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<p>329</p> <p>330</p> <p>Maris Roja T. Alano BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Invictus Spiritus By: Paolo Supea Like flowers on a summers day she blooms Like stars in the night sky she shines Like dreams elusive she is an Enigma With the passion and the determination to save and an Unconquerable Spirit</p> <p>331</p> <p>Lorenzo E. Alvior III BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires. Epicurus</p> <p>332</p> <p>Jayson Vincent C. Angeles BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>To live without Jayson is unimaginable. Once you let him into your world, there is no turning back, you had better be ready to face the fact that you would never want to let him go. Jayson has magical powers that even if it seems that the sky has fallen down, he can make you stop crying and before you know it, you are able to smile again. He is always willing to hear you out and be the shoulder you can always lean on, but just in case you need a reality check, he would gladly give you one. You can argue with him but he will make so much sense that in end, you would realize that life is not all black and white, it has gray areas and color too. He is the best friend anyone could ask for. He is an angel Truly heaven sent.</p> <p>333</p> <p>Angela Cherie G. Aninao BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Angela Cherie is in the house, yall! Angie seems to have it all out there -- that mischievous smile, that insane laughter, and those outrageous lambing techniques. That kid-like outgoing is only the melted cinnamon on the roll. Angie goes out of her way to cozy up with her friends at any classy Katipunan cafe, makes them feel comfy and wanted, just to be in the know of whats up with them. Having a lot going on for her with her thesis, Ange still makes friends a big part of her everyday life. That mischievous smile -- is a home where her friends can stay</p> <p>334</p> <p>Richelle K. Arjona BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>If research has found out that people who love dogs are thoughtful, loving, and caring, then she must have been one of their subjects, for her existence is equated with canines. If the Hindus are right that reincarnation exists, then she must have been a hanky or a teddy in her past life, for she can dry your tears well and hug you to comfort during your low times. If laughter is the medicine, then she must be one heck of a serotonin-stimulant, for she can let you chuckle and giggle with her goofy tales and confessions. And if love is something to be earned, then Id labor for hers even if it would take me a lifetime, for I know precisely what a blessing it is to be loved by hersimply the best.</p> <p>335</p> <p>Anna Veronica C. Baterina BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Guitar. This is one musical instrument that you will find Nikka engrossed with when she is at home. Quite adept she is with it considering that guitar-playing is a selflearned skill. If not doing web-research or chatting online, she would be in front of the computer downloading music and guitar tabs. Simplicity would be a fitting caption to a photograph of Nikka contentedly embracing her guitar like a baby sister. Simplicity also defines part of her lifestyle. Sans make-up, she feels most comfortable in jeans and T-shirts. A DOST scholar, this diligent student enjoys tackling her double-degree course: Physics with Computer Engineering.</p> <p>336</p> <p>Christopher B. Biasbas BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>The goody-goody, mature and cultured Chris described in the previous Aegis does not quite capture the totality of this persons character. Some details, like the following, were mysteriously left out: 1. Chris despises pop icons from the Backstreet Boys to the Viva Hot Babes, but spends some free time figuring out the chords of novelty songs like Instant Ayos so he could also play while singing them. 2. This cultured guy is one of the corniest people you could ever meet. He actually exerts much effort trying to spontaneously cook up corny side-comments and jokes. For him its funny being corny. 3. When not being the mature life-and-love counselor, Chris is a wild and playful kid. Get him in a swimming pool and see. Yes, Chris is absolutely weird. But thats alright, his friends would say. Cultured or jologs, mature or childlikethey love him all the same.</p> <p>337</p> <p>Sarah L. Bragais BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>SPOILED. Funny because it took her a while to admit that shes spoiled. OPTIMISTIC. Since she gets almost everything she wants, she believes that with enough perseverance plus extra hard work, nothing is impossible. FUNNY. There is never a dull moment with her, the girl with the contagious laugh. SMART. She wont admit it, but she enjoys intellectual conversations. She appreciates people she can talk to about more than just boys and show business. SOFT. She cries easily. And when she does, she gives as much passion in crying as in laughing. INDEPENDENT. Shes been looking after herself since college. ADVENTUROUS. Shell go anywhere and do anything in an instant. SIMPLE. It doesnt have to be a class restaurant. It doesnt have to be a fast car. It doesnt have to be an expensive gift. Shes not cheap, more like a practical cowgirl, with taste.</p> <p>338</p> <p>Jeleen E. Cabalona BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Charming, witty, industrious, dependable, intelligent Just a glimpse of the vast array of pleasant characteristics possessed by this gifted creature named Jeleen. Although the top student from the batch 2001 graduating class of Philippine Science High School in the Eastern Visayas, one cannot see the tiniest tinge of arrogance from Jeleen. In fact, she appears timid and silent to those who do not know her. But really, looks can be deceiving. Jeleen is one of the fun-loving people from the class. She has the talent of conjuring the wittiest of jokes even from the simplest of comments. Inside the circuits laboratory, Jeleen can wireup logic gates in a flash. She dreams of working for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration someday. On campus, Jeleen is not only a responsible student but is also a dedicated officer of a school organization. Offcampus, Jeleens extra-curricular activity would be malls, malls, malls. This girl has her ways of knowing when and where good sale offers exist. Nevertheless, she seems to have her Achilles heel on Nike products. Around, it is as if her hearts says, Just do it.