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SE-mentor is a software engineering company that believes, practices, and evangelizes the Software Engineering principles and best-practices. To elaborate on the area of work, the company handles consulting assignments on any software engineering disciplines, such as
Rational Unified Process Implementation
Software Testing Methodology
Conforms to requirements?
Delivered in time?
ISO standard classifies software quality in a structured set of following factors
Common unprofessional approaches to testing
It is a common practice for software development firms to assign their junior staff to software testing.
People without prior experience on testing are assigned to the testing jobs. As such, they typically do not have a testing background, or a good understanding of the fundamental concepts and practices that make up good software testing, nor do they want to do testing.
Junior testers may be hesitant to point out problems in the work of their more-experienced co-workers.
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Systematic testing is tedious and time consuming.
Finding the right resources quantitatively and qualitatively for the team is often difficult.
Testing is expensive
Testing is usually found as an afterthought of the development process which could be the most ruinous decision for your product.
When have we tested enough?
Can we assure quality with the limited tests?
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The number of possible inputs is very large.
The number of possible outputs is very large.
The number of paths through the software is very large.
The software specification is subjective. It could be said that a bug is in the eye of the beholder.
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Se-mentor solution – Software Testing
Professionally trained and experienced people working on a process with the efficient use of tools and technology, this forms the se-mentor ecosystem.
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Have your product undergone professional testing?
Professional testing is a systematic process verifying each and every subtle parts of the software through proper planning and implementation.
Software testing is its own discipline, with its own methodologies that are separate and distinct from software development
Effective software testing requires objective assessment to be done through a judicious mixture of “user-perspective” and “constructive-destruction”.
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Why Outsource Testing (Third Party Testing)?
When developers and testers are in the same organization, testers can come under intense pressure to not delay or prevent delivery from occurring.
By outsourcing testing, companies will be creating the necessary and desired independence between the two disciplines, development and testing, that can contribute to delivering higher quality software
The cost to maintain well trained professional testing team is high.
Lack of trained professionals in the industry.
Demand for testing services that exceeds the
capability of the existing testing team
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Testing should always be unbiased which becomes difficult for in-house professionals.
It is always desirable to get the product tested by a fresh team for optimum results.
A different perspective of the testers have proven to be successful
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Hiring full-time testers involves providing them with company benefits and training which is a costly and time-consuming venture
Recruiting costs for qualified full-time testers are additional
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Quality vs. Cost
More quality at less expenses, Outsourced testing offers these dual advantages.
A dedicated test team with ample experience in the field but totally fresh for your product is the best choice for optimum quality.
Putting together a sufficient test lab or procuring all the necessary facilities could prove expensive and difficult to maintain which could be easily provided by our Test department.
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Why Automated Testing?
Testing is a repetitive activity. Regression testing is an inevitable part of the software development process. Automation of regression testing processes allows machines to complete the tedious, repetitive work while human personnel perform other tasks.
Automation allows the tester to reduce or eliminate the required “think time” or “read time” necessary for the manual interpretation of when or where to click the mouse or press the enter key.
An automated test executes the next operation in the test hierarchy at machine speed, allowing tests to be completed many times faster than the fastest individual.
Furthermore, some types of testing, such as load/stress testing, are virtually impossible to perform manually.
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Without a carefully planned scaleable and maintainable process driven approach towards a test, automation tools will continue to remain in the shelves.
A well prepared test plan can make efficient utilization of the test tools
Tool experts and domain experts should join together to prepare the test plan and best choice of the automation tool.
Dramatically reduce costs and time-to-market.
Allows time for planning and more creative tests by human testers
Saves money if done right
When applications need to be deployed across different hardware or software platforms, standard or benchmark tests can be created and repeated on target platforms
to ensure that new platforms operate consistently.
If an application is planned to be in production
for a long period of time, the greater the benefits are from automation.
Why se-mentor
Steered by professionals with over a decade of experience in the industry
Extensive experience in delivering software testing tools and QA software, in-house and client site testing solutions, software engineering consulting, and software testing training for a wide range of clients.
Possess the best of talent pool updated to deliver optimum quality.
Assured that no stones are left unrolled during the test process.
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Se-mentor advantage
Lower testing costs by offering testers and testing solutions at a percentage of the cost of hiring full-time testers.
Certified tool experts to make efficient use of test automation tools.
Utilize libraries and repositories of automated tests that can be leveraged or recycled for other testing needs, which also lowers the costs of various test automation tasks.
Helps you meet tight deadlines by utilizing our ample competent workforce
In se-mentor, software testing is not a step towards becoming a developer, but rather a chosen career path
with a clear progression of professional growth. So test
engineers with us are the best of breed human resources empowered with professional skills and methodologies.
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With multi-sourced application development (multi-sourcing), multiple “best-of-breed" outsourcing firms are hired, each to perform its own specialized tasks. Using this approach, a firm would hire both an independent software development company, and an independent software testing company. Each of these companies would be expert in their particular discipline.
Se-mentor undertakes testing assignments for multi-sourced projects.
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Se-mentor efficiently implements automation techniques and prepare automation scripts for the client.
Regression acceptance testing can be easily done by the client themselves without se-mentor’s assistance, since it is all efficiently automated.
Minor maintenance required for the scripts over time are easily supported by the se-mentor team.
Do once, use for ever paradigm is implemented by se-mentor here.
Multi-sourcing Company
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Se-mentor Test Methodologies
Se-mentor follows a well structured and planned process for each of our test assignments
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Se-mentor believes in the iterative model.
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Test planning
Test planning process aims at communicating the software test team's intent, its expectations, and its understanding of the testing that's to be performed.
For each Iteration:
Objectives for and deliverables of the testing effort are identified
A good utilization strategy for test resources is identified
The scope and boundaries for the test
effort are defined
How the progress will be monitored and
assessed is defined
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Courtesy: IBM Rational Unified Process
This diagram represents the default workflow for the Test discipline over the course of a typical iteration in the process.
This workflow may require variations based on the specific needs of each iteration and project.
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SAP Testing support
Se-mentor offers support for SAP testing automation with the following tools
IBM Rational Functional Tester extension for SAP
IBM Rational Functional Tester enables to create robust, low maintenance test scripts to ensure SAP functionality.
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IBM Rational Robot
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