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This is the catalogue for the 2014 JCU Graduate Numinous Exhibition.


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Published on the occasion of

31 October - 9 November 2014Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Cnr. Denham and Flinders Streets, Townsville QLD 4810

Exhibition Dates:Exhibition Venue:

Numinous is the 2014 Bachelor of New Media Arts graduate exhibition featuring analogue and digital works. This exhibition explores art’s connection with the sublime and reflects upon the graduates’ experiences through ideologies of journey, place and self.

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31 October - 9 November 2014Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

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The graduating exhibition for James Cook University’s creative arts students is always a time of frantic preparation followed by the

exhilaration of the show. The works on display cover the range of contemporary arts and design. The glory of art is that it cheers us up.

We cannot help but be moved, inspired, stimulated and provoked by the work of graduating artists who have for three years probed and

plundered the concepts, practices and technologies of their art and design subjects. They have learnt the mysteries of colour, composition,

pattern, dynamics, spatial layout and temporal editing. They have savoured sound, captured images, struggled with materials, sought

meaning, and contrived to summon up startling structures out of thin air. They have had successes and failures; bright patches and seasons

of complaint. They have pushed themselves, relented, mooched, meandered, conceived, conceptualised, hit brick walls, delayed, rallied, and delivered. They have been animated, discouraged, re-motivated,

confused, puzzled, enlightened, stressed, and excited. They have surprised themselves at times with what they can do. Out of the pain and the joy, the frustration and breakthroughs of study, and the long hours in labs and studios, has come the work that is up on the wall for

everyone to admire, puzzle over, reflect on, and be enthralled by.

Welcome everyone to the Bachelor of New Media Arts Graduate Exhibition for 2014.I hope you enjoy it.

Peter Murphy

Professor of Arts and SocietyHead of Arts and Creative Media

College of Arts, Society and EducationJames Cook University

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JCU New Media Arts 2014 Graduate Exhibition

The 2014 Bachelor of New Media Arts graduates present Numinous, an exhibition that explores the subliminal connections between art and

notions of wonder, journey, and mystery. The exhibition aims to collate the technological, physical, and space-time explorations made by the graduates

through a diverse collection of visually stimulating and thought-provoking artworks. Visitors to the exhibition can expect photography, illustration, visual media and contemporary formats of art making, such as installations, videos,

sound, and performance art.

Numinous describes the creative response of the graduates to an increasingly globalised world; a world that is becoming overwhelmed with digital

communication, technology, accessibility, and the availability of information and travel. Numinous invites you to reflect upon the graduates’ response

to the subliminal experiences in their journeys, through their perceptions of wonder, fear, experimentation, and excitement. Set in one of Townsville’s

historical buildings, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Numinous is a great opportunity for visitors to explore the mystery of the past and present, through

creating a dialogue with the artworks.

The exhibition will be open from 31 October – 9 November 2014.

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Kieran ArcherBachelor of New Media Arts

Kieran Archer is a Media Design major, yet has a deep passion for illustration as well as photography. He has been drawing since he was a child. When he began studying at James Cook University, he selected Photomedia as his minor as a way to supplement his design motives, however after picking up a DSLR for the first time, he quickly realised that this is something he would enjoy immensely. The illustration and eye for detail side of his passion won over with his career and major choice as Kieran looks to enter the design industry and continue to learn and grow within the field.


Left: Kieran Archer, Biomecha, 2014, Mixed Media

Top Right: Kieran Archer, Liquid Light 1, 2013, Photograph

Bottom Right: Kieran Archer, Liquid Light 2, 2013, Photograph

Page 9: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Ellina ChamberlinBachelor of New Media Arts

Ellina Chamberlin is a graphic designer. She creates works on a corporate level for practical use, as well as further exploring the

artistic dimension. Ellina uses a combination of technological programs, taking ideas and developing them into creative

expressions. She produces works that bring identity and character to concepts. Sourcing inspiration from the art world around her, Ellina manipulates colour, shape and typography to complete her works. She creates works to pull together stories, emotions and information, aiming to benefit others through her design

capabilities; inspiring them to reach an imaginative level of thought process stimulated by her design.

Ellina Chamberlin, World Changers – Mother Theresa, 2014, Poster Design

Page 10: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Angela ChurchBachelor of New Media Arts

Angela Church is a graphic designer who has extended her arts practice into photography. Angela believes the future of her art lies with the creation of powerful design within company branding. Powerful branding needs to show innovation, interaction and connection with the audience. Not only is Angela confident within graphic design, she has also worked for many years within business administration and can apply this knowledge to her designs. To date Angela is working as a freelance artist creating branding for companies along with birthday and wedding invitations. Angela is driven and continually exploring how to create works for clients that meet their needs and expectations.

Angela Church, Changing Faces, 2014, Photo Manipulation


Page 11: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Selina DykeBachelor of New Media Arts

Selina Dyke is a graduating graphic designer from James Cook University who has a personal passion for creation and

communication through artistic mediums. This passion can be seen through her use of clean and simplistic designs that present a clear

visual message for the viewer. Her artistic passion began through her love of illustration, which easily translated into a love for design and

visual communication. She enjoys working in all areas of graphic design and has been volunteering at local printers/designers The

Digimen, where she is given a wide range of opportunities to utilise and broaden her design skills in real world design scenarios.

