claw of venom behind their hind legs
    • They have small eyes
    • Their ears with an acute sense of hearing
  • Habitat
    • Australia and Tasmania
    • Live in rivers by the land
    • They live in marshy areas
    • The green shows where they live
  • Life cycle
    • Male and female platypus can breed when they are about two years old
    • They mate in the water
    • The female lays one or two white eggs in a nesting burrow which she digs in a riverbank
    • The eggs hatch about a week later
    • A tooth on the tip of the platypus bill is there to break out of the soft-shelled egg
    • When they are about three months old, the young platypus leaves its burrow and learn to swim and hunt for food
  • Diet
    • Fresh shrimp
    • Worms
    • Yabbies and crayfish
  • Predators
    • Red foxes
    • Feral cats
    • Main predators human
  • How can this species help the environment
    • By keeping a balance on the population of crayfish, shrimp, and yabbies
  • How do humans impact the environment of the platypus
    • By polluting
    • Also by hunting them
  • What can humans do to help the platypus
    • Humans can stop polluting the water and land
    • They can stop hunting them
  • Interesting facts
    • Until the 20 th century platypus were hunted for their fur
    • The platypus was discovered between 5,000 years ago to 40,000 years ago
    • It is on the Australian
    • 20 cent coin
    • Its venom will kill small
    • animals but not humans
  • Interesting facts
    • Scientist originally thought it was a fake made up by taxidermists
    • It is a combination of a duck and a beaver
  • References
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