our secret recipe of ground beef with the perfect ratio ?· the viva vegas burger £10.50 single...

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  • Our secret recipe of ground beef with the perfect ratio of fat to meat & seasoning for maximum flavour hand pressed & smashed together on a toasted brioche bun, lettuce, beef tomato, red onion, secret shack sauce & served with skin on fries & a side of southern style slaw.

    The Viva Vegas Burger 10.50Single patty - crispy smoked bacon - Monterey Jack cheese - bacon jam.

    The Naked Burger 8.95Single patty - standard garnish.

    Pig Style BBQ 12.50Single patty - pulled pork - streaky bacon - Monterey Jack cheese BBQ sauce - popcorn crackling.

    Breakfast Burger 12.95Single patty - pulled pork, sausage - hash brown - fried egg - Monterey Jack cheese.

    Fried Chicken Burger 12.50Breaded chicken fillet - Monterey Jack cheese - peppered white gravy.

    All American Chilli Burger 15.95Double patty - slow cooked beef chilli - crushed nachos - sour cream - jalapeos.

    Veggie Burger (v) 10.75Grilled halloumi - flat mushroom - standard garnish - sweet chilli.

    The Fonz Burger 16.50Single patty - chicken fillet - cheese - ranch dressing - topped with pulled pork& crispy onion ring.

    Beechwood smoked sausage, sweet brioche roll, served with skin on fries & a side of southern style slaw.

    Naked Dog 6.95Simply served with crispy onions.

    Nacho Dog 8.95Crushed tortillas - salsa - cheese - sour cream - guacamole - jalapeos - crispy onions.

    Corn Dog 7.95Beer battered dog - gherkins - crispy onions - Frenchs mustard.

    All American Chilli 9.95Slow cooked beef chilli - Monterey Jack cheese - crispy onions.

    Knockout Viva Chilli 11.95Pulled beef brisket chilli-rice - sour cream nachos - fresh coriander.

    The Best Macaroni Cheese 9.95Cheesey crust - house ranch salad - garlic bread dunkers.

    Chimichurri Crusted Cod 12.50Buttered market stall vegetables - hash browns.

    Full Rack Of Dry Baby Back Ribs 14.95Really slow cooked served with skin on fries southern style slaw ranch salad house smokey BBQ or chicken & chilli glaze.

    Viva House Caesar Salad 11.95Maple brushed streaky bacon - gem lettuce - parmesan cheesegarlic croutons - awesome Caesar dressing, topped with crispy chicken.

    Unbelievable Slow Cooked Beef Brisket Torpedo Sandwich 11.95House smokey BBQ crispy onions Monterey Jack cheese pickles skin on fries pot of au jus for dipping southern style slaw.

    Unbelievable Pulled Pork Torpedo Sandwich 9.95 BBQ pulled pork gherkins - popcorn crackling skin on fries southern style slaw - side of BBQ sauce.

    Locally sourced within a 20 mile radius and hung for a minimum of 28 days for max-imum flavour, seasoned with maldon salt and cracked black pepper, all served with grilled fat mushroom, skin on fries, plum tomato, battered onion ring

    8oz Rib Eye 19.95

    8oz New York Steak Sriploin 19.95

    8oz Rump 13.95

    Steak Sauces 2.50 Peppered white gravy - BBQ sauce Chimichuri Beef Au Jus

    Superb as a side order with starter or to share in the middle of the table

    Pimp my fries or load up my mini hash browns 4.95Choose from:Piggy Pulled Pork - cheese / house smokey BBQ sauce & pork popcornPizza - pepperoni / tomato / cheeseAspen truffe & parmesan (v)Cajun cajun spice & sweet chilli (v)N Gravy white pepper or beef gravy

    Southern Style Slaw 1.95Buttered Market Stall Vegetables 2.95(Sugarsnaps - carrots - cabbage)Battered Onion Rings 2.95Ranch Salad 3.50(Cucumber - tomato - onion - carrot - crisp lettuce - ranch dressing - croutons) Skin On Fries 2.75Sweet Potato Fries 3.60Hash Browns 3.60Halloumi Fries 4.60Garlic Torpedo Bread 3.753 Grilled Flat Mushrooms 3.70

    All In American Platter 12.95Packed with messy BBQ ribs - astounding chicken wingsstuffed mushrooms - pepper poppers - beer potato croquettes - garlic breadplus our killer secret recipe shack sauce & BBQ sauce

    Halloumi Fries (v) 5.75Gem salad - sweet chilli dipper.

    Wings Our soon to be famous! Twice cooked 3 bone chicken wings. Dry rubbed & cooked slowly then flash fried & smothered in a sauce of your choice - served with celery sticks & ranch dipper. Choose: Plain / House Smokey BBQ / Chicken & Chilli Glaze

    Stuffed Mushrooms (v) 5.25Garlic stuffed - panko crumbed - garlic ranch dipper.

    Mac N Cheese Bites (v) 5.75BBQ dipper.

    Baked Viva Nachos (v) 5.95Jalapeos - guacamole - salsa - sour cream - melted cheese - fresh coriander.Add pulled pork: 1.50 / Add all American beef chilli: 1.50

    Salt & Pepper Squid 7.95Sriracha chilli & lemon mayo dip.