Left: Selina Dyke, Free to Think, 2014, Graphic Design

Right: Selina Dyke, Free to Create, 2014, Graphic Design

Page 12: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Nicola GoodmanBachelor of New Media Arts

Nicola Goodman is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for colour and design. Nicola creates aesthetic works with both physical and visual digital works, and prides herself in making unique and quirky designs. Nicola’s work strongly focuses on concept design and development in many different contexts and media. Nicola designs her work with a focus on communication and attention to detail that reflects her personal views and design taste.

Nicola Goodman, Procrastination, 2014, Poster Print


Page 13: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Jessica HerodesBachelor of New Media Arts

Jessica Herodes is a graphic designer and digital painter based in Townsville, QLD. She is best known for her portrait artworks blending realism with themes of fantasy, nature, dreams and magic. She has

always been intrigued by character designs and illustrations and often captures a person’s essence through their story or dreams.

Jessica’s design work has taken her to a few small companies around Townsville where she has produced high quality graphics, product packing and information design. She also works with other digital

mediums such as animation and film.

Jessica hopes to take her artwork around the world and bring new ideas and connections with other people and cultures. She aspires

to explore the histories and philosophies of the universe to create intriguing and powerful art pieces.

Left: Jessica Herodes, Being Geisha, 2014, Digital Painting

Right: Jessica Herodes, Being Part of the Tribe, 2014, Digital Painting

Page 14: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Caitlin NettelfieldBachelor of New Media Arts

Caitie Nettelfield is a media designer who has also explored photography and installation art. She generally works in a commercial environment, constructing pieces aimed at the consumer or business developer. Her passion for design and art started at a young age, allowing Caitie to achieve a diploma in Interior Design in 2011, and a Bachelor of New Media Arts in 2014. When not in her office, Caitie can be found exploring the world.

She has been lucky enough to witness the Mona Lisa in person and be inspired by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Caitie aspires to be a creative, memorable artist that will forever enjoy her work and strive for the best for the client! Her greatest achievement would be accomplishing all of the little hurdles to land her on her feet today, creating great work, resulting with a smile on the customer’s satisfaction.

Left: Caitlin Nettelfield, Addict, 2014, Packaging


Right: Caitlin Nettelfield, Vital Signs, 2014, Infographic

Page 15: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Oran PrideauxBachelor of New Media Arts

Oran is a media designer, photographer and video editor. Currently, a variety of his works are based around The Science of Happiness

and creating conservational awareness. Oran has assisted JCU and TropWater to create promotional videos toward gaining exposure and funding for their Black Bass Project. Oran has also teamed up

with Jules Tognini (voted Australia’s best hairdresser 2013 – 2014) to develop a series of images to endorse a range of hair products. Oran

is also featured in a Starbucks commercial that was filmed in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Happiness is really what makes life such an incredible journey. Too often happiness is overshadowed by all of

the negative factors that we are forced to tackle in our day-to-day lives. The intention for these works is to showcase how simply we are

capable of changing the role of happiness from making a guest appearance to playing a key role, in not only our lives but of those

around us as well.

Oran Prideaux, The Science Of Happiness, 2014, Video

Page 16: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Alexander RichardsonBachelor of New Media Arts

I would consider myself as an Earth-based Artist, and by mixing inspiration from different cultures and the past, present and unlimited possible futures of our planet it becomes almost impossible not to be inspired by something at every second of the day.

My work is purely an extension of imagery created in my mind, whether drawn, digitally created or taken with a camera I would say most of my work is a documentation of an image I once thought or dreamt of. Although in saying this, I would not say that I am restricted to one area or medium of art, I enjoy experimenting with new forms of art or combining multiple mediums to create a piece that captivates my audience.

Top Left: Alexander Richardson, Aktivtmellanrum, 2014, Album CoverBottom Left: Alexander Richardson, Memphis Belle, 2014, Album Cover

Bottom Right: Alexander Richardson, The Wait, 2014, Album Cover

Top Right: Alexander Richardson, Holiday in Cambodia, 2014, Album Cover

Page 17: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Andrea SchutzBachelor of New Media Arts

Having spent 2013 studying in Würzburg, Germany, Andrea was exposed to a different perspective in design and gained more

confidence in producing her own style in her work. She’s a Media Design major with an interest in sustainable design, which became

part of her research thesis for her Bachelor Project in Germany.

Andrea is interested in corporate design and branding and loves exploring techniques and trends in the industry. She has a fascination

with typography and a growing passion for textile design. Andrea’s digital art reflects her interest in highlighting the intricacies in nature,

both natural and urban. The kaleidoscopic arrangement she creates allows the viewer to become more engaged with what is actually in

their environment, details which can be easily overlooked. Andrea loves to travel and takes inspiration from the places she sees.

