our voices, our schools: chalkboard's education report to the community 2009-2010

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  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010







  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    In 2004, the Chalkboard Project

    was ormed by Oregons mostinuential charitable oundations

    with a mission to make our K-12

    schools among the nations top 10 in

    student achievement. Our research-based approach, nonpartisan

    action plan and early results in pilot

    projects across the state recently led

    the Statesman Journal to endorseChalkboard as the best, clearest

    path or improving K-12 schools.

    Were on our way.

    But we cant do it without you.

    Speak out or chane.

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Oreonians are independent by nature, yet oten share core alues.

    Foundations or a Better Oreon, Chalkboards parent oranization, wasored with a desire to presere the quality o lie Oreonians alue.

    There has neer been a ore iportant tie to ocus on iproin Oreons

    K12 public education syste to assure student achieeent and support

    hihquality teachin and learnin. Chalkboard bean as an eort to hear

    directly ro Oreonians. Now, our collaboration and coitent hae

    rown in order to ensure Oreon ranks as one o the top 10 education

    systes in the United States.

    The Chalkboard Project proides a unique opportunity to supportachieeent or all Oreon students. We welcoe you into Chalkboards

    story and inite your inoleent in 2009.

    Orcilia Zia Forbes Ph.D., Board Chair

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Since Chalkboards inception in 2004, we have witnessed the powerul eect an

    independent voice can have in raising key issues or Oregons public schools. By

    commissioning unbiased research and comprehensive public opinion studies,

    Chalkboard has raised the bar about what we know about K-12 educationall

    while listening and learning rom those on the ront lines. But we see even more

    urgency today than we did when we rst ormed.

    Among the 50 states, Oregon is currently about average in terms o student

    achievement. When it comes to the big issues, we have a policy process that is

    largely broken. Oregon has a record o pushing or increased unding while

    ailing to recognize the quality we want and the accountability we need.

    Chalkboards eidence has brouht us to a crossroads:

    Does Oreon continue to be satised with the status quo

    or do we inest in interentions that are proen to increase

    student achieeent?

    I we choose the latter, then now is the time to invest in K-1 class size reduction.

    Now is the time to inspire teachers to stay in the proession by expanding careeropportunities. Now is the time to make reading tutors available to K-3 students.

    Now is the time to shrink the achievement gap and ensure that every child is

    aorded an equal playing eld o quality to dene their uture. Now is the time.

    Oregon cannot aord to wait.

    The six oundations behind Chalkboard have given Oregon a unique git

    nothing else quite like it exists in this country. We must use this opportunity to

    increase student achievement and make the uture better or our children. We

    must make a promise to every child in this state that their public school education

    will be high quality, accountable or their learning and paid or in a stable and

    adequate way. It is certainly the promise I want or my baby girl.

    Chalkboard has identied a proven path to get us there. We need your help. We

    can only make change with the support o a growing chorus o voices across

    this state who wish or something better and who have the will to make it happen.

    Sue Hildick, President

    Dear Fellow Oreonians,

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Chalkboard was ounded with a oal o not just iproin K12 education in

    Oreon, but akin our public schools aon the nations top 10 in student

    achieeent. We conducted the larest statewide poll eer done on K12

    education issues. We published reports on best practices or raisin student

    achieeent. We issued an action plan or reachin our leislatie oals. But

    despite Chalkboards proress, the situation has only becoe ore urent.

    Oregon has one o the most unstable school

    unding systems in the country. But even with

    adequate, secure unding, the public is skepticalabout whether the state is capable o improving

    our schools. High teacher turnover, increased

    dropout rates and a persistent achievement gap

    between minority students and their peers are

    just a ew o the challenges Oregon must meet

    to be one o the best.


    Chalkboard is coitted to the lonter

    oal o raisin student achieeent inOreon, and we hae identied key steps

    to et the job done.

    What makes Chalkboard unique? Funded by

    six o Oregons most inuential charitable

    oundations, we decided early on that our

    approach would be committed to neutrality and

    independence. We are not a special interest

    group but a general interest group representing

    all Oregonians.

    Oregonians have voiced the most urgent

    priorities or strengthening our schools: quality

    teachers, good readers, parental involvement,unding stability and budget accountability.

    These priorities are the oundation or

    Chalkboards work in advocating or legislation,

    unding grants and nancing quality independent

    projects. By combining the spirit, values and

    belies o Oregonians with the hard data o the

    most relevant research, we are on the right path

    to raising student achievement and

    improving K-12 public education in Oregon.

    Better schools mean a better-educated

    workorce, better jobs and a thriving economy.

    The result is lower crime rates, stronger

    communities and improved quality o lie or all.

    As relentless and passionate as we are about

    moving our agenda orward, we cant do it

    without you. Chalkboard is lighting the way.

    Now its your turn. Its time to use your voice

    in support o the kind o K-12 schools our

    communities deserve.

    Speak Out or Chane

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010

    9/262008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS I 7

    For years, Oreons ost inuential oundations had been spendin

    illions on education reor by htin indiidual battles with isolated

    results. Frustrated by the slow pace o chane that ailed to ipact the

    syste statewide, they decided to coe toether to or an independent,

    nonpartisan, charitable oranization or Oreon schools. The Chalkboard

    Project was ounded in 2004 on the idea o a bottoup, rassroots

    enaeent with Oreonians to raise student achieeent in rades K12.

    In its rst two years, Chalkboard collected data

    nationally and internationally on best practices

    in raising student achievement. We had morethan 400 conversations with citizens in every

    one o Oregons 36 counties to learn what

    priorities they have or Oregon schools. Our

    independent approach won over skeptical

    editorial boards across the state, and our

    June 2005 action plan emerged rom this

    intersection o public will and best practices.

