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October 2014 Badges 101 Badge Alliance Overview


  • 1. Badge AllianceOctober 2014

2. Todays Agenda Introductions Open Badges 101 Badge Alliance Overview Questions & Answers 3. Badges 101 4. badges = representations of a skill or achievement 5. scouting may be the first example that comes to mind,but... 6. more and more, we see badges representingachievements on the web 7. some are just for fun or social status 8. but increasingly the skills are real, based onreal tasks and work 9. reflecting real skills -- which employers and schoolsare looking for 10. and willing to pay for, hire for, give creditfor real results 11. What if we used badges for learning? 12. Open learning: Peer to Peer University & Code School 13. K-12: Corona Norco School District 14. Higher Ed: Purdue University 15. After-school programs: iRemix 16. Museums & Science Centers:American Museum of Natural History 17. Government Agencies: NASA 18. Community Organizations: 4-H 19. Workforce: RWA Consulting 20. Why badges? 21. Capture completelearning path. 22. Signal that learning to keystakeholders like potentialemployers. 23. Build and communicatereputation and identity. 24. Build maps of learningpathways and opportunitiesfor more learning. 25. Foster an ecosystem wherelearning is connected acrosscontexts, across lifetimes. 26. badges can offer us a way to get there(badges + the learning and assessmentsbehind the badge) 27. How badges? 28. Even better: shared badge ecosystem 29. Examples 30. After-School Programs: PASA 31. After-School Programs: Planet Stewards 32. After-School Programs: Cities of Learning 33. Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CADallas, TXPittsburgh, PA 34. K-12: Corona-Norco Unified School District 35. Higher-Ed: University of California, Davis 36. Higher-Ed: Purdue University 37. Workforce: Manufacturing Institute 38. The Badge Alliance 39. The Badge AllianceA network of organizations and individualsbuilding and enhancing an open badgesecosystem with shared values includingopenness, learner agency and innovation. 40. The Badge AllianceThe Badge Alliance leverages theConstellation Model for Social Change toseat work within working groups. 41. The Constellation ModelA way to bring together multiple groups orsectors to work towards a joint outcomeand to serve social change. Joint fundraising Joint and coordinated projects Shared voice Campaigns Coordination of policy positions Coordinated strategy Service delivery Health promotion Research 42. Shared Badges Vision 43. The Badge AllianceSoft launched in February 2014 atSummit to Reconnect Learning. 44. The Badge AllianceWith launch, announced first 10 working groups. 45. The Badge AllianceOver 650 organizations have signed up. 46. Summary 47. Open Badges are digitalcredentials for the modern age. 48. Evidence-based and verified. 49. Recognition of skillsand achievements. 50. Collected across lifetimesas portfolio of what you knowand can do. 51. Digital currency tocarry with you andshare across the Web. 52. Get ConnectedJoin a Working Group Based on Expertise / Interesthttp://www.badgealliance.orgJoin our weekly Community Project Call onWednesdays at 9am PST / 12pm EST on Twitter for updates@BadgeAllianceReach out to us for 53. Questions


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