Andrea Schutz, East Coast Letters, 2014, Typography


Page 18: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Amanda SoperBachelor of New Media Arts

Although in her third/final year studying design, Amanda’s confidence lies in photography. Under the name Conway, she specialises in live music, creative portraits, 35mm film, and street photography.

Left: Amanda Soper, Faultlines, 2014, Photographs


Right: Amanda Soper, Paris, 2014, Photographs

Page 19: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Clayton TonkinBachelor of New Media Arts

Clayton Tonkin is a graphic designer and New Media artist who specialises in commercial design, animation, projection and digital

manipulation. Being a New Media artist, he has experience in a variety of digital software and applications, and has combined his

skillsets with several forms of Information Technology, including game design, 3D animation and modeling. Lately, Clayton has produced

innovative contemporary artworks influenced by video games, combining screen-based mediums with projection mapping. He

believes projections are an extremely immersive medium, and plans to combine interactive elements to accentuate this feeling.

Left: Clayton Tonkin, Sleeep, 2014, Video

Right: Clayton Tonkin, Life, 2014, Projection

Page 20: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Jake TownsendBachelor of New Media Arts

Jake Townsend is an aspiring graphic designer and visual communicator. He was born and raised in Mackay, Queensland before moving to Townsville to pursue his passion for the creative media industry. Jake is currently in his final year of university studying a degree in media design and photography. During his time studying, Jake has completed work for a number of clients throughout Queensland ranging from business branding to school signage across all forms of media including logo and business card design to promotional videos and web layout. After completing his degree, Jake plans to return to his hometown to begin a long career in the graphic design and creative media industry.

Left: Jake Townsend, Fourth Dimension, 2014, Promotional Merchandise


Right: Jake Townsend, Keep It Hood, 2014, Promotional Merchandise

Page 21: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Jonathon WoodsBachelor of New Media Arts

Jonathon Woods is a media designer currently studying a Bachelor of New Media Arts at James Cook University (JCU).He is known for his photo manipulation works, which is something he has become passionate about over the past year or so. He completed his high

school education at Ignatius Park College in 2011 and from then on has been studying at JCU. Jonathon is currently expanding his

horizons by investing time in sound, video production and other elements of design. He believes this will help him in the future

Jonathon usually produces personal works on things that he is interested in at the time of creation and this helps influence his

overall works.

Left: Jonathon Woods, Devouring Planet, 2014, Media Design

Right: Jonathon Woods, Mystic Planets, 2014, Media Design

Page 22: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Samantha Boughton-AllanBachelor of New Media Arts

Art is a splendid thing; it can bring people of all social class, intelligence and artistic ability together through differing forms, functions and meanings, and create life long bonds. Many artists strive to represent their imagination in their works, one of whom is literally blowing our minds and she goes by the name ‘Monsoon Betty’, but we think illustration major Samantha Boughton-Allan deserves something a tad more appropriate – Monsoon Extraordinaire, perhaps? The talented lass from Townsville has a way with watercolour and pens that has set our hearts all a-flutter, or maybe that’s the palpitations from breaking the law? Who really knows? The prevailing moods of her work remain consistent to her essence as an artist and what she believes to be true representations of her style of art.

Left: Samantha Boughton-Allan, Ooh Barnacles, 2014, Sculpture


Right: Samantha Boughton-Allan, Ooh Honey, 2014, Sculpture

Page 23: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Neil BinnieBachelor of New Media Arts

Neil is a visual artist composing works on paper that highlight his style of drawing practice. He is influenced by old masters of etching and

printmaking as well as contemporary mixed media drawings. The intricacy of arranging lines on paper is foremost in his work, along with

exploring themes of isolation, solitude and reclusiveness.

Right: Neil Binnie, Untitled 1436, 2014, Ink, Charcoal, Pastel on Paper

Left: Neil Binnie, Untitled 1437, 2014, Ink, Charcoal, Pastel on Paper

Page 24: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Jade BrowningBachelor of New Media Arts

Jade Browning is an aspiring scientific illustrator located in Townsville, QLD. With a Major in Illustration and Visual Media and Minors in Photomedia and Media Design, Jade demonstrates her versatility by photographing her own references for her illustrations and sculptures. She aspires to educate people with her artwork, hoping to one day be published in textbooks or other such media. To make this happen, Jade plans to undertake further study to receive her PhD in Creative Arts. Flemish Baroque painting techniques, Leonardo DaVinci’s illustrations, natural sciences, forensics and anthropology influence Jade’s works.

Left: Jade Browning, Wunderkammer – A Cabinet of Curiousities, 2014, 3D Illustration Cabinet


F: jbscientificillustration

B: http://www.jbscientificillustration.

E: [email protected]

Right: Jade Browning, Carved Bull Skull, 2014, Sculpture

Middle: Jade Browning, Oblivious of Greatness Passed (2014), 2014, Illustration

Page 25: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Shelby CaseyBachelor of New Media Arts

Shelby Casey is an illustrator and visual artist who is strongly inspired by the world around her and the environment in which she

lives. Shelby’s technique of using watercolors and ink depicts the historical value of watercolor and landscape art throughout cultural development and into today’s modern era of artistic expression. As

an artist Shelby wants her audience to have a meaningful connection with her art by inspiring them to re-discover the importance of

nature. Shelby’s art inspires you to escape from the fast paced technological materialistic world we live in and urges you to explore

your surroundings and encourages self-discovery within nature. Shelby’s work is often reflective of her personal development as an

artist and her concepts are often influenced by her journey as an emerging artist in today’s society.