    Chalkboards work continues on three ronts

    citizen engagement, independent projects

    and advocacyto promote educator quality,

    accountability, early learning and parental

    involvement. We have created quality tools, like

    Open Books, to better inorm the public about

    exactly whats going on in Oregon schools

    and how education dollars are being spent.

    We are committed to tackling the difcult,

    oten contentious work o education reorm

    and conronting the systems most deeply

    rooted problems head on. Our goal is to be the

    voice o Oregonians, to advocate or higher

    student achievement in K-12 education on your

    behal and to help acilitate the urgent changeyou demand or our children and or our state.


    The Chalkboard Project was created in March

    2004 by ve independent, nonpartisan Oregon

    oundations called Foundations or a Better

    Oregon. Founding members are The Collins

    Foundation, The Ford Family Foundation, The

    JELD-WEN Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust

    and The Oregon Community Foundation.

    The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation

    joined in 2007.

    Chalkboard is Foundations or a Better Oregons

    only current initiative. The oundations are

    committed to neutrality and independence, a

    comprehensive understanding o the problems

    and solutions surrounding our K-12 public

    schools, engaging Oregonians in genuine

    dialogue, a long-term perspective and

    ultimately, acilitating solutions.

    Chalkboards History

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010







    ent. Oneothebiggestc






    On aerae, students tauht by eectie teachers ain onerade leel or ore per acadeic year.

    Eighty six percent o Oregonians agree that attracting and retaining highlyqualied teachers is the key to accelerated learning and teaching.

    What Is Chalkboard Doin About It?

    independent projects

    Chalkboard launched the Creatie Leadership Achiees Student Success

    (CLASS) Project, a pilot prora drien by teachers in Forest groe,

    Sherwood and Tillaook school districts to raise student achieeent by

    expandin new career and copensation options or teachers. Local sta

    call CLASS transormational because it promotes expanded career paths,

    proessional development, comprehensive perormance evaluations and

    new compensation models.


    In 2007, Chalkboard and partners worked to enact a statewide mentoring

    program to provide new teachers and administrators with a high-quality mentor

    or two years. Chalkboard will pursue quality proessional development and

    support or the teacher and administrator mentoring program in the 2009

    legislative session. State policy shits are ocusing on teaching quality. Chalkboard

    applauds the state board or making educator quality one o its six strategic

    priorities and or adopting quality standards or proessional development.

    What Can You DoAbout It?

    TAKE NINE mINUTESto watch a YouTube ideo

    at ChalkboardProject.or

    about how the CLASS

    project could transor

    the teachin proession.



    Say thanks or all they do or

    Oreons kids and ask how

    you can help in the class

    roo or support the school.


    REPRESENTATIvES and tel l

    the you support teacher/

    adinistrator entorin and

    proessional deelopent.


    CITIZENS CORPS and sere

    as a counity abassador

    to support your teachers.





    8 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS


  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Sherwood Teachers Union President Terrel Sith has been

    coitted to raisin student achieeent as a teacher or 30

    years. His piotal role in deelopin the CLASS Project is inspired in

    part by his dauhter, Jennica, a secondyear eleentary teacher.

    Teachin is a challenin proession, especially the rst ew

    years. The CLASS Project supports teachers by acceleratin their

    pay and increasin proessional learnin opportunities so that

    new teachers will stay in the proession. Sherwoods proposed

    copensation odel rewards new teachers with an additional

    skip up the salary ladder ater the probation period.

    Skipstep otiates idcareer teachers by copensatin the

    or new roles and responsibilities.

    The ost eectie teachers are actiely inoled in the school.

    They are raisin student achieeent.

    By ocusin on workin toether as proessional teas o

    teachers, were identiyin eectie practices and then sharin

    the throuhout the district to increase eery students success.

    Our ultiate intention is that teachers are excited about

    teachin and our kids are excited about learnin.

    TEACHER ADvOCATES: Terrel Sith & Jennica Sith

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Oreons K1 classes aerae 25 students and are aonthe top e larest in the country.

    Tennessee and other states have shown that kindergarten and rst-gradestudents in small classes o 15 outperormed their peers in regular classes

    o 22. More importantly, those gains persisted through eighth grade. Targeted

    investments in critical early age initiatives are particularly important in tackling

    the achievement gap between black and white students. Chalkboards research

    shows that the gap is relatively unchanged rom third grade to graduation,

    suggesting that black and white students are learning at the same pace. Con-

    sequently, to close the gap, schools must reach these students by third grade.

    What Is Chalkboard Doin About It?


    In 2007, state legislators included early childhood initiatives as an approved

    use or a $260 million school improvement und. Chalkboard will continue

    to advocate or reducing K-1 class size and providing reading support so all

    kids read at grade level or better by grade 3.

    independent projects

    Chalkboard is investigating Arican American student achievement in

    Multnomah County in partnership with the Black Parent Initiative to see

    which schools are doing the best job o closing the achievement gap.

    Next up: Hispanic student achievement statewide.

    What Can You DoAbout It?


    adinistrators and union

    representaties and tell the

    you want your children and

    randchildren in rades K1

    to hae saller class sizes.


    OFFICIALS and let the

    know you support saller

    K1 classes.



    and oice your iews about

    K1 class size at our website,




    or the latest leislatie

    updates on early learnin










    ent.However, ocusingon








    10 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Woodburn parent Eduardo Anulo is a lontie education

    adocate. Back in Los Aneles, he worked in juenile probation

    caps and with anaected youth in the olatile Watts district.

    When I cae to Oreon 15 years ao, I started askin, How

    any Latino and black kids are oin to collee? It was horrible.

    I knew we had to do soethin about it riht away.

    Latino students were doin particularly poorly in Eduardos

    SaleKeizer school district, where only 20 percent o Latino

    students in 10th rade et state standards in readin in 2005,

    copared to 53 percent o white students. Eduardo helped

    ound the SaleKeizer Coalition o Equality, a counity

    roup that prootes equality in education. The coalition has

    ouht or saller kinderarten and rst rade classes so

    teachers can ie ore personalized attention to students.