    Garlic Bread (v) 3.75Toasted torpedo smothered in garlic butter.Add cheese: 1.00

    Cheese & Beer Croquettes (v) 4.95Molten cheese, smoked BBQ dip.

    Philly Red Pepper Poppers (v) 4.50Breaded loaded peppers full of molten gooey garlic cream cheese - sour cream dip.

    Baked Potato And Leek Soup (v) 4.25Sour cream - exactly as your momma would make if she loved you half as much as we do... Its smooth, savoury & dreamy delicious.

    Dry Rubbed & Slow Cooked BBQ Baby Back Ribs 5.95Delicious, tender & dripping in sauce heaven - spring onion - toasted sesame seeds.A favourite of the king himself.

    All of our dishes may contain nuts please make us aware of any nut allergies as a priority. Please advise your server of any allergies, or special dietary requirements. We cannot take responsibility for any allergic reaction caused by failure to inform us on ordering your meal(s). All of our burgers are cooked well done unless otherwise requested. We advise that consuming undercooked meat may increase the risk of food borne illnesses, particularly for those who are very young, elderly, pregnant or suffering from illness. VAT is included in all prices at the standard rate.

    5 wings - 6.9510 Wings - 9.95

    Please be patient when we are busy as all of our fabulous food is cooked fresh to order!

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    Classic flavours! Approx 440ml 3.45Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry

    Twisted Vegas flavours. Approx 440mlPlease note, some of these nutty creations may actually contain nuts! Ask your server for dietary and allergen info!Donut 4.75Yes, thats a milkshake blended with donuts. Topped with one full-sized donutcream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce

    Too Much Choc! 4.75Chocolate ice cream plus chocolate cake and chocolate sauce... What more needs to be said?

    Oreo Cookie 4.10Made with bits of Oreo cookie and homemade cream filling! Then topped with more homemade cream filling, some more Oreo cookie biteswhipped cream, and more cookie!

    Mint Choc Chip 3.95Mint Choc Chip ice cream blended with some thin mink cookiestopped with whipped cream, with some additional thin mint cookies

    Strawberry Mess 4.75An explosion of everything strawberry mixed to make a messy milkshake.

    Apple & Cinnamon Pie 5.95Salted caramel toffee sauce, vanilla pod ice cream

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae 5.95Vanilla & Chocolate Ice cream - chocolate chip cookies - chocolate sauce - marshmallows

    All American Dream 5.95Three layered banana sponge cake - chocolate - peanut butter - banoffeewith cream or ice cream

    Oreo Cheesecake 5.95Chocolate sauce - popping candy - served with cream or vanilla ice cream

    Junkyard Brownie Cheesecake 5.95Gingersnap biscuit - soft brownie chocolate cheesecake topped withdismantled chocolate favourites.

    Selection Of Ice Creams 4.95Choose from Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry

    Crispy House Mac N Cheese Bites 3.95Served with a BBQ dip

    Garlic Bread 1.95

    Garlic Bread With Cheese 2.40

    Baked Potato Soup 2.50

    Mac N Cheese (v) 4.90Macaroni cheese at its best!

    Nachos (v) 3.50Nacho chips - loaded with melted cheese - tomato salsa & sour cream on the side

    Mac N Cheese Changa 5.95Topped with bbq smoked pulled beef brisket

    Burger 4.95Brioche bun single plain beef patty - skin on fries or hash browns

    Hot Dog 4.95Bricohe roll - skin on fries or hash browns

    Chicken Strips 6.50Tender fried chicken strips which melt in the mouth skins on fries

    Warm Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie .4.50Chocolate Sauce Chocolate Ice Cream & Marshmellows

    Plain Ice Cream 1.00Choice: Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry per scoop

    Loaded Ice Cream three scoops 2.95Choose a topping Buttons / Sprinkles / Marshmallows or Choc Sauce

    Soda & Fruit Squash 1.50(Orange or Blackcurrant)

    Floats 2.95See our drinks menu for more sodas and ice cream oats

    Ice Cold Milk 1.95(Make your own moustache)

    Classic Milk Shakes 3.25Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry

    Our own Vegas Milk Shake Creations 3.95Peanut butter and jelly / Too much chocolate / Mint choc chip / Oreo cookie /Strawberry mess / Donut (vanilla)

    Crafty Kids Mocktail Cocktail 2.95Our Viva Vegas Diner Stars have created special cocktails forthe kids which include our Emoji, Despicable Me, Spiderman & Pink Peppa Pig


    DINER MITE Desserts

    DINER MITE Drinks

    ON TAPCoca Cola / Diet Coke 568ml 330ml Dash Schweppes / Lemonade 2.95 2.20 0.60Fanta Orange

    SPECIALTY CANSCherry Coke / Dr Pepper All 2.95Cream Soda / Root Beer

    MARVELLOUS MIXERSSchweppes Tonic Water 125ml 1.40Schweppes Slimline Tonic 125ml 1.40Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic 200ml 2.20Fever Tree Slimline Tonic 200ml 2.20Canada Dry Ginger Ale 200ml 1.40Coke Zero 330ml 2.95Redbull 250ml 3.30Coca Cola 200ml 2.50Diet Coke 200ml 2.50Apple