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  • 1. you should take before rebuilding your website

2. LynnWinter Director of Projects GORTON STUDIOS lynn@gortonstudios.com 3. 0 Assemble the project team1 Define your project scope2 Assess resource options3 Contact potential partners4 4. 0 Post your RFP5 Evaluate the talent6 Establish project protocol7 Secure a long-term relationship 8 5. 0 ASSEMBLE YOUR PROJECT TEAM 0 6. Keep to an effective size Understand the time commitment Prioritize big picture 7. Be willing to hurt feelings Work well in groups Fill key team roles 8. Cat herder The authority NO person Brand watchdog 9. Organization liaison Content king Technical lead Worker bees 10. 0 DEFINE YOUR PROJECT SCOPE 0 11. Clarify your needs Get stakeholders on the same page Proof of business case Ability to stop project as needed 12. Who is your organization? Why are you rebuilding your website? Who are your users? 13. What do your users need? What is your priority? What are your available resources? 14. 0 ASSESS RESOURCE OPTIONS 0 15. Employees Contractors 3rd Party Solutions 16. More affordable Learn site inside and out Already hired skip RFP process 17. Already have day jobs Missing expertise Difficult to get approval 18. Expert in the field Purchase block of time Outside perspective 19. Expensive Work remotely Missing institutional knowledge 20. Best-of-Breed Available now Can remove site bloat 21. Must compromise Can quickly change You are just a number 22. 0 CONTACT POTENTIAL PARTNERS 0 23. Cons, camps, and meet-ups Drupal.org Industry sites, blogs, webinars Talk to your friendsand enemies 24. Ensure good talent responds to RFP Survey of the landscape Reality check on scope and budget 25. New ideas to consider Sense of your projects crazy Consider sending a pre-interview 26. 0 POST YOUR RFP 0 27. Direct about scope/timeline/budget Specify what is flexible & what isnt Exchange commitments in writing Break large projects into pieces Allow for conversations 28. Provide limited information Specify every single detail Speak only to the sales team Ask for spec work Require a labored response 29. 0 EVALUATE THE TALENT 0 30. Using Drupal for 3+ years Team active in Drupal community Proven experience with features Breadth of web services 31. Similar sized organization Motivated by similar missions Communications is easy Willing to work AND drink together 32. Can agree upon a start date Rate/budget is not a stretch Process style works for your team 33. Sites looks and work well Wide range of work See similar features you need 34. Work with nonprofits Genre overlap with some clients Similar sized budgets and scopes References check out 35. Proposal fits your RFP perfectly Wont maintain their work Dont respond quickly Team growing rapidly 36. 0 ESTABLISH PROJECT BOUNDARIES 0 37. Scope limitations 3rd party integration and custom code Brand changes 38. Determine budget parameters Track the budget Plan for a contingency Discuss long-term costs 39. Prepare for a start date Determine launch date drivers Wait to create a full timeline Discuss why timeline might shift 40. 0 SECURE A LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP 0 41. Be their cheerleader Listen to each other Respect your commitments Be honest, direct, and transparent 42. Remember you are humans Formalize new projects Have fun! 43. 0 Figure out what you want1 Meet good people2 Be nice to each other3 Live happily ever after4 44. 0 slideshare.net/winterlynn