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Feasibility Study Management 335


<ul><li> 1. Only Oregon<br />Aaron Getty<br />Aaron Wasserteil<br />Alex Elliot<br />Oleg Voyteshonock<br />Hsiao HsienTsao<br />Alice Chen<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Roadmap<br />Introduction (hook) - Getty<br />Founding Team - Alice<br />Industry Analysis Alex <br />Business Concept &amp; Product Description Getty &amp; Oleg<br />Target Market Aaron <br />Competitors - Alice<br />Sales Strategy Aaron <br />Financials Debbie <br />Decisions and Conclusions - Getty<br /> 3. HOOK<br /> 4. Founding Team <br />Aaron Getty<br /> Oleg Voyteshonock<br />B 2 B contact <br />Customer Service<br />Creating itineraries<br />Ensuring customer satisfaction <br />IT &amp; Financials <br />Skilled in accounting and website design <br />Assist Aaron in itineraries <br /> 5. Industry Analysis<br />Trends:<br /> 6. Business Concept <br />What we do:<br />Planning Oregon vacations through a web based service<br />Why we are different: <br />Saves time<br />Shows unique local perspective <br /> 7. Product Description<br />Website Interface <br />Caters to:<br />family outings<br />Weddings<br />Corporate<br />group facilitation<br /> 8. Sample Itinerary <br /> 9. Target Market <br />Baby boomers<br />Busy<br />Has disposable income<br />Enjoy travelling <br /> 10. Baby Boomers <br /> 11. Competitors <br /> 12. Direct Competition <br /> 13. Sales Strategy <br />Price<br />Place<br />Product <br />Promotions <br />Free give-away trips<br />Guerilla/ambush marketing at high-traffic events<br />Promotions through Lane/Washington Counties<br /> 14. 15. Sales Strategy<br />Distribution <br />How selling will happen <br />Who will sell <br />Communication with customers<br />Cost of strategy<br /> 16. Financials <br />Sales Assumption<br />Seasonal Trend<br />Start up Cash<br />Net Income<br />Break even<br /> 17. 10%<br />Accommodation<br />Dinning<br />8%<br />Transportation<br />Activities<br />4%<br />10%<br /> 18. Start Up<br /></p> <ul><li>Start up fund: $60,000 initially in year 1 </li></ul> <p> 19. Each founder will invest $30,000 20. Positive cash flow for 3 years but low for first year </p>