    The ajority o poor and Latino students coe into

    kinderarten one, two or een three years behind. They need a

    lot o extra help at the beinnin. I we can et kids up to rade

    leel by third rade, we can eliinate hal o the achieeent

    ap and dropout rate.

    EDUCATION ADvOCATE: Eduardo Anulo

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Tutored students read ore prociently thanapproxiately 75 percent o their untutored peers.

    Oregonians are alarmed that schools are ailing to provide students withthe most basic tool or success. Most say we must provide tutors or K-3

    students who arent reading at grade level to raise student achievement.

    In August 2008, Chalkboard commissioned new research that underscores

    the urgency o solving the reading crisis in Oregon. It showed that low-

    achieving students are unlikely to ever meet state standards, even though

    they are oten the ones making the biggest learning gains in school. By

    ensuring that all Oregon students are procient readers by ourth grade,

    we are building a case or uture success.

    What Is Chalkboard Doin About It?


    In 2007, the Oregon legislature put reading tutors on the list o initiatives

    school districts could undertake with $260 million in school improvement

    money. Chalkboard will ask that reading tutors be a district requirement.


    In partnership with Libraries o Eastern Oregon and Tutor.com, Chalkboard

    is providing ree online tutors to K-12 students. The service is available at

    51 eastern Oregon libraries and online at LibrariesoEasternOregon.org.

    What Can You DoAbout It?


    children, randchildren,

    nephews and neihbors in

    rades K3are readin at

    rade leel. I not, oer to read

    with the one on one or an

    hour each week.



    and let the know you support

    additional readin tutors orrades K3.


    (Start makin a Reader Today)

    at getSartOreon.or and

    olunteer to read with students

    at your local school.


    SmART bookshel at Powells.co.

    A portion o the proceeds will

    be donated to SmART.






    measure, onlyaboutone-












    12 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010



    Shere Bull

    Shere Bull is a senior at

    Portlands Jeerson Hih School.

    She is president o the Black

    Student Union, ice president o

    the student body and takes

    additional classes at Portland

    Counity Collee. But despite

    her own acadeic success, its

    been disheartenin to watch her

    peers all behind oer the years.

    Kids can et swept away in a

    corner when theyre not doin

    well in school, but we all hae

    potential. When kids all throuh

    the cracks, it eans our

    teachers hae to teach students

    who are at dierent leels.

    I those kids ot help early on,

    that wouldnt happen.

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Parental inoleent is crucial or the success o studentsand K12 schools.

    Chalkboard is committed to working with Oregon school districts to acilitatethe most eective ways to involve parents. This means realistic assistance

    or hard-to-reach amilies and user-riendly resources to ensure that all parents

    know what to expect rom their schools, what their children should be

    learning and how they can help get them there.

    What Is Chalkboard Doin About It?


    Chalkboard wants each school district to report parental involvement as

    part o Oregons statewide report card.

    independent projects

    Chalkboards Running Start is a set o online materials, including outreach

    plans, aimed at acilitating communication between schools and parents.

    Chalkboard partnered with Libraries o Eastern Oregon and Tutor.com to

    provide ree online tutoring services to K-12 students.

    Chalkboards technology grants help und sotware that enables parents and

    teachers to communicate through the Internet. Parents have instant access to

    attendance records, homework assignments, test scores, grades and more.

    What Can You DoAbout It?

    OFFER TO BABYSIT orneihbors, coworkers or other

    tiestrapped sinle parents

    so they can attend their next

    parentteacher conerence,

    PTA eetin or school eent.


    allow workers occasional tie

    durin the work day to attend

    school conerences or

    olunteer at their childrens

    schools, or check their childsproress on the school website.


    olunteer to be a translator or

    parentteacher conerences at

    schools in your area.











    way. Studentachievementissupp




    14 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Annette Hunt is a sinle parent liin in the Portland etro

    area. Today, she is studyin to becoe an accountant while

    supportin and raisin her 11yearold dauhter, Troi.

    But the path to et here wasnt easy.

    As a child, Annette neer knew what it was like to hae an adult

    care about how she did in school. Her rades suered, she

    dropped out beore raduation and eentually landed in prison.

    It turned out to be the wakeup call she needed.

    Annette earned her gED while still in prison and ouht hard to

    stabilize her lie ollowin her release. Ater Troi was born, she

    ade a point to becoe actiely inoled in Trois education.

    Do I hae a riht to coplain i I not inoled and others are

    akin the decisions? It akes a world o dierence or her to

    know people care about whether or not shes sart.

    Annette eets her dauhter ater school ost days so they

    can do their hoework toether. She also checks in with Trois

    teacher twice a week to help her stay on track. And its workin.

    Now Troi tells her o she wants to o to collee, too.

    PARENT: Annette Hunt & Troi Hunt

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Are you ettin your oneys worth?

    Oregon has one o the most unstable school unding systems in the country.

    When schools do get additional resources, as with the $260 million school

    improvement und in 2007, Chalkboard supports spending those resources on

    targeted investments backed by research. Oregonians want stronger state

    leadership and statewide accountability. Chalkboard launched the Open

    Books website to help Oregonians see where their dollars go. Scholastic

    Administrator called it one o the top 10 radical ideas at work in education.

    What Is Chalkboard Doin About It?

    independent projects

    Open Books, openbooksproject.org, reveals up to date school district

    spending on everything rom average class sizes and student acheivementscores to per-student expenses or Oregons 198 school districts.

    Statewide spending on district business operations is higher than the national

    average. Chalkboard partnered with the Oregon Association o School

    Business Ofcials to review business operations in ve Oregon school districts.


