P703 High Temperature All-Purpose Masking Tape ?· Superior ageing qualities assure long shelf life.…

Download P703 High Temperature All-Purpose Masking Tape ?· Superior ageing qualities assure long shelf life.…

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    P703 High Temperature All-Purpose Masking Tape

    Application Primarily intended for high temperature paint masking applications. A premium paper masking tape, P703 is also designed for general purpose masking as well as for holding and splicing especially with difficult-to-hold surfaces such as chemically-treated fabrics.

    Features and Benefits Good high baking temperature characteristics withstands repeated temperature cycles of up to

    300F for up to 1.5 hours without mass transfer or slivering upon removal.

    Superior ageing qualities assure long shelf life.

    Resistant to stains and solvents; odour-free.

    Good elongation maximum conformability around corners and over uneven surfaces.

    Excellent balance of quick-stick and high-hold.

    Tapes smoothness and thinness prevent paint build up along its edges.

    Doesnt highlight on appliance finishes.

    Technical Data Backing Material Impregnated crepe Kraft paper Adhesive Rubber / resin Colour Tan Total Tape Thickness 0.165mm Tensile Strength 20lbs/in / 3.93kg/cm Elongation 7.5% Unwind @ 150FPM 15oz/in / 170g/cm Adhesion to Steel 41oz/in / 458g/cm Adhesion to Backing 20oz/in / 223g/cm Typical Bake Resistance Time / Temperature 1.5hr at 300F, 2hr at 275F, 3hr at 250F Solvent Resistance Resistant to acrylic and alkyd paint solvent; fair resistance

    to ketones and highly active polyurethane paint solvents. High Temperature Hold Will support Kraft masking paint drapes at baking


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