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Page 1: Outfitting Checklist - West Marine Outfitting Program

Pam WallOutfitting Manager

[email protected](954) 527-5540

Page 2: Outfitting Checklist - West Marine Outfitting Program

ANCHORING AND DOCKING 0 Spare Dinghy Pump 0 Coax Cableo Anchor Ball 0 Spare Throttle Cable 0 Coax Quick Connectso Anchor Float 0 Spark Plugs (Minimum of 6) 0 Computer and Softwareo Anchor Light Spare 0 Tef Gel (Weatherfax, Charts, Logs, etc.)o Anchor Rode Bag 0 VHF - Handheld 0 Depthsounder - Handheldo Anchor Rode Chain Hook 0 VHF Floater Case 0 Depthsounder - Permanent Mount

with Nylon Line 0 Zincs 0 Dielectric Silicone Compound0 Anchor Rode Thimbles 0 Fishfinder0 Anchor Swivel ELECTRICAL 0 FRS Radios0 Boat Hook o 12/2 Marine Grade Wire (100') 0 Global Telephone0 Chain Stopper o Appropriate Power Cord Pigtails 0 GPS - Handheld0 Dock lines (Bow, Stern, Springs) o Battery Cables 0 GPS - Permanent Mount0 Extra Shackles o Battery Monitor 0 GPS Floater Case0 Fender Covers o Battery Switches 0 Mariner's Product Protection0 Fender Pump o Circuit Breaker for Electronics Items0 Fender Whips o Deep Cycle Batteries 0 Radar0 Fenders o Electrical Connectors (Assorted) 0 Radar Antenna0 Primary Anchor o Electrical Fittings Kit or Spares 0 Single Side Band or Ham Radio0 Primary Anchor Rode: o Electrical Handbook 0 SSB Antenna or Insulated Backstay

Rope/Chain or All Chain o Electrical Tape 0 SSB Antenna Tuner0 Secondary Anchor o Extension Cords 0 SSB Antenna tuner lead cable0 Secondary Anchor Rode: o Extra Alternator 0 Stereo & CD Player

Rope, Chain, or Rope and Chain o Extra Wicks for Oil Lamps 0 Stereo Speaker Wire0 Seizing Wire o Extra Wind Generator Blades 0 Stereo Speakers0 Windlass o Flashlights 0 Thin Screen TV

o Fuses 0 Thru-Deck FittingsDINGHY & OUTBOARD o Fuses and/or Circuit Breakers 0 VHF - Handheldo Dinghy (Assorted) 0 VHF - Permanent Mounto Dinghy Anchor and Rode 0 Globes for Oil Lamps 0 VHF Antenna - Emergency Mounto Dinghy Bow and Seat Bags 0 Handheld Rechargeable Spotlight 0 VHF Antenna and Coaxo Dinghy Cover 0 Inverter 0 VHF Command Mico Dinghy Navigation Lights 0 Light Bulbs (extra for each fixture) 0 VHF Extension Speakerso Dinghy Repair Kit 0 Lighting Fixtures 0 VHF Floater Caseo Extra Impeller 0 Mini Inverter 0 Wind, Speed, Depth Instrumentso Extra Propeller 0 Multi Testero Extra Sheer Pins Outboard Props 0 Nylon Wire Ties (Assorted) DIESEL ENGINESo Flares 0 Oil Lamp o 30w or 40w Oil (enough for 6o Flashlight 0 Oil Lamp Fuel changes, change every 100 hours)o Fuel Tank 0 Oil Lamp Globes 0 Assorted Hose to Hose Barbso GPS: Handheld 0 Oil Lamp Wicks (3-5 each size)o GPS Floater Case 0 Shore Power Adapters 0 Baja Fuel Filtero Horn 0 Shore Power Cord Bag 0 Channel Locks and Pipe Wrencho Life Jackets 0 Solar Panels (required sizes)o Lifting Sling for Dinghy 0 Soldering Iron 0 Container For Used Oilo Lock-Up Device 0 Spare 11 O-Volt Electric Cords (Enough for one change, transfero Lower Gear Lubricant 0 Spare Alternator and Regulator next change to empty container)o Lower Unit Oil 0 Spare Batteries 0 Diver's Dream Zinco Oar Locks 0 Spare Bulbs 0 Electrical Tape (10 Rolls)o Oars 0 Spare Electrical Connectors 0 Engine Filterso Outboard Motor 0 Spare Fuses 0 Engine Heater Hoseo Outboard Motor Davit 0 Wind Generator (20' of required sizes)o Outboard Motor Extension Handle 0 Engine Oilo Outboard Motor Sling ELECTRONICS 0 Engine Zincso Outboard Oil o Autopilot 0 Extra Complete Water Pumpo Outboard Oil Measurer o Cable Extensions 0 Extra Fuel Pump and/or Repair Kito Registration Board and Numbers o Chart Chips or Charting Software 0 Extra Piece of Water Exhaust Hoseo Replacement Pull Cord o Chart Plotter 0 Extra Prop and Tools to Changeo Required Repair &Service Manuals o Cigarette Lighter Adapter for 0 Extra Startero Shear Pins Handheld VHF 0 Fan Belts

