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Online resources for georeferencing. Other g eoreferencing resources. LatLong Crosshairs for Google Maps. Google Maps. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Online resources for georeferencingGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.211 about unknown datum for UTM?Online exercises: renewed fileExtent for MTM exercise (datum unknown)?1Other georeferencing resources2 Crosshairs for Google Maps3 Maps mapping service application by GoogleSearch & directionsFree text search, depends on zoom levelDirections for travelling by car, bike, public transport and footData compiled from different sourcesMapsDatum: WGS84Views: map, satellite (= aerial photography), terrain, Google Street View + various layers of informationData compiled from different sources (indicated at the bottom of each map)44Google Maps SearchGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.215

Search with suggestionsReport a problemPrevious searchesGoogle Maps ViewsGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.216

MapsSatelliteTerrain (under Map)Earth (plugin required)

Google Maps Street ViewGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.217

Street ViewGoogle Maps Street ViewGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.218

I collected hereGoogle Maps ShapesGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.219

Google Maps Get coordinatesRequires widgets or additional plugins:Activate LatLng Marker in Google Maps LabsUse this page (French/English): the Canadensys LatLong Crosshairs bookmarklet (does not work in Internet Explorer): Distance Measurement Tool to measure extentUse My places to save markers, create maps and share with others (including kml import)Georeferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.2110Google Maps Get coordinatesGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.2111

LatLng MarkerRight-click andDrop LatLng Marker(activate in Labs first)Google Maps LabsMy placesGoogle Maps Get coordinates

12Canadensys bookmarkletClick to toggleCrosshairsPan map to change positionClick to get coordinatesGoogle Maps Measure extentGeoreferencing workshop - Online resources - 2011.05.2113

Distance Measurement Tool(activate in Labs first)

Google Earth globe desktop applicationSame data as Google MapsDatum: WGS84No map or terrain viewSimilar functionalities as Google MapsSearch more limited than Google Maps (no suggestions)Right-click and choose Get Info for coordinatesUse ruler to measure extentSeveral coordinate formatsNumerous information layers (format: kml)


ACME Mapper Maps interfaceDatum: WGS84 (& NAD27)Map, satellite, hybrid and terrainTopo, DOQ, NEXRAD and MapnikFree text search not dependent on zoom levelMarkers cannot be moved, but new markers can be placed at crosshairs (click Mark)Several coordinate formats for each marker + heading and distance from crosshairsSaves all markers automatically1515

GEOnet Names Server (GNS) data from NGA andUS BGNNIMA = National Imagery andMapping AgencyDatum: WGS84Degrees minutes seconds,precision to nearest minuteFeature typeUsed as a source for many gazetteersFor US data, use Geographic Names Information System (GNIS):

16GNS: GeoNet Names ServerNGA: National Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyUS BGN: US Board on Geographic Names16

Falling Rainhttp://www.fallingrain.comWorldwide gazetteer for citiesand townsGreat for hard to find localities,especially outside USDatum: WGS84Degrees minutes (seconds), based on NIMABrowse to find locality (no search)Provides hierarchy, alternative names, topo maps, altitude, weather information and location of nearby towns in nautical miles (nm). Use Georef. Calc. to translate nm into kilometers.Example: Qaryeh-ye Gol`alam, Velayat-e Lowgar, AF17

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) gazetteer byThe GettyUseful for finding alternativeand old namesFeature typesGeographical hierarchyDegrees minutes or no coordinates! Use recent name and search in Google MapsExample: New Amsterdam, US18FuzzyG JRC Fuzzy Gazetteer gazetteer designed for bad spelling.Useful for finding alternative, doubtful spelling and old namesFeature types, by continentDegrees minutes or no coordinatesUse recent name and then search in Google MapsExample: Narobi instead of Nairobi, Africa19

UTM & MTMUTM = Universal Tranverse MercatorDivides earth in 60 UTM zones = 6 degrees per zoneDatum: WGS84 and othersNotation: Zone Easting Northing = 17N 630084 4833438Zone includes hemisphere (17N) or latitude band (17T): MGRSDefault extent: 30m (if recorded with GPS receiver) Calculator: = Modified Tranverse MercatorUsed in Canada: zones are 3 degrees, different codes, false easting and scale, etc.UTM/MTM Calculator:


Public Land Survey System (PLSS)Mainly used in the West, Midwest and some Southern states in the USUses Township-Range-Section (TRS):T13N-R14E-S15, Arizona, Coconino CountyGraphical Locator: TRS in decimal degreesDatum: NAD27Determine state and meridian: extents:

21Other toolsWikimedia Commons Atlas of the World An organized and commented collection of geographical, political, and historical mapsStatoids: about administrative divisions (provinces, counties) and their history, area, population, codes, etc.No coordinates!Similar: CIA World Factbook Visualizer: to translate a file with coordinates into kml or a pictureSimilar: for publicationsSee for more22

Other tools: CartoDBhttp://cartodb.comOnline geospatial database by VizzualityUseful for visualizing your dataDrag and drop CSV uploadEasy customization of your mapShare and embed your mapPowerful development toolsFree account = 5 tables / 5MB of data23LinksGoogle Maps: crosshairs: to find localities:www.fallingrain.comOld & alt.