    Chalkboard helped create Oregons rst-ever rainy day und or public schools,

    supported by Oregons corporate kicker tax reund, and will continue to push

    or more revenue. Chalkboard will advocate or smarter school transportation

    spending based on an Oregon Department o Education study.

    What Can You DoAbout It?

    vISIT OPEN BOOKS atopenbooksproject.or and

    see or yoursel how Oreons

    school dollars are bein

    spent. Check out how your

    counitys school spendin

    copares to other districts

    in the state.


    and ask the to support

    district business practice

    reiews as well as a process orsharin best practices across

    the state.


    SCHOOL BOARD ebers,

    adinistrators and union

    representaties and tell the

    that ealuation o student

    perorance should be based

    on acadeic rowth ro year

    to year rather than test scores.











    K-12education,yet morethan40p







    16 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Orcilia Zia Forbes, Ph.D. is chair o the Chalkboard Board

    and chair o the meyer meorial Trust. Hain earned her Ph.D.in educational policy, she has seen how school districts

    nationwide can benet ro increased budet accountability.

    Its what we need to retain and attract the best teachers and

    sustain onoin iproeents in education.

    Orcilia oersaw Chalkboards rst step toward iproed budet

    transparency or Oreon schools: The Open Books Project.

    Traditionally, ery ew people hae had access to school budet

    and achieeent inoration. But Open Books has chaned

    that. We are akin iproeents while reconizin that

    undin and accountability o hand in hand.

    Its our responsibility to track attendance, raduation rates

    and acadeic rowth not only so we can see how students are

    doin across the board, but so we can understand how eery

    indiidual student oes alon the path toward raduation.

    BOARD mEmBER: Orcilia Zia Forbes, Ph.D.

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Chalkboard can help et us there. But not without your

    help. Join our Citizens Corps and use your oice to

    support Oreon schools.

    WHat is cHalKBoards citizens corps?

    A 500-plus strong group o concerned citizens around the state o

    Oregon who support Chalkboards long-term K-12 education reorm

    eorts. Volunteers include parents, teachers, businesspeople, civic

    volunteers and leaders, retirees, philanthropists and students rom nearly

    all o Oregons 36 counties.

    WHat does tHe citizens corps do?

    Members help promote Chalkboards school improvement proposals in

    their local communities through speaking engagements, guest columns

    and letters in local newspapers, participation in Chalkboard print

    advertising, and calling, writing and meeting with legislators. The

    Citizens Corps is our eyes and ears in local communities, and we rely

    on our members to keep us aware o local opportunities to connect

    and inorm ellow citizens. Members do not do any undraising.

    HoW can i join?

    You can join by emailing us at [email protected], calling us

    at 1-877-YOURK12, or by visiting our website: ChalkboardProject.org.

    Well send you the latest edition o Chalk Talk and include you in our

    growing list o supporters.

    Fie Ways to Take

    Fie minutes to Speak

    Out or Chane


    E-NEWSLETTER, Chalk Talk,

    at ChalkboardProject.or.


    to your Oreon riends and

    aily ebers introducin

    the to the Chalkboard

    Project. Include a link to





    to a local parent, teacher,

    principal or elected ofcial

    with your endorseent.



    at ChalkboardProject.or to

    track leislatie action.














    uture. Chalkboardhasm






    18 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS


  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010




    Stee Corey

    Pendleton businessan Stee

    Corey has been an actie eber

    o Chalkboards Citizens Corps

    since 2004. As chair o the board

    o The Oreon Counity

    Foundation (OCF), Stee was an

    interal part o the leadership

    council that led to the oundin

    o Chalkboard.

    Education has always beennuber one on OCFs list o

    priorities or Oreon. Thats why

    Chalkboard is one o the ost

    aluable inestents OCF has

    ade. I want to ake sure that

    people at the rassroots leel know

    how iportant education isnot

    only or their own ailies but also

    or the counity. Stron schools

    ean a better econoy and a

    better counity or all o us.

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Student Achieeent71 percent o Oregonians say the amount o progress

    students make individually rom year to year is the best

    indicator o school district success.

    Wh i m: Ask your childrens teachers about

    academic progress rom year to year, not just how they

    perormed on standardized tests.

    Class Size70 percent say reducing class sizes or kindergarten

    and rst grade to 20 students or less is the most urgent

    priority or improving public education.

    Wh i m: There is no evidence that smaller

    class sizes across all grades will increase academic

    achievement. But in kindergarten and rst grade, smaller

    classes have been proven to raise achievement long

    term. We need to encourage education dollars go

    toward targeted initiatives we know will work.

    Parental Support70 percent o Oregonians say lack o parental support

    is an obstacle or the success o students.

    Wh i m: Our schools cant do it alone.

    Oregons employers and local communities must

    support parentsespecially single parentsin becoming

    active participants in their childrens education.

    Teachers59 percent o Oregonians say teachers should be

    compensated or becoming leaders and mentors,

    developing their skills, and staying current on the

    newest teaching methodsnot only seniority.

    Wh i m: Oregonians should request that local

    schools mentor new teachers while exploring new

    career opportunities and compensation models to

    inspire them to stay with the teaching proession.

    Readin Tutors65 percent say providing a reading tutor or every

    student in kindergarten through third grade who is not

    reading at their grade level is a pivotal issue.

    Wh i m: It is much easierand more cost-

    eectiveto move the achievement dial or a K-3

    student. As a student reaches middle and high school, it

    becomes more difcult and more expensive to recover.

    Achieeent gapThe achievement gap is a constant and serious

    challenge or students K-12.

    Wh i m: Closing the achievement gap means

    investing in evidence based practices targeted at the

    early grades.



