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    Volume Volume Volume Volume 44449999, Issue , Issue , Issue , Issue 11111111

    The LeafThe LeafThe LeafThe Leaf – a monthly publication of GLC

    Gethsemane Lutheran ChurchGethsemane Lutheran ChurchGethsemane Lutheran ChurchGethsemane Lutheran Church The LeafThe LeafThe LeafThe Leaf

    35 Ea35 Ea35 Ea35 East Stanton Avenue st Stanton Avenue st Stanton Avenue st Stanton Avenue ♦ Columbus OH 43214 Columbus OH 43214 Columbus OH 43214 Columbus OH 43214 ♦ 614614614614----885885885885----4319431943194319


    Rev. June A. Wilkins

    Music MinistriesMusic MinistriesMusic MinistriesMusic Ministries

    Dr. Timothy E. Guenther

    Mission DeveloperMission DeveloperMission DeveloperMission Developer

    Rev. Ipyana Mwakabonga

    Child Care CenterChild Care CenterChild Care CenterChild Care Center

    Brenda Weilbacher

    Children’s MinistChildren’s MinistChildren’s MinistChildren’s Ministry Assistantry Assistantry Assistantry Assistant

    Julia Wiebe

    Seminary InternSeminary InternSeminary InternSeminary Intern

    Joel Wildermuth

    Parish SecretaryParish SecretaryParish SecretaryParish Secretary

    Diane Gutgesell


    Brian McLean

    In this IssueIn this IssueIn this IssueIn this Issue

    From the Pastor—P. 2

    Adult Education—P. 3

    Service Day—P. 4

    Small Groups—P. 5

    Book Group—P. 6

    New Members—P. 7-8

    Prayer Concerns—P. 9

    Council Highlights—P. 10-11

    Nominations—P. 12

    Serving Schedule—P. 11

    Calendar—P. 12

    Thanksgiving Eve Community Worship

    Wednesday, November 23

    7:30 PM


    Clinton Heights Lutheran Church 15 Clinton Heights Ave.

    Pie reception to follow.

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    This has been one of the weirdest elections ever. I

    think most people agree on that no matter who

    they’re voting for. The strangest words are now

    commonplace on the news. Racism has become an

    acceptable platform. Candidates are not only calling

    out their opponent, but their opponent’s supporters.

    Every election cycle, we get to this place in the

    conversation where we’re all doomed if the other side

    wins. This time, it got there pretty quickly and has

    been growing ever since. Each side is convinced that

    the other will absolutely destroy the country, if not

    the entire world.

    Obviously, hyperbole is one of the main tactics of

    elections, and no one is innocent of it. But this year in

    particular, the hostility is palpable. In the last debate

    the candidates didn’t even shake hands and it

    sincerely feels like the biggest enemy is not anyone

    outside our country that might threaten us, the

    biggest enemy is the other political party inside our


    As people of faith, voting is our responsibility. It is our

    call as citizens of this world to make sure our leaders

    are working for justice for all people. And certainly,

    some candidates have had ideas and goals that have

    gone against God’s will and vision, and we have a

    responsibility to vote and to speak out against ideas

    and goals that are unjust.

    But as people of faith, it is also our responsibility not

    to get drawn up in the hate and vitriol that is present

    in any election. We have a responsibility to see those

    we don’t agree with – even those who might do

    terrible things – as human beings. Listening,

    understanding, reconciliation, forgiveness, loving your

    enemy – these are all terms we bandy about as

    Christians. And we need to do all of these things in

    easy times and in the hardest times – election years


    On November 9th, the voting will be over, the

    commercials will end, and the campaign managers

    won’t need us anymore. And we still have to come

    together and work, and worship, and even live with

    people who voted differently. We’ll still need to go

    and eat Thanksgiving dinner with our family. And

    someone will probably say something that will

    infuriate us and maybe we will feel compelled to say

    something in return.

    But in the end, the biggest testament to our Christian

    faith may not be how we voted, it may be our ability

    to love those we disagree with.

    Rev. June Wilkins

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    LIFETIME LEARNING Christian Education about life, for life, and for a lifetime

    SUNDAYS at 10:45 AM


    November 6

    Moving from Welcoming to Inviting

    Pastor Grant Eckart

    Please make plans to attend our yearly discussion of

    outreach during the November 6 Lifetime Learning

    hour. While as individuals and as a congregation we

    do a good job in welcoming others into Gethsemane,

    there is always opportunity for improvement. Pastor

    Grant Eckhart will lead the discussion centered upon

    moving from "Welcoming" to "Inviting". Pastor

    Eckhart currently serves as minister at Jacob’s Porch,

    our Lutheran congregation for OSU students and

    associates. Pastor Eckhart will also be preaching

    during our worship service that morning.

    November 13


    Generations in Faith Together

    Every generation has a gift we need. Every generation

    has a need we gift. All generations will come together

    for an hour of faith formation.

    November 20

    No class – Congregation Meeting

    November 27

    No class – Thanksgiving weekend

    Welcome Our Children’s

    Ministry Assistant

    Julia Wiebe is a junior at Capital University major-

    ing in International Studies with minors in History

    and Spanish. Her favorite thing about Capital is

    the Yarn Club. They meet once a week to knit,

    crochet, and share community. Before joining she

    knew how to knit but didn’t do it very much. Now

    Julia knits probably more than she should, espe-

    cially during exams. She is originally from Kewas-

    kum, Wisconsin, a small town about an hour

    north of Milwaukee. When at home, she loves

    watching hockey and cheesy movies, baking,

    reading, and playing with the family’s three dogs.

    She seems to embody many Wisconsinite stereo-

    types as she loves cheese, winter, and the Green

    Bay Packers! During the summer, she works at

    the same Lutheran camp that she grew up going

    to in the woods of northern Wisconsin. She loves

    helping kids to grow in their faith and have fun

    while doing it! After college, she hopes to travel

    abroad with the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global

    Mission program and to continue to do God’s

    work in the world however she is called.

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    As the magazine of the ELCA, their mission is to:

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    the list.

    Neighborhood Service Day

    Sign up for the Neighborhood Service Day

    on Saturday, November 12, from 9-1:00pm.

    Be at church by 8:45am to get your assignment.

    Help Gethsemane’s neighbors with their fall chores.

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    Small Group


    First Reflections

    Monday Bible Study

    Paula Sauer

    Brown Bag Bible Bunch

    Dick Lyndes


    Faith at Work

    Judy Reuning

    Book Group

    Sharon Wa

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