Left: Shelby Casey, The Grand Staircase, 2014, Watercolour on Paper

Right: Shelby Casey, Laila’s Journey, 2014, Watercolour on Paper

Page 26: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Tayla ComelliBachelor of New Media Arts

Tayla Comelli is an illustrator and visual media artist who also has a strong passion for photography, both in studio/events, and film editing. Tayla believes that art in today’s world – contemporary art – is largely based on various cultural or economical concerns, whereas, although thoughtful and innovative, that does not appeal to her on a higher level. Tayla has been and currently is creating art simply because it is beautiful; symbolising the world around her in a different light, and in a creative and meaningful way. In a world that is all about high speed and efficiency, Tayla uses her passion for art to remind people that to live life fully, you must stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. With a sturdy influence of nature and impressionism, whilst using a vast colour palette, Tayla’s works are often intriguing and rather subliminal as they hold a compelling sense of false reality.

Tayla Comelli, Colours Of The Wind, 2014, Acrylic on Canvas


Page 27: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Taylor JensenBachelor of New Media Arts

Taylor is a visual artist whose work consists of large-scale illustrative works that allow an array of interpretation to viewers. Working

primarily in fountain pen and watercolour, Taylor’s work displays large bodies of line and mark making patterns alongside quirky

and eclectic compositions. Taylor believes art should be a creative outlet and a source of self-expression, available to all. Taylor sources inspiration and artistic influence on a broad scale, allowing her work

to vary intensely in message or theme. Although each work is subject to alternative interpretation or analysis, Taylor believes all her work and the work of other creative types should serve to inspire others and share a personal piece of one’s imaginings or creative mind.

Left: Taylor Jensen, The Still Life Has Eye Balls Part 1, 2014, Illustration

Right: Taylor Jensen, The Still Life Has Eye Balls Part 2, 2014, Illustration

Page 28: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Eileen LarsenBachelor of New Media Arts

Born in Townsville, digital painter Eileen Larsen has been raised within a strong, supportive family who have inspired and encouraged her to live a life of exploration. It is the artist’s greatest desire to share her findings and influence others by any means possible. By balancing curiosity and research with imagination and expression of the self, Eileen produces works of visual communication.

As a follower of Jesus, Eileen believes that scripture provides a foundational focus on restoration of relationship, beauty in breakthrough, self-sacrifice and an all-consuming love. Eileen uses digital painting techniques to celebrate these foundational values.

Eileen Larsen, Blue Eyes, 2014, Digital Painting


Page 29: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Katherine OliveBachelor of New Media Arts

Katherine Anne is a conceptual artist, creative thinker, self-educated designer, and creative arts student at James Cook University,

Townsville. She is currently completing her degree in New Media Arts and aims to continue and finish her first novel in the coming years.

Katherine has gained experience in various fields. These include the regional art gallery, television and radio station, local production

teams, and various creative projects. Her creative ideas have been made into films, stories, songs, artworks, and designs. Katherine is also

interested in philosophy, history, photography, and fashion.

Bottom Left: Katherine Olive, The Lonely Mountain, 2014, Illustration Bottom Right: Katherine Olive, The Valley of Dale, 2014, Illustration

Top Right: Katherine Olive, The Ruins of Dale 2, 2014, IllustrationTop Left: Katherine Olive, The Ruins of Dale 1, 2014, Illustration

Page 30: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Katya VenterPostgraduate Diploma in Creative Arts

Katya Venter is an artist and an educator. She completed her Bachelor of Audio Visual Multimedia at the University of South Africa, and currently studies a Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts at JCU, Australia. Katya uses a variety of media in her art-making including photography, drawing, and focusing on the points of intersection between sculpture, and video installations. In South Africa she participated in local art competitions, and worked as an assistant to visual artists, during which time she refined her own visual and conceptual vocabulary. Her research interests are in the fields of multimedia, phenomena of human migration, and exploring complex relationships between art, life, and death. Her extensive travelling experience, and living in different countries for lengthy periods of time has contributed to her choice of research topics, and knowledge of international contemporary art.

Top Left: Katya Venter, Untitled I, 2014, Photocollage

Bottom Left: Katya Venter, Untitled II, 2014, Photocollage

Top Right: Katya Venter, Untitled III, 2014, Photocollage

Bottom Right: Katya Venter, From Water to Water, 2014, Video


Page 31: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Kane WardBachelor of New Media Arts

Kane Ward is an ambitious illustrator and graphic designer currently studying at James Cook University. Kane has a unique drawing style in which his art work bridges the gap between realism and cartoon, acting as a point in between. His work ranges from drawing realistic people to cartoon characters and works with aspects of both fields.