    20 I 2008-2009 EdUCAtION REPORt tO OREgONIANS

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Board oF directors

    the Collins Founaion

    Truman Collins, Jerry Hudson

    the For Family Founaion

    Ron Parker, Norm Smith

    JELdWEN Founaion

    Bill Early, Rod Wendt, Bob Kingzett

    Meyer Memorial trus

    Orcilia Ziga Forbes, Doug Stamm

    Oreon Communiy Founaion

    Duncan Campbell, Greg Chaill

    James F. & Marion L. Miller Founaion

    Charles Putney, Charlie Walker

    adVisory council

    Moran Anerson

    Education Manager, Intel Corporation

    Jerry Colonna

    Superintendent, Beaverton School District

    E dennis

    Deputy Superintendent, Oregon

    Department o Education

    Vickie Flemin

    Superintendent, Redmond School District

    Rany Hiz

    Dean, Graduate School o Education,

    Portland State University

    Sany Husk

    Superintendent, Salem-Keizer School District

    dan Jamison

    Superintendent, Sherwood School District

    to Jones

    Teacher, West Linn High School

    Nori Juba

    School Board Member, Bend-La Pine

    School District

    Jim Mabbo

    Superintendent, Northwest Regional

    Education Service District

    Annee Mason

    Government Aairs/Public Policy, PGE

    For Morishia

    Teacher, Clackamas High School

    Karen Phillips

    Director, Oregon Small Schools Initiative

    Kiy Powell

    Regional Director o Innovation, Providence

    geore Russell

    Superintendent, Eugene School District

    deborah Sommer,

    Advisory Council Chair,

    Superintendent, Canby School District

    Orcilia Zia Forbes

    Chair, Chalkboard Project


    davis, Hibbis, & Mihall


    additional Funders


    Bank o America

    Bank o he Wes

    the Ben Founaion


    E.H. & M.E. Bowerman Avise Fun, OCF

    Lori an Les Cooper, OCF

    Cow Creek Umpqua Inian Founaion

    Fre Meyer Founaion

    Bill an Melina gaes Founaion

    John gray Chariable Fun, OCF

    Ne an Sis Hayes Family Fun, OCF

    Nancy Horskoe Memorial Fun, OCF

    Inel Corporaion

    Inersecion Fun, OCF

    Kelley Family Founaion

    W.K. Kello Founaion

    MannCrawor Chariable Fun, OCF

    JELdWEN traiion Founaion

    Paul an Sally McCracken Fun, OCF

    PgE Founaion

    Ann & Bill Swinells Chariable trus

    William Swinells, Sr. Memorial Fun, OCF

    Wheeler Founaion

    Whipple Founaion Fun, OCF

    Wooar Family Founaion


    Sue Hilick


    Kae dickson

    Vice President, Education Policy

    Liesl Wen

    Vice President, External Relations

    Kylie grunow

    Project Director

    John Hamilon

    Finance Specialist

    Mahew Kinshella

    Communications Associate

    Jessica Chavez

    PSU Intern




    North CoastalOreon

    E Armsron, Tillamook

    Henry Balensier,


    Ar Bieerman,

    Gleneden Beach

    Lynne Bieerman,

    Gleneden Beach

    gre Bosin, Warrenton

    Charles Busch,

    Lincoln City

    Ma Falby, Lincoln City

    Michael Foser,Astoria

    dou Hun, Toldeo

    Beh Kinz, Vernonia

    Ranall Koch, Neskowin

    Mark Labhar, Tillamook

    Larry Locke,Astoria

    Wayne Marin,

    Lincoln City

    dou Monomery,

    Rockaway Beach

    Jack Nickerson,

    Lincoln CityMarare Nura Cle,


    dou Olson, Pacifc City

    Hal Snow,Astoria

    Charlie Walker, Neskowin

    Nikki Whiy, Coquille

    Portland metro

    Mike Abbae, Fairview

    Vicki Abbae, Fairview

    Jef Aams, Portland

    Kay Aams, Beaverton

    Suzanne Aams, Portland

    Moran Anerson,


    Mark Ankeny, Newberg

    Anna Arozero, TigardBey Aeberry, Portland

    Syney Babock,

    Lake Oswego

    Susan Baker, Portland

    Brian Bailey, West Linn

    Lou Bailey, Portland

    Robyn Barbon, Portland

    MaryAnn Barnekof,


    Phil Barnekof, Hillsboro

    Eric Beasley, Sherwood

    geore Bell, Lake Oswego

    Johnell Bell, Portland

    Kris Bella, Gladstone

    Chris Blair, Portland

    Nik Blosser, Portland

    Ralph Bollier, Portland

    Sally Bollier, Portlanddawn Boner, Portland

    Bernie Boomly, Portland

    Anne Breyne, West Linn

    Seve Brook, Portland

    Carly Brown, Portland

    Lina Brown, Lake Oswego

    thomas Bruner, Portland

    Rep. Sco Bruun, West Linn

    Nancy Bryan, Portland

    tamra BuschJohnsen,


    duncan Campbell, Portland

    Janis Carlson, Hillsboro

    Kim Carlson, West Linn

    Heii Carr, West Linn

    John Carr, West Linn

    gre Chaill, Portland

    Vickie Chamberlain,Portland

    Kimberly Clarizio,


    teka Clevience, Fairview

    truman Collins, Portland

    Kim Conner, Estacada

    Carol Cooper, Portland

    Ken Cosa, Clackamas

    dea Cox, West Linn

    debbie Crai, Lake Oswego

    Lauren Creany, Portland

    Lynn da, Portland

