open source an overview of open source software. what is open source? open source describes a broad...

Download Open Source An Overview of Open Source Software. What is Open Source? Open source describes a broad general type of software license that makes source

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  • Open Source

    An Overview of Open Source Software

  • What is Open Source?Open source describes a broad general type of software license that makes source code available to the general public with relaxed or non-existent copyright restrictions.

  • What is Open Source?So what does that mean?software that is collectively developed by a community of technologists with an interest in a particular application or tool and then distributed at no cost to the broader community of individuals who can find a use for it From open stacks to open source Joe Lucia, Villanova University, February 5, 2008

  • What is Open Source? Really?Free to useFree to changeFree to distributeAn alternative to commercial software More info at:

  • A Little bit about the HistoryWho is Linus Torsvald?In 2000, he was 17th in Times Most important people of the centuryIn 2006 Times Europe edition named him one of the revolutionary heroes of the past 60 yearsInfoWorld presented him with the 2000 award for industry achievementNamed as one of the greatest Finns in a list of the 100 most inflential inventors of all time.

    So Who is he?The man who invented Linux an opensource operating system and the person credited with being the founder of Open Source Software.

  • Other Open Source Software

    Operating SystemLinux Web Browser and EmailMozillaFirefox and ThunderbirdSeamonkey

    OfficeOpen Office Libre Office

  • Open OfficeLeading open-source office software suite for word processingspreadsheetspresentationsgraphics databases

    Other features:Available in many languages Stores all your data in an international open standard formatRead and write files from other office software packages (MS Office) You can download and use it completely free of charge for any purpose.

  • Blogs and Content Management Systems

    WordPress - - - -

    (Look for add-ons to download at SourceForge.)

  • Search for Open Source and Free Software

    SourceForge software

  • What can we do with OSS

    Web BrowsersFirefoxSeamonkeyOperating SystemsUbuntuSymbian (phone)PhotoshopGIMPDatabasesMySQLOfficeOpen OfficeLibre OfficeVirtual MachinesVirtualBoxGaragebandAudacityOthersHandbrakeApacheVLC

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