As he was born into an artistic family, Kane has always had a gift for drawing, and as such has produced a multitude of drawings that range across different concepts and focus points, and are

completed for both his own and society’s enjoyment. Kane’s claim to fame is to create a series of graphic novels that explore a multitude of adventures that range across a collection of fictional characters.

In 2005, at the age of eleven, Kane had won second place in a children’s drawing competition held in a previous Perc Tucker

Regional Gallery exhibition.

Left: Kane Ward, Break From Reality, 2014, IllustrationTop Right: Katya Venter, Untitled III, 2014, Photocollage

Bottom Right: Katya Venter, From Water to Water, 2014, Video Right: Kane Ward, Light and Dark Conflict, 2014, Illustration


Page 32: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Casey Godman-SmithBachelor of New Media Arts

Casey is a multi-talented artist with a focus on music but produces works across a variety of visual mediums including pencil illustrations, oil painting, wire sculpture, solid metal sculpture and inks. Primarily a guitarist, he dabbles in keys and holds a notable capability with digital and analogue music technology, having worked and undergone education in the sector for most of a decade. A veritable jack-of-all-trades, Casey finds himself competent at most everything he attempts (provided he attempts it). Fond of hash browns to a fault.

Casey Godman-Smith, Heavyhead, 2014, Mildsteel


E: [email protected] or [email protected]

Page 33: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Mark ElyBachelor of New Media Arts

Mark is an individual that doesn’t gravitate towards a singlecreative area of expertise and, instead, explores multiple modes of

creative outputs. Audio Engineering, Sound Design, CameraOperations, Video Editing and Digital Artworks are some of the

experiences that he has encountered in his creative works. Markhas recently finished recording a debut EP for Townsville based

metal band Chapters of Entropy. He is also lending his skills asa Camera Operator to the Video Production Unit eMerge Learning

Productions to record, edit and produce online lecture content.Mark’s work in both of these fields assists him in rounding out his

audio-visual skillset. As part of his versatile nature, Mark isexploring a fusion of traditional and digital illustration for the

purposes of this Graduate Exhibition.

Mark Ely, Astronaut In Orbit, 2014, Visual Print

Page 34: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Benjamin GreenBachelor of New Media Arts

Benjamin Green has been writing and recording music for the last seven years. He has set up his own studio and business, Greenhouse, in which he offers freelance recording and audio jobs along with photography and video work. Ben is about to complete his Bachelor of New Media Arts degree at James Cook University majoring in Sound and Music. Though he has a commercial objective in mind, Ben also seeks out opportunity to engage in work that follows a more artistic and interpretive nature.

Benjamin Green, Back In Time, 2014, Audiovisual Film


Page 35: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Lutalo KiyingiBachelor of New Media Arts

Lutalo Kiyingi is a local musician who spends most of his weekends playing in pubs and other music venues around the city. Since

taking piano lessons through school, Lutalo has wanted to make a living out of playing music or at least having something to do with it. He currently plays keys with the Lost Boys, the Al Boulton

band, Freaky Bizness, Godfathers of Funk and for the last couple of months has been drumming with The Keys. Most of these bands write collaboratively, although Lutalo has never given himself the

opportunity to be a central part of the songwriting process. Lutalo is currently improving and expanding his composition techniques, as he

often contributes to his bands’ songs with the task of enriching both harmony and dynamics. His approach to writing music is unorthodox

and has so far led to him saving original ideas for solo works.

Lutalo Kiyingi, Seven Up, 2014, Audio Composition

[Work not pictured]

Page 36: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Justin ReidBachelor of New Media Arts

Justin Reid is a music producer and sound artist who has extended his arts practice with experiments in graphic art, animation and packaging design. Justin believes the future of art lies in innovation, interaction and connection, and is emphatically interested in the nature of people and how they use the space around them in creative and meaningful ways. Equally influenced by the self-exploratory work of Kanye West as he is by the emotional contexts of contemporary television shows, Justin’s work is often reflective and largely revealing, as he tackles intense personal ideals of identity and broader social subjects like the sustainability of natural ecosystems.

Left: Justin Reid, Pollinate, 2014, Mixed media


Top Right: Justin Reid, Time Is A Flat Circle, 2014, Animation

Bottom Right: Justin Reid, When The Last Light Warms The Rocks, 2014, Animation

Page 37: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Laurel SampsonBachelor of New Media Arts

Laurel Sampson is a singer/songwriter, music producer and composer.Laurel composes music, sound and songs that enhance the senses

and touch inner feelings, thoughts and emotions. Laurel’s works tell a story that connects with everyone; it’s a journey through music

and sound.

Laurel believes that music has no boundaries; it expresses so much and is such a powerful medium that sometimes spoken words can’t

emulate. Mary Chapin Carpenter and her way of capturing a moment, an experience and an emotion heavily influence Laurel’s

songwriting style. Laurel’s work culminates years of experience, and memories that reveal a personal and intimate exposure of feelings

and thoughts. Laurel’s emotions, experiences and expressions are captured through sound, music and the creative wordsmith

contained in her lyrics.