    Laurie davala, Tigard

    Seve davala, Tigard

    tracie davalos, Clackamas

    Jonahan davies, West Linn

    Beh deal, Beaverton

    Erika deBellis,Forest Grove

    Chris deMars, Portland

    Harry demores, Portland

    gun denhar, Portland

    davi dickson, West Linn

    Mollie dickson, West Linn

    Chris diway, Oregon City

    Larry diway, Oregon City

    Aaron doerr, Tualatin

    John donovan, Portland

    Maureen downes, Portland

    Bill drew, Forest Grove

    Anna druse, West Linn

    Verne duncan, Milwaukie

    Bill Early, Portland

    Jorie Ellis, Lake Oswego

    Nae Emhof, West Linn

    John Emrick, Portlandgary Eppelsheimer,

    West Linn

    thomas Erwin, Beaverton

    Lisia Farley, Portland

    dick Feeney, Portland

    Jennier Fenress,

    Forest Grove

    Jusin Ferko, Portland

    Erin FizparickBjorn,


    Jef FizparickBjorn,


    Lori Flexer, Portland

    Rep. Lina Flores,


    Bob Fonana, West Linn

    Orcilia Zunia Forbes,

    PortlandMark Frischmuh, Portland

    Joyce Furman, Portland

    Laurie garre, Portland

    geri gaes, Wilsonville

    Marha gay, Durham

    diane gauhier, West Linn

    Sco gibson, Portland

    Heaher gilroy, Portland

    Karen gray, Portland

    Seve greenwoo,


    tracie Hall, Milwaukie

    Jim Harrop, West Linn

    Lina Harrop, West Linn

    gre Hawley, Beaverton

    Weny Ramae Hawkins,


    Jim Haynes, SherwoodSco Haynes, Sherwood

    Kaaren Heikes, Portland

    Joe Herzber, Portland

    Rany Hiz, Portland

    Mark Holloway, Portland

    gail Holmes, West Linn

    Michell Hornecker,


    Clark Hoss, West Linn

    Jerry Huson, Portland

    Any Ipsina, Portland

    Kirbee Johnson, Portland

    Chris Jones, West Linn

    to Jones, West Linn

    Cynhia Joy, West Linn

    Kevin Joy, West Linn

    Mary Jubiz, Portland

    gre Kanor, PortlandPhil Keislin, Beaverton

    Neal Kenyguyer, Portland

    Ber Kile, Tigard

    Nicole Kin, Portland

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Shelly Kin, Portland

    tim Kin, Clackamas

    Jill Kirk, Portland

    Mark Klein, Portland

    don Kloer, Portland

    Krisin Kloer, Portland

    Kur Koehler, Hillsboro

    Amy Kohnsamm, Portland

    donal L. Krahmer, Jr.,


    Charles Kralovec, Canby

    Clem Lausber, Portland

    donna Libemay, Portland

    Blaine Linsey, PortlandLynn Loacker, Portland

    Amana Claire Loer

    terry Lomax, Tualatin

    Kaherine Lonos, Portland

    Frank Luzaich, Sherwood

    Jim Mabbo, Hillsboro

    Barbara Mahoney,


    Chris Maier, Portland

    Pam Maresh, Milwaukie

    gre Marshall, Hillsboro

    tammy Marshall, Hillsboro

    Mike Maryn, Clackamas

    gina Maioa, Portland

    Shannon McBrie, West Linn

    Charline Mcdonal,


    Robin McFall, Tigardtim McFall, Tigard

    Charles Mcgee, Portland

    Jack Mcgowan, Hillsboro

    Jan Mcgowan, Hillsboro

    Mark McKinley, West Linn

    teresa McKinley, West Linn

    Cahie Meyer, Portland

    gre Meyer, Portland

    diane Moore, Portland

    Sarah Moran, Clackamas

    For Morishia, Clackamas

    Colin Murray, West Linn

    Jessica Murray, West Linn

    Jack Musser, Forest Grove

    Ron Naso, Milwaukie

    Chris Neilsen, Portland

    Marci Nemhauser, Tigard

    Lisa Nevi, PortlandKen Noah, Gresham

    Amy Nunn, Portland

    Sue OHalloran, Gresham

    Barbara OHareWalker,


    Corrine Oishi, Forest Grove

    Jake OkenBer, Portland

    Nell Oram, Portland

    teresa Osborne, Portland

    Keih Ozols, Portland

    Bill Parish, Portland

    Ron Parker, Portland

    Eric Parsons, Portland

    Lynn Pass, West Linn

    Norma Paulus, Portland

    Brian Pearce, West Linn

    Pam Pearce, West Linn

    Karen Phillips, PortlandHannah Plan, Clackamas

    Lolenzo Poe, Portland

    Kiy Powell, Portland

    gerry Pra, Portland

    dr. Erin Prince,

    Lake Oswego

    Anela Priche, Banks

    Chuck Puney, Portland

    tom Quillin, Beaverton

    Jonahan Ramacher,


    Sue Raivio, West Linn

    Jason Rasco, Wilsonville

    Amy Reaney, Portland

    Isaac Reensrei, Portland

    Julie Ris, Tigard

    dave Roberson, Portland

    Lisa Roo, West LinnKrisa Anerson Ross,

    West Linn

    davi Roy, Portland

    Wes San, West Linn

    Jim Scherziner, Portland

    Amber Schnacker, Portland

    Seve Schramm, West Linn

    Michael Sievers, Portland

    Rosie Sizer, Portland

    Shirley Skimore, Tigard

    Aaron Sleeper, Portland

    Cheria Collins Smih,


    Kyle Smih, Portland

    Ken Snyer, Portland

    Phyllis Snyer, Portland

    Laura Sokolowski, Portland

    Jesus Solis, PortlandCany Solovjos, Portland

    dou Samm, Portland

    Sarah Sephan, Portland

    Crisie Sevens, West Linn

    Charlie Sinson, Canby

    Nikkie Sroup