(3 of each size on your boat)

Page 3: Outfitting Checklist - West Marine Outfitting Program

0 Fuel Filters (Enough for 4 changes) 0 Propane Matches 0 Fasteners & Hardware0 Fuel Hoses (all required sizes) 0 Refrigeration (Assorted Sizes)0 Fuel Injector Bleeder Screw 0 Sleeping Bags 0 Fiberglass Cloth (Assorted)

and Washers 0 Softside Cooler 0 Fiberglass Repair Kit0 Fuel Injectors (2 extra) 0 Storage Containers 0 Fiberglass Stain Remover0 Fuel Jerry Cans 0 Thermal Drinking Glasses 0 Holtite Handles0 Fuel Stabilizers 0 Timer 0 Marinetex0 Fuel Transfer Pump 0 Towels 0 Masking Tapes (Assorted)0 Gasket Material 0 Washing Machine 0 Paint Brushes (Assorted Sizes)0 Hand Cleaner and Rags 0 Waterproof matches 0 Paint Thinner0 Head Gasket 0 Wine Opener 0 Quicktite Super Glue0 Head Gasket Spray 0 Ziploc Bags 0 Sandpaper0 Hose Clamps 0 Scotch Brite Pads

(10 of each required size) NAVIGATION 0 Scrub Brushes0 Lithium Grease o Binoculars With Compass 0 Sealant!Ad hesive0 Oil Absorbent Rags o Celestial Navigation 0 Self Amalgamating Tape0 Oil Filters (enough for 6 changes, Instruction Book 0 Silicone Sealant

change every 100 hours) 0 Chart Slicker 0 Sponges (Assorted)0 Oil Funnel 0 Chart Table Light 0 Underwater Repair Kit0 Oil Removal Pump 0 Charts (Waterproof If Possible) 0 Varnish or Wood Finish0 Oil Spill Absorbers 0 Compass 0 Vinyl Cleaner0 Prop Zincs (Several Back-Ups) 0 Courtesy Flags 0 Vinyl Protectant0 Propeller Shaft & 0 Cruising Guides 0 Waxed Lacing Twine

Transmission Coupler 0 Dividers 0 West System Epoxy Resin0 Required Repair & Service Manuals 0 Floating Binocular Strap 0 West System Fillers0 Required Wrenches 0 Hand Bearing Compass 0 White Paint0 Reverse Oil Transfer Pump 0 H0249 Tables 0 Wood Glue0 Roll of Safety Tape 0 Light Lists 0 Wood or Lumber0 Shaft Packing (2 extra packages) 0 Log Book0 Shaft Packing Extractor Tool 0 Magnifying Glass PLUMBING0 Water Pump Bearings, Pins, 0 Nautical Almanac o Air Disinfectant

Gaskets & Seals 0 Night Vision Scope o Bilge Hose0 Water Pump Impellers 0 Parallel Ruler o Bucket Potty0 Water Separator Filters 0 Pencils & Sharpener o Deck Fill Key

(Enough for 4 changes) 0 Pilot Book o Deck Wash Down Pump0 Pilots and Cruising Guides o Extra Hose

GALLEY &INTERIOR 0 Plotting Sheets o Foot Pumpso Barbeque 0 QFlag for Quarantine o Head and Holding Tank Treatmento Barbeque Grill Cleaner 0 Sextant o Head Lubeo Barbeque Tools 0 Starfinder o Head Pumpo Blankets 0 Tables o Head Repair Kito Bottle Opener 0 Tide Tables o Headso Can Opener 0 Time Piece o Hose Clampso Clock & Barometer 0 Triangles o Hose Cuttero Cook Books o Jerry Canso Cooking Utensils PAINT AND MAINTENANCE o Macerator Pumpo Dishtowels o Acetone o Primary Bilge Pumpo Dishware o Black Streak Remover o Primary Float Switcho Disposable Propane Tank o Boat Hook o Secondary Bilge Pumpo Drink Holders (Interchangeable for Deck Brush) o Secondary Float Switcho Fitted Sheets 0 Brass Polish o Spare Hose Clamps ando Flatware 0 Bronze Wool Hose Clamp Driveo Gear Hammocks 0 Cleaners and Wax 0 Teflon Tapeo Glassware 0 Deck Brush 0 Thru-Hullso Ice Cube Trays or Bags 0 Duct Tape 0 Toilet Bowl Cleanero Lee Cloths 0 Emergency Repair Kit 0 Toilet Papero Non-Skid Placemats 0 Epoxy Brushes 0 Toilet Spareso Pillows 0 Epoxy Pumps, Brushes and 0 Ventso Pots & Pans Mixing Sticks 0 Water filter system