Laurel Sampson, Embrace Our Environment, 2014, Audio Composition

Laurel Sampson, Voices, 2014, Audio Composition

[Work not pictured]

Page 38: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Gabrielle AceBachelor of New Media Arts

Gabrielle Ace is an up and coming theatre and film practitioner. She specialises in theatre acting however is currently looking to expand her arts practice to include directing, photography and video editing. Since a young age Gabrielle has been fascinated with telling stories, and it was this fascination that sparked her passion for theatre and film. Gabrielle also likes to experiment with portrait photography, as she believes this is another platform of storytelling. No matter what she creates, Gabrielle wants her work to tell a story. Gabrielle recently appeared as an extra in the short film Departure Lounge. She is excited for the film to be released and to work on more films in the future.

Besides her arts practice, Gabrielle is a leader at her church’s youth group. She believes she has been called to make a positive change in the lives of teenage girls who struggle with negative body image.

Gabrielle Ace, A Moment, 2014, Script


Page 39: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Meghan BowdenBachelor of New Media Arts

Meghan Bowden is what many people would call a true thespian. From a young age, Meghan found joy and light in theatre and thrived

to one day be on stage, pleasing, entertaining and having an effect on society. Meghan started her career as a stagehand, learning

the ropes of the theatre from behind the scenes. After gaining this knowledge of the theatre as a whole, Meghan then began her

journey as a student actor at James Cook University, majoring in performance and was also a 1st Year member of Theatre iNQ’s

student acting program, The Bridge Project. The complete and utter devotion Meghan has for theatre derives from her want to leave an impact, to change a view or to evoke emotions. Whether the

performance be that of Shakespeare, a contemporary piece or even that of a controversial piece, Meghan strives to enlighten the society

with one of the world’s biggest and most beneficial forms of art.

Meg Bowden, Fright Night, 2014, Video Animation Projection

Page 40: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Tyson GrantBachelor of New Media Arts

Tyson Grant studies Performance (Contemporary Theatre) and Music and Sound Media at James Cook University. In life, Tyson does extra curricular studies, and these include many different forms of movement such as Thai Chi, Yoga, Dance and many Sporting Movements. Tyson also studies things to do with body and mind; these include such things as body language and bioenergetics. Tyson’s main field of art is performance, however he does like to experiment and try to express himself through other forms of art such as photography and videography. His art is dependent on his influences at the time; these influences can vary widely, anything from a spoken work to an abstract picture and even an instrumental song can influence and inspire him to create art.

Tyson Grant, Only This Way, 2014, Photograph


Page 41: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Michelle RigbyBachelor of New Media Arts

Michelle Rigby began her performance arts practice while attending James Cook University’s School of Creative Arts. Her experimentation

in merging theatrical performance and sound art has led to the creation of works that she classifies as a visual art form. Michelle

has explored the human body as both a subject and medium in a quest to raise awareness of contemporary themes in a symbolic and

spiritual light.

Michelle has extended her experience in human movement since the age of five, with training in ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap dance

styles spanning over 17 years. She has combined her knowledge of movement with university training in theatre performance, sound composition, costume design, directing and stage management to craft meaningful works that extend to a diverse audience at a

powerful emotional level.

Michelle Rigby, Shortstory, 2014, Short Film

Michelle Rigby, Rhythm of Life, 2014, Sound Art

Page 42: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Alessandra RomanoBachelor of New Media Arts

Having performed on stage since the age of four, Alessandra has become well accustomed to the experience of live audiences. Though she has invested her time heavily in gaining experience, where dancing and live theatre is concerned, Alessandra is prone to strive for variety in her artistic works, straying from what’s most comfortable. It may be her final year studying contemporary theatre, but Alessandra is an interdisciplinary artist at heart.

Top and Bottom Left: Alessandra Romano, We Fall, We Rise, 2014, Photograph Book

Right: Alessandra Romano, Comely, 2014, Film and Audio Composition


Page 43: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Emily AtkinsBachelor of New Media Arts

Emily Atkins is a photographer with a journalistic approach. Throughout the first half of her degree, Emily experimented with

fashion photography, studio photography and graphic design, but then became passionate about photojournalism. During the second

half of her degree, Emily established an interest in photographing out of the ordinary, “unknown” people and places within Townsville, as

well as street photography. Emily has incorporated this interest into her later works, photographing the unknown art of “drag” in Townsville.

Emily Atkins, Happiness, 2014, Photograph

Page 44: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Sarah ElsleyBachelor of New Media Arts

With an early interest in photography, Sarah Elsley has gone on to study a Bachelor of New Media Arts at James Cook University. Graduating at the close of 2014 in Photomedia, she has also touched on what it takes to become an entrepreneur, architect, journalist, media designer and moving image producer. To date, she has gained experience in a range of photographic styles through internship and work experience, as well as paid opportunities. These include festivals and events, portraiture, weddings and gathering content for magazines. Previously known for her skills in events and portraiture, she has had a recent shift to fashion and beauty photography. This has come from a desire to work in a magazine or editorial environment in the near future. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and lure fishing, taking pictures for conceptual, as well as every day leisure and exploring whatever means available for inspiration.