    Nancy Sueber, Portland

    dr. Roslyn Suherlan,


    Bill Swinells, Portland

    Chris taylor, Portland

    Robin teaer, Marylhurst

    davi thompson, Portland

    Erin thompson, Portland

    dr. Ken thornbur,


    Ken thrasher, Portland

    Besy tihe, PortlandPeer toll, West Linn

    JoLynn tolman, Fairview

    Kay toran, Portland

    Carol turner, Portland

    Ehan Velia, Lake Oswego

    Lee diane Collins Ves,


    Jessica Voas, Portland

    Kim Vonheeer, Portland

    Nancy VonSeernBarley,

    West Linn

    Amy Sample War,


    Malia Wasson, Portland

    Rob Waibel, West Linn

    davi Weber, Portland

    Rosy Whie, West Linn

    Carrie Anne Wilcox, Gresham

    Mary Wilcox, Portland

    dave Willar, Forest Grove

    Jamila Williams, Portland

    Sian Williams, Portland

    Barb Wilson, Wilsonville

    trevor Winnie, Portland

    dr. Roer Woehl, West Linn

    Peer Won, Portland

    gran Yoshihara, Portland

    Julie Youn, Portland

    Willaette valley

    Russ Allen,Albany

    Euaro Anulo, Salem

    Elizabeh Balan, Salem

    Ricaro Becerril, SalemMich Beneic,Albany

    glays Blum, Salem

    Chuck Borber, Gervais

    Janis Braich, McMinnville

    Sue Ellen Buel,


    Barbara Bull, Corvallis

    Carol Campbell, Newberg

    Liz Cawoo, Eugene

    Maria Cervanes Valez,


    Karla Chambers, Corvallis

    Francis Charbonnier,


    Cori Clausen, Salem

    Rich Clausen, Salem

    Marha Collins, Eugene

    Jef Corner, SalemSue Corner, Salem

    dan Corrian, McMinnville

    dean Crai, Salem

    Ciny dahl, Corvallis

    Ea davisLowe, Corvallis

    Susan dixon,Albany

    June doyle, Salem

    Vicoria doyle, Salem

    Susan Fahey, Eugene

    Anela Fiel, McMinnville

    gerry Frank, Salem

    Beh Frischmuh,


    dave Frohnmayer, Eugene

    diane gerson,

    Sweet Home

    Peer glaser, Eugene

    Susan glaser, EugeneNancy golen, Springfeld

    Jackie gooman, Salem

    Juy guia, Pedee

    Bey Haus, Salem

    Kahryn Herick,

    Junction City

    denise HoferHay,Albany

    Larry Horon, Sweet Home

    Bruce Hufman,


    Phil Huchinson,


    tom Irwin, Newberg

    tammy Jaquih, Corvallis

    dan Johnson, Salem

    Ruh Johnson, Salem

    dick Keis, Corvallis

    Fre Kin, SalemKahy Kollasch,


    Seve Lamb, Salem

    Ray Lanerale, Salem

    Krina Lemons, Salem

    Eric Linauer, Salem

    dean Livelybrooks,


    Bra Lomax, Salem

    Seve Macy, McMinnville

    Marare Mahoney,


    Casey Manrin, McMinnville

    te Marr, McMinnville

    Kelli Mahews, Eugene

    Rober Mayers, Salem

    Mike McLaran, Salem

    Kd McNally, Salemgre Meenahan, Newberg

    Myrna Miller, Dundee

    Ria Moore, Salem

    Raquel Mooregreen,


    Sharon Moran,


    Molly Morris, Salem

    Frank Nelson, McMinnville

    William Neuhauser, Yamhill

    gary Neuschwaner,


    Michelle Palmer, Keizer

    davi Penler,


    grechen Pierce, Eugene

    geore Puenes, Salem

    Karen Pusley, NewbergShelley Ree, Eugene

    Kae Richarson, Salem

    Joel Robe, Eugene

    Ozzie Rose, Salem

    Hila Rosselli, Salem

    Rober (Skip) Run,


    Maryalice Russell,


    Lina Samek, Salem

    Ron Sauer, Springfeld

    Vicoria Shinn, Salem

    Sam Skillern, Salem

    Mary Smih, Eugene

    terrel Smih, Newberg

    Sam Sern, Corvallis

    Jean tae, Eugene

    dale tomlinson,McMinnville

    Herb tucker, Oakridge

    Pai tucker, Oakridge

    Lisa VanWinkle, Eugene

    Aruro Varas, Corvallis

    Eli WeinerLininer,


    Carl Wilborn, Silverton

    Southern Oreon

    Bray Aams, Grants Pass

    Jim Aams,Ashland

    Mark Ahal, Klamath Falls

    Joyce Akse, Roseburg

    Max Baker, Klamath Falls

    Paricia Basch, Roseburg

    Bob Baumann,AshlandCarla Bee, Roseburg

    Kenall Bell, Klamath Falls

    debbie Benniho,

    Grants Pass

    Jonahan Bilen, Trail

    Pee Bober, Roseburg

    Jenny Bream, Coos Bay

    Mike Brion, Klamath Falls

    tim Brower, Klamath Falls

    Joe Cayne,

    Winchester Bay

    Sanra Claypool,Ashland

    Jennier Cole,

    Klamath Falls

    Lance Colley, Roseburg

    Bruce Cronk, Roseburg

    Sacey Crowe, Roseburg

    Amy Cuy,AshlandSue densmore, Medord

    Janice dole, Grants Pass

    Jim dole, Grants Pass

    Owen M. dykema,


    Bra Earl, Medord

    dennis Eberhar,


    Seve Erb, Medord

    theresa Erickson,

    Eagle Point

    Lina Evans, Medord

    Joe Foley, Medord

    Allyn For, Roseburg

    Brena Frank, Chiloquin

    Norm gershon, Roseburg

    Julie gilman, Klamath Falls

    Jef golen,AshlandRoer goul, Coos Bay

    Lina Halock,

    Klamath Falls

    Bu Har, Klamath Falls

    Blanca Harlan, Phoenix

    Alan Harper,Ashland

    Jui Harper,Ashland

    Lyn Hennion, Medord

    Jon Hill, Roseburg

