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NSDI Strategic Plan Update. FGDC Steering Committee April 3, 2014. NSDI Strategic Plan – Final Version. FGDC Steering Committee Final Draft distributed to Steering Committee on December 5 for electronic vote. Approved by Steering Committee – December 13, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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NSDI Strategic Plan UpdateFGDC Steering CommitteeApril 3, 2014

1NSDI Strategic Plan Final VersionFGDC Steering CommitteeFinal Draft distributed to Steering Committee on December 5 for electronic vote.Approved by Steering Committee December 13, 2013

National Geospatial Advisory CommitteeFinal Draft reviewed and considered at December 11 NGAC public meetingEndorsed by NGAC December 11, 2013


A Shared Vision for the NSDI3

The FGDC has worked with partners and stakeholders, including the members and organizations represented on the National Geospatial Advisory Committee, to collaboratively define a shared national vision that describes the value that the NSDI will bring to its stakeholders and partners.NSDI Vision Statement

The NSDI leverages investments in people, technology, data, and procedures to create and provide the geospatial knowledge required to understand, protect, and promote our national and global interests. NSDI Strategic Plan Includes:3 Strategic Goals9 Objectives29 Actions4


Develop Capabilities for National Shared Services 5

Objective 1.1. Develop geospatial interoperability reference architecture

Objective 1.2. Establish the Geospatial Platform as the Federal geospatial data, services, and applications Web-based service environment

Objective 1.3. Expand the use of cloud computing

Objective 1.4. Promote the use of geospatial multiagency acquisition vehicles for interagency and intergovernmental purchases STRATEGIC GOAL 2:

Ensure Accountability and Effective Development and Management of Federal Geospatial Resources 6Objective 2.1. Advance the portfolio management process for National Geospatial Data Assets (NGDA)

Objective 2.2. Identify potentially duplicative investments and opportunities for collaborative investments


Convene Leadership of the National Geospatial Community 7Objective 3.1. Lead and participate in the development and coordination of national and international standards applicable to the geospatial community Objective 3.2. Convene the leadership of the geospatial and nongeospatial communities to develop public/private partnerships and shared approaches for addressing critical national issues

Objective 3.3. Raise awareness of the NSDI and its impact on critical national and international issues

Implementation Roles & ResponsibilitiesExecutive Sponsors: Anne Castle (DOI, FGDC Chair), Scott Bernard (OMB, FGDC Vice-Chair), Dan Cotter (DHS), Ivan DeLoatch (FGDC Executive Director)FGDC Executive Committee: The FGDC Executive Committee (ExCom) will have the lead responsibility for overseeing and monitoring implementation of the NSDI strategic plan. ExCom members will serve as Objective Leads for each of the 9 Objectives in the strategic plan and will be responsible for:Establishing action team leaders and teams Monitoring implementation performance and milestonesProviding assistance and identifying appropriate resources as neededAction Teams: Action teams and team leaders will be designated to address the 29 Actions in the NSDI plan. In many cases, existing teams will be utilized, and in addition, teams may be responsible for multiple Actions. The team leaders will be responsible for developing project plans describing how the Actions will be achieved.

8Implementation Roles & ResponsibilitiesCore Team: The NSDI Core Team will provide support to ExCom Objective Leads and action team leads. The Core Team is currently developing an implementation framework, project plan templates, and implementation timeline, and a reporting/monitoring approach. PMO Support: The Geospatial Platform PMO will provide project management support to help implement the NSDI strategic plan.FGDC Coordination Group: Coordination Group members will communicate NSDI plan implementation responsibilities within their agencies, provide interagency coordination, and provide ongoing input into the implementation process.National Geospatial Advisory Committee: The NGAC will provide ongoing feedback on the implementation strategy and approach, and gather input as needed from organizations represented on the NGAC. The FGDC will work with the NGAC and other partner organizations to communicate and collaborate on the implementation of the strategic plan.

9Draft Implementation Leads10Goal 1 National Shared ServicesObjectiveFGDC ExCom LeadObj. 1.1 Reference ArchitectureDan Cotter (DHS)Obj. 1.2 Geo Platform Web-based ServicesJerry Johnston (DOI)Obj. 1.3 Cloud ComputingJoe Klimavicz (DOC)Obj. 1.4 Acquisition VehiclesAngela Smith (GSA)Goal 2 Accountability & ManagementObjectiveFGDC ExCom LeadObj. 2.1 Portfolio ManagementAdrian Gardner (FEMA)Obj. 2.2 Collaborative InvestmentsJerry Johnston (DOI)Goal 3 Convene LeadershipObjectiveFGDC ExCom LeadObj. 3.1 Standards DevelopmentMichelle Motsko (NGA), Ivan DeLoatch (FGDC)Obj. 3.2 Convene LeadersIvan DeLoatch (FGDC)Obj. 3.3 Raise AwarenessTBD ExCom to designateSample Action Plan Draft11

Draft Implementation Timeline12WhatPurposeWhoTimeframeNSDI Plan ApprovalNSDI plan approved by FGDC Steering Committee FGDC SCDec 2013Implementation Start-up Draft initial project outline & timeline, establish project team, define roles and responsibilitiesFGDC OSDec 2013 Jan 2014Core Team MeetingsProject management, planning, strategizingCore TeamWeekly/as-neededFGDC Coordination Group MeetingsInteragency coordination & communication; provide input to implementation processCoord. GroupMonthlyExCom MeetingsStrategic direction and oversightExComMonthly/as-neededDevelop Draft Implementation FrameworkFramework will include roles & responsibilities, proposed designations of exec. champions and action team leaders, and implementation timelineCore TeamJan/FebExCom MeetingReview draft Implementation Framework, designate Executive ChampionsExCom/Core TeamJan 28Designate Action Teams and Team LeadsExCom/Executive Champions to establish action teams and team leadsExCom/Core TeamJan 28 Feb 28Develop Draft Sample Action PlansDevelop draft sample action plans for selected Objectives/Actions, following format provided by Core TeamAction Team LeadsMarch 31NGAC MeetingStatus briefing, provide continuing input into implementation strategyNGACApril 1-2FGDC Steering Committee MeetingValidate Implementation Framework, provide input into strategic directionFGDC SCApril 3Complete Sample Action PlansComplete sample action plans (Objectives 1.2, 2.1, and 3.1)Action Team LeadsApril 30Develop remaining Draft Action PlansComplete remaining draft action plans (Objectives 1.1, 1.3, 1.4, 2.2, 3.2, 3.3)Action Team LeadsJune 15NGAC MeetingStatus briefing, provide continuing inputNGACJune 24-25FGDC Steering Committee MeetingStatus briefing, provide continuing inputFGDC SCJune 26NGAC MeetingStatus briefing, provide continuing inputNGACSept 23-24FGDC Steering Committee MeetingStatus briefing, provide continuing inputFGDC SCDate TBDFY 14 Status ReportsAction Teams submit FY 14 status reports (FY14 Q4)Action TeamsSept 30Draft 3-28-142014 NGAC GuidanceNSDI Strategic PlanIn 2013, the NGAC provided extensive input into the development of the 2014-2016 National Spatial Data Infrastructure Strategic Plan. The NGACs input was critical to shaping the scope and direction of the plan. The plan includes a set of goals and objectives for the Federal governments role in the continued and sustainable development of the NSDI. The FGDC will continue to engage with the NGAC during the implementation of the strategic plan, seeking ongoing feedback as follows: Provide continuing input on the implementation of the NSDI strategic plan. Provide feedback and comment on specific strategic goals and objectives as needed.13www.fgdc.gov/nsdi-plan



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