Sarah Elsley, Model Expectations, 2014, Photograph Series


Page 45: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Lesley GoodwillBachelor of New Media Arts

Lesley is a photographer whose main focus and passion is landscape photography, but she also has an interest in natural style portrait

photography. Lesley started university mid-year in 2011 as a mature age student to fulfull a lifelong dream of being a professional

photographer. Lesley’s father bought Lesley her first digital SLR camera in 2010. Her most important accomplishment to date was

being included as a photographer and only university student in her first exhibition in a gallery in 2013, which included works by other long

practicing artists.

Lesley is also a single mother of two primary school aged children, whom she cites as her major sources of inspiration.

Left: Lesley Goodwill, You’ll Never Walk Alone, 2013, Photograph

Right: Lesley Goodwill, Castle Hill Sunset, 2014, Photograph

Page 46: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Therese HallBachelor of New Media Arts

Therese Hall is an emerging photographer and aspiring graphic designer. She looks to do collaborative and/or personal projects to expand on her skills. Throughout her time studying at James Cook University, Therese has had the opportunity to work with and learn from independent photographers and graphic designers. In the past year she has found clients for both her design and photography, designing several business logos, websites and other marketing materials. Therese fills her spare time with her two dogs, camping or practicing the sport of archery.

Therese Hall, Evoke, 2014, Photography


Page 47: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Mikaela Kelly-IrvinBachelor of New Media Arts

Mikaela Kelly-Irvin is studying a Bachelor of New Media Arts, majoring in Photomedia and minoring in Illustration and Visual Media. Mikaela specialises in fitness portraiture and sport genres for her photography

and pen and ink for her illustration. Mikaela has focused heavily on her minor in Illustration and Visual media in her final semester, producing a variety of works showcasing her attention to detail and artistic talent. She has a strong passion for the creative arts,

channelled through her works. Mikaela wishes to continue to produce illustrations and photography in a career within the arts.

Left: Mikaela Kelly-Irvin, Barn Owl, 2014, Pen and Ink

Right: Mikaela Kelly-Irvin, California Condor, 2014, Pen and Ink

Page 48: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Sasha LargeBachelor of New Media Arts

Sasha Large is a photographer and designer who focuses her work on fashion photography and editorial design. Her recent work has been focused on shape and how it can be created using different techniques and processes within photography.

Left: Sasha Large, Untitled 2, 2014, Photograph


Right: Sasha Large, Untitled 4, 2014, Photograph

Page 49: Numinous Catalogue 2014


James LazzaroniBachelor of New Media Arts

James Lazzaroni is a Townsville based photographer currently completing a degree of New Media Arts at James Cook University.

James specialises in commercial, automotive and portrait photography with a style consisting of slightly surreal imagery and a

strong focus on post processing.

James has had the pleasure to work with some of Townsville’s more established businesses and also had his work featured throughout multiple magazines and websites. In his spare time, James creates

online tutorials for both photo and video editing and strives to educate and inspire as many people as possible.

Left: James Lazzaroni, The Unknown, 2013, Photograph

Right: James Lazzaroni, MvS, 2013, Photograph

Page 50: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Kelly MillardBachelor of New Media Arts

Kelly Millard is a fine-art photographer and corporate graphic designer who also holds a strong, personal passion for visual media and illustration. Kelly’s inspirations largely stem from the natural living world around her and the interconnections and interactions that human beings and the natural world share. Whether it is an expression through any medium in her abilities, Kelly’s works are often created with underlying messages of nature and/or the beauty of the raw, human body. Not only does Kelly enjoy experimenting with different mediums, but finds interest in many different social and environmental issues affecting today’s world within her works.

Kelly Millard, Branched Hands, 2014, Watercolour and Ink Pen


Page 51: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Polly NashBachelor of New Media Arts

Polly Nash is a photographer who works with fresh and intriguing ideas, based around the endeavors of her ever-changing lifestyle. Born in 1993, Polly has grown up in a diversely artistic and cultural domain, with a family of artists and now herself, working in a photographic

medium. Previously situated in East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, she is now studying in Townsville to further her passion for

the arts. James Cook University has given her the ability to explore her passion whilst expanding her horizons on the concepts and

connections of illustration, painting and photography combined. After receiving her bachelor in New Media Arts, she will be moving on to

explore the possibilities of building her portfolio and working in the arts.

Left: Polly Nash, Immersion, 2014, Photomedia

Right: Polly Nash, Release, 2014, Photomedia

Page 52: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Mia PeronisBachelor of New Media Arts

Mia Peronis is a photographer, originally from the Central Coast inNSW, and she is currently completing a degree in New Media Arts atJCU in Townsville. Having recently participated in her first exhibition for International Women’s Week, Mia is excited about the prospect of exhibiting new work, in particular her Garden Community Project. Following the birth of her first child, Mia’s work has become more introspective, and she prefers to focus her energy on ventures that engage with other artists and people with similar interests.

