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Definition of packed meals, foods suitable for packed meals points to consider when packing, and materials suitable.


  • 1. PACKED MEALS Mrs. M. PittM. Pitt

2. What are Packed Meals? A meal prepared at home (usually lunch) and are packaged and carried elsewhere to be eaten.M. Pitt 3. Events that May Require a Packed Meal Cricket match School outing (field trip) School/ work PicnicsM. Pitt 4. Points to Consider When Planning and Preparing Packed Meals Pack sufficient foods for the dietary needs of each person depending on age, gender, etc. That is, meal should provide a balanced meal. Include a variety of flavours, colours and textures.M. Pitt 5. Points to Consider Avoid products that can become contaminated readily. Avoid junk foods. ( foods that provide very little or except for sugar and fat)M. Pitt 6. Points to Consider Include foods that are ready to eat with minimum of cutlery and waste, bearing in mind that it will be consumed in an awkward place.M. Pitt 7. Materials and Equipment Suitable for Packaging Packed Meals Plastic lunch boxes Aluminum foil Polythene bags Vacuum flasks (thermos) foil cartons Insulated freezers bags Clingfilm Plastic bottles Insulated picnic M. Pitt 8. Guidelines for Packaging Packed Meals Wrap foods carefully in secure packaging such as aluminum foil and plastic cling wrap to prevent air from getting in and making them dry. All bottles and vacuum flasks should be carefully and tightly covered and sealed to prevent spills. Vacuum flasks or insulated bags should be used for hot or cold beverages, dishes or items.M. Pitt 9. Guidelines for Packaging Delicate food should be packaged over heavy ones so that it does not become crushed or damaged in transit. Pack salad dressings separately from vegetables. Salad dressing causes vegetables to wilt.M. Pitt 10. Suitable Foods The type of foods to take depends on mode of transport and place at which the meal is to be eaten. Whole fruits and vegetables. E.g. tomato, carrots, cucumber and lettuce. Sandwiches, rolls or pastry, with protein filling, for example eggs, chicken parts; salads example chicken, potato, egg. The can be used as main dishes. M. Pitt 11. Suitable Foods Fresh fruits for example mangoes, oranges as well as canned fruits can be used as dessert. Cupcakes, slice of cake, Swiss or jelly roll, doughnuts, cookies and biscuits can be used as dessert. Beverages such as fruit juices, iced tea, hot tea, coffee, cocoa.M. Pitt 12. References Alexander etal, (2002). Caribbean Home Economics in Action. Heinemann. Tull, Anita (1987). Food and Nutrition, Oxford.M. Pitt 13. Image als/Healthy_packed_lunch1.jpg acked_lunch.jpg RNATES/s615/lunchthis-2047677.jpg _1556717c.jpg M. Pitt

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