    H. doulas Hie,

    Klamath Falls

    Lee Hoson, Eagle Point

    Paul Huar, White City

    Carol Imani, Klamath Falls

    Sephanie Johnson,


    Bob Kinze, Klamath Falls

    Carolyn Kohn, Grants PassClif Kuhlman, Grants Pass

    Sue Kupillas, Medord

    Louise Lesher,

    Klamath Falls

    Raul Lopez, Medord

    Seve Lowell,

    Klamath Falls

    Karen Lynch, Klamath Falls

    Kle Marquez,

    Klamath Falls

    Susan Massey, Coos Bay

    Jef McKeown, Coos Bay

    Laura Millee, Phoenix

    Jane Morse, Roseburg

    Ranee Neiermeyer,

    Grants Pass

    Eric Nelson, Klamath Falls

    Seven Nelson, MedordMary Ann Olsen,

    Eagle Point

    Annee Oreson, Talent

    Lee Paerson, Roseburg

    Jean Phillips, Klamath Falls

    Seve Pine, Medord

    Jean Pinnier,

    Klamath Falls

    Any Pos, Coos Bay

    Krisi Re, Klamath Falls

    Melissa Robers, Roseburg

    Ann Ru, Klamath Falls

    Crisina Sanz, Medord

    Sue Schiess, Klamath Falls

    tom Schiess, Klamath Falls

    Seve Schillin,

    Grants Pass

    trish Seiler, Klamath Fallstimm Slaer, North Bend

    Norm Smih, Roseburg

    Howar Sohn, Roseburg

    Carolyn Sieber,

    Eagle Point

    John Swee, Coos Bay

    Michelle Swee, Coos Bay

    Lori theros, Klamath Falls

    Bill thornike, Medord

    Ben truwe, Medord

    debbie Vouh,

    Klamath Falls

    Ro Wen, Klamath Falls

    Carol Whipple, Elkton

    Jason Yaeer, Medord

    Central OreonJeanne Burch, Fossil

    Jay Casbon, Bend

    Jef Casserly, Terrebonne

    gre Col, Hood River

    Elaine drakulich, Sisters

    Bob Eberhar, Redmond

    Vickie Flemin, Redmond

    Lorie Hancock,

    Camp Sherman

    Naomi Jacks, Madras

    Anela Jacobsen, Bend

    dan Jones, Bend

    Nori Juba, Bend

    Molly Kee, Prineville

    Mike Keown,Arlington

    Pey Kinkae, Bend

    dan Klinler, Bend

    Ruh Linley, BendWayne Looney, Prineville

    Lorena Lowell, Hood River

    Mary MacNab, Wasco

    Mike Malmquis, Bend

    Cahy Miller, Redmond

    Jack Mills, Mt. Hood

    Keih Mobley, Duur

    Lina Moore, Bend

    Merry Ann Moore, Sisters

    dou Nelson, Bend

    Susan Nobles, Redmond

    Julie Quai, Madras

    Sco Pillar, Sisters

    Forres Roers, Bend

    Lisa Sae, Redmond

    Jae Schneriner, Sisters

    Zoe Schumacher, Culver

    gre Sco,Crooked River Ranch

    Jef Smih, Sisters

    Mara Sein, Bend

    Cheryl Sewar, Sisters

    Juy Sieler, Bend

    dennis tooley, Redmond

    Jack trumbull, Hood River

    Amy tykeson, Bend

    Parrish VanWer, Madras

    Jan Velhuisen,

    Hood River

    Holly Weimar, Fossil

    Melanie Wimer, Madras

    Eastern Oreon

    N. Alvarma, Ontario

    Jerry Archer, PendletonSharon Allen,Arlington

    tricia Baker, Pendleton

    Anna Baum, LaGrande

    Heii Beeo, The Dalles

    Clif Benz, Ontario

    Barbara Cenia,


    dan Cenia, Pendleton

    Kaherine Collins, Ontario

    Susan Cook, Pendleton

    Seve Corey, Pendleton

    Lyn Crai, Fossil

    glynna day, Ontario

    Ann Easly deBisschop,


    Shelley Ena, Pendleton

    Jenny galloway,

    PendletonBrena giesen,Adams

    Al gosiak, Pendleton

    Mary Jane guyer,

    Baker City

    Nancy Haile, Ontario

    Ken Har, Ontario

    Barb Hiinboham,


    Michael Jaeer, LaGrande

    Sco Koch, Lakeview

    Anrew Kovach, Ontario

    Juy Krusiner, John Day

    Ciny Lenhar, Pendleton

    darcy LonCuriss,

    The Dalles

    John McKinnon,


    debbie Merrill, PendletonJoe Mones, Pendleton

    Sini Morhors, Ontario

    Sammie Mosley, LaGrande

    John Philips, Ontario

    Kelly Poe, Ontario

    Chuck Rouse, Richland

    Kahy Sreem, Condon

    PK Swarz, The Dalles

    Anie Upmor, Ontario

    tracie Unerwener,

    John Day

    Ann Vloeman, Burns

    Herb Vloeman, Burns

    Rich Wanschneier,


    Ron Wassom, Burns

    Bill Wilber, Burns

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    Now is the time to speak out for

    our children, our schools and ourstate. Together, we can raise

    student achievement in Oregon

    and make our K-12 schools among

    the nations best. Join us.

    Become a citizens corps Volunteer

    Chalkboards Citizens Corps is 500+

    members strong, including Oregonians from

    the coast to the Eastern plains. Members

    support Chalkboards school improvement

    proposals in their communities and help

    connect us to local opportunities to engage

    fellow citizens.

    Join by calling us at 1-877-YOURK12 or

    emailing us at [email protected].

    You may also join online by visiting:


    speaK outfor Our Schools

  • 8/14/2019 Our Voices, Our Schools: Chalkboard's Education Report to the Community 2009-2010


    OpenBooksProject.org I ChalkboardProject.org