Right: Mia Peronis, Sweet Dreams, 2014, Photograph


Right: Mia Peronis, Pet Project, 2014, Photograph Series

Page 53: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Clare PowellBachelor of New Media Arts

Clare Powell is a photographer who appreciates the beauty and meaning in witnessing unscripted moments in the world around her. The authentic occurrences and people that she encounters are her

inspiration. Whilst studying Communication Design in Germany, Clare was forced to rely heavily on observing the visual cues of those she

encountered to overcome the language barrier. This experience has allowed her to view human interactions from a new perspective.

Clare captures pictures of real people and observed occurrences as a method of illustrating deeper concepts. People and theever-

evolving relationships they have with themselves, strangers and loved ones form the basis of her works.

Clare Powell, Six Degrees of Separation, 2014, Digital Photography and Illustration

Page 54: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Douglas PrescottBachelor of New Media Arts

Douglas Prescott is a photographer, practicing story telling through image making. A foundation in stop-animated short films and recreational photography have merged and formed a basis for Douglas to further his ideas, emulating the still frame and candid portraiture. He works to induce a second look and believes the most captivating and memorable works experienced personally have context and complexities worth deciphering.

The process of analysing and comprehension is important to Douglas and the function of the artist as an entertainer is paramount in his practice. He remains adamant that subject matter is secondary to purpose and endeavors to further explore these themes and the participants’ varied responses.

Douglas Prescott, The Fifth, 2014, Photograph


Page 55: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Dianne PurnellBachelor of New Media Arts

Dianne Purnell is a graphic designer, photographer and collaborator on spatial installations and sculptures. Her photography work

explores feminism, migration and history, and is underpinned by her personal experiences of growing up as a first-generation Australian-

Filipina. Her photography work explores the cultural ties between her Australian and Philippine subjects as well as the historical context of their migration. Alongside her documentary photography and

graphic design work, Dianne is one half of a collaboration that creates site specific installations and sculptures which utilise video

mapping technology with audio outputs to create participatory sonic experiences in unassuming places. After graduating, Dianne

would like to work professionally in the graphic design industry whilst continuing her art practice and research into both site-specific

installations and multi-cultural migration.

Dianne Purnell, Entry Plank, 2014, Interactive Sculpture

Page 56: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Alix SweeneyBachelor of New Media Arts

Alex is currently studying New Media Arts at James Cook University Townsville and has already had positions with the Townsville Fire, Heat and Flames, as well as being JCU’s official photographer at the Australian University Games in 2014. Alix loves the element of surprise when photographing sport, as she never knows what shots she will walk away with. There is a lot of action and emotion that occurs during a game and capturing this is what Alix does best.

Left: Alix Sweeney, Coach’s View, 2014, Photograph


Right: Alix Sweeney, The Strike, 2014, Photograph

Page 57: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Sarah TrezonaBachelor of New Media Arts

Sarah preserves memories, moments and stages in life by photographing the lives of people. She also creates works from the ideas, values and people around her. Sarah is a student in her final

year of photography at James Cook University and has spent the last two years working alongside local wedding photographer Kurt

Stockham who runs Tellaphotography. This has led to doing solo weddings of her own. Along with weddings, there is a substantial

collection of engagement and maternity photographs. Sarah loves working with people, sharing in their stories, their joy and having a few

laughs. Her works can be found on computer screens, Facebook pages and on walls in peoples’ homes.

Left: Sarah Trezona, A Hippies Paradise, 2014, Photograph

Right: Sarah Trezona, Shaken Not Stirred, 2014, Photograph

Page 58: Numinous Catalogue 2014

Robyn VolkerBachelor of New Media Arts

Robyn is currently studying her third year in a Bachelor of New Media Arts. Her major is photography and minor is illustration. Robyn has always been interested within the arts and was going to attend further study after graduating from high school, however employment and then family life became a priority at that time of her life.

Robyn is now pursuing her dream of working within the art industry and is passionate about photography and fine art. Her work is based around personal experiences that are socially connected. Robyn was a finalist in the DUO Magazine Percival Portrait Prize 2014 with her work titled Contemplation.

Left: Robyn Volker, False, 2014, Mixed Media


Right: Robyn Volker, Disconnected, 2014, Mixed Media

Top and Bottom Right: Robyn Volker, Past and Future, 2014, Digital Print

Page 59: Numinous Catalogue 2014


Niki WiperiBachelor of New Media Arts

Defining herself as a mixed media artist, Niki Wiperi comes from a background in illustration and visual media. Sculpture, screen prints, etchings, aerosol, acrylic and watercolor painting; her background shows a willingness to explore mediums to develop her work, which is also seen in her most recent work, as she delves into the unknown

digital realm. As an artist, Niki is always looking to develop her artistic style and believes that different mediums and materials are

important when communicating a message, and she enjoys crossing the boundaries between disciplines and in her most recent work, has

developed a blend of analogue media (illustration) and digital media (photography). Throughout her work, there is evidence that Niki is

strongly influenced by social, economic, environmental and political issues, which she comments on through symbolism and materials as

she conveys various messages throughout her work.

Niki Wiperi, Impact Series, 2014, Video

Page 60: Numinous Catalogue 2014

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