Page 4: Outfitting Checklist - West Marine Outfitting Program

Pam WallOutfitting Manager

[email protected](954) 527-5540

o Water Jerry Canso Water Pumpo Water Pump Repair Kito Watermakero Watermaker Filterso Wooden Plugs For Thru-Hulls

SAFETYo Abandon Ship Bago Bosun's Chairo Bucketo Carbon Monoxide/Propane Detectoro Comprehensive Medical Kito EPIRBso Fire Extinguisherso Flar'e Containero Flares

(Red, White, Orange, Parachute)o Horno Inflatable Life Jacketso Inflatable Life Jackets

with Built in Harnesso Jacklineso Life Jacket Strobeso Life Jacketso Liferafto Liferaft Bedpano Liferaft Mirroro Liferaft Cradleo Lifesling Tackleo Lifeslingso MOB System (Horseshoe Life Ring,

Man Overboard Pole, Drogue, DyeMarker, Whistle, etc.)

o MOM (Man Overboard Module)o Padlocko Pur 6 Watermakero Radar Reflectoro Reflective Tapeo Safety Harnesseso Space Blanketso Tetherso Whistleso Wood Plugs for

Through Hull Fittings

STANDING AND RUNNINGRIGGING SPARESo 4" Dacron Sail Repair Tapeo Bosun Chairo Bungee Cordo Clevis Pins and Cotter Rings

(Assorted Sizes)o Fids, Marlinspikes, and

Rigging Tools (Assorted)o Halyard Lineo Hand Swaging Toolo Lifeline Spares & Toolo Main Sheet Block, Spring & Shackleo McLube Spray Lubricant

o Monel Seizing Wire (2 Rolls)o Nicro-Press Sleeveso Sail Repair Kito Sail Repair Tapeo Sail Thread and Needles

(Assorted Sizes)o Self-Amalgamating Tapeo Shackles (assorted sizes & styles)o Sheet Lineo SpinnakerlWhisker Pole Endo StaLok or Norseman Fittings,

Cones & Cupso StaLok Spareso Swaging Toolo Thimbles and Sleeves

(Assorted Sizes)o Turnbuckle Spareso Winch Greaseo Winch Handleso Winch Spare Kitso Windex Spareo Wire (length of standing rigging

with an eye on one end)o Wire Cutters (to cut standing

rigging if needed)

TOOLS AND LUBRICANTSo Large Wire Cuttero Chamois Clotho Complete Stainless Steel Tool Kito Cordless Drillo Cordless Drill Bitso Corrosion Block (2-4 Cans)o Electrical Tape (10 Rolls)o Hollow Splicing Fido Kerosene for Cleaningo Knife Sharpenero Mini Butane Torcho Mini Screwdriver Kito Hex Wrench Seto Portasolo Safety Tapeo Serrated Rigging Knifeo Sesame Lockso Sharpening Stone or Kito Snap and Zipper Lubricanto T-9 Boeshield (2-4 Cans)o WD-40 Lubricant (2-4 Cans)

VENTILATIONo Air Conditioningo Awningso Bimini Topso Day & Night Spare Batterieso Day & Night Ventso Dodgerso Fanso Hatch and Porthole Shadeso Screenso Wind Scoops

NICE TO HAVE ABOARDo Barbecueo Bicycleso Boarding Laddero Bug Sprayo Clock and Barometero Cockpit Tableo Deck Shoeso Fishing Equipmento Fitted Sheetso Flag and Staffo Foul Weather Gearo Gloveso Go-Anywhere Seats -

Folding Deck Chairso Kerosene Cabin Lighto Lee Clothso Lifeline Nettingo Mariner Life Identifiero Non-breakable Dishes

and Glasswareo Non-Skid for Galley Counterso Propane Matcho Rain Water Catch Systemo Sailing Gloveso Sea Bootso Sleeping Bagso Snorkeling Equipmento Solar Showero Sun Glasseso Sun hato Sun Tan Lotiono Thermal Drinking Glasses