</p> <p>339</p> <p>Vernice T. Casareno BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Shes simple and quite ironic. When she said she cant lend you a hand, shed actually be the first to rush by your side. When she gets mad at you, just wait a few minutes and shell forget her fury. When she said nakakainis ka, it means she really is fond of you. When shes in high spirits, try to keep some distance from her. Shell most likely hit your arm with what she describes as light pats until it bleeds. Is she really nice? Ver-y-nice. This bedimpled girl is not one who would holler a huge hello when she runs into her friends. Shes quiet most of the time and it takes her a while to open up to a new friend. Though youd most likely take her as mataray, youd be surprised to see a person whos selfless and a natural malambing in her own silly ways. She has the strength to stand up for her friends even if it sometimes gets her into trouble and she always finds time to surprise or do something special for them. This girl lives up to her name. Shes Nice, shes special and shell always be dear to us.</p> <p>340</p> <p>Joyce Christine A. Castillo BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Joyce Christine Alba Castillo. While you may know her as Joyce, she has always been Ems or Emis to me. Aside from being my only best friend ever, she has also been a great inspiration in my life. Well, this lady is the type you get jealous of. Shes one of those who make you want to ask if God is really fair. Yes, she both has brains and beauty, and of course, a pure heart well, maybe not as pure as you may think. But seriously, shes an all-around gal. I mean, where do you find someone who knows calculus, basketball, cooking and fashion all at the same time? Yes she knows all four with equal expertise and yet, with a humble heart. Im not trying to advertise her or anything, but shes really one of a kind. Shes the kind that makes you smile, laugh, fume, love, cry, remember Yes, shes someone who makes things more memorable, someone who makes your journey in life richer.</p> <p>341</p> <p>Rachelle Marie C. Dela Rama BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>There is nothing that can disarm a person more than a warm smile radiating from a sweet and friendly face. This is the Rachelle that everyone remembers. She lives life welcoming those around her with her kindness, her sweetness, her disarming smile, add to those her palengkera laugh and surely everyone will feel at ease. She is that unique mix of a kikay, shop-like-crazy, vain, nerd, Kimiworshipping F1 fanatic, kind of girl. If that seems an unlikely mix already, has it already been mentioned that she is a Taekwondo black belter and a member of the varsity team since her high school days? Well if all this seems a little too intimidating, some comfort might be found in the fact that Rachelle might just probably be the most affectionate and sweet girl one will ever meet. So what kind of a person is Rachelle really? No one really seems to know. But there is one thing everyone agrees on, no one will want her to be any other way.</p> <p>342</p> <p>Ma. Fatima Johara R. de Lara BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Fatimas the only person in the Ateneo who would kill herself studying Physics with Computer Engineering just to become a writer. If I didnt know her better, Id say shes crazy. She was a silver medalist of Manila Science High Schoolwhich is equivalent to saying that she was trained to be good at being eccentric. But her quirky character is admirable. Fatimas sense of responsibility is her secret weapon for surviving in her course. Also, while she easily gets a B+ for a crammed paper, her peers are struggling just to get a C! Shes a natural writer that taking up any course doesnt harm her potentials of becoming an outstanding journalist. But above all these blessings, Fatima remains as the lovable, sincere, caring and funny person to her friends. To her loved ones, Fatimas the best gift they could ever ask for. I am a woman, hear me roar is one of Fatimas favorite quotes. The whole world better watch out for her! written by Krishna Pabalan</p> <p>343</p> <p>Joseph Patrick D. Echevarria BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>There are 6 billion people in the world, but how many do you know a. are willing to volunteer to be a hit and run victim outside Gate 3 just to prove to the MMDA that we need a pedestrian lane? b. can explain the theory of relativity and link it to Shakespeare? c. have read Fr. Reuters At 3:00 AM 57 times? d. can be both nerd and chickboy at the same time? e. would rather treat you to a 3-course dinner at Maxs than have you treat him to a cup of coffee? f. whose idea of a gimmick is a one-on-one conversation at Seattles Best about the meaning of life? g. whos 22 going on 52? Once in a while you find someone whos genuinely happy with life. If youre lucky, youd find someone whos in love with every minute of every day. Then there are those that perhaps come only once in a lifetime. God must really be on our side. (by Elsa Magtibay)</p> <p>344</p> <p>Carlos Alphonso F. Ezequiel BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>The time I had spent as a student of Ateneo was one of the most challenging and enriching experiences of my life. Not only did I learn to appreciate the rigors of academic life, I also found value in participating in some of the organizations and athletic clubs of the university. I had always believed in the principle of a sound mind in a sound body. Despite focusing most of my efforts towards study, I always spend a little amount of time each day to exercise. Basketball is my preferred sport, but I also enjoy doing tai-chi, yoga and weight training when I have the free time. I am the type of person that doesnt quit easily until a certain task is completed. I often lose sleep making sure that the work is already as good as it can possibly get. I believe that there is never enough time to do all the things we have to do, but we can devote our time to doing the most important thing. If we follow our hearts towards what we want to be instead of what wed like to have, then I think we would achieve a certain sense of liberty.</p> <p>345</p> <p>Feliz Grace D. Flores BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>In a block so boisterous, and jovial, the shy ones can so easily be overlooked. Feliz, however, has never had this problem. Though she may be one of the most reserved in our course, her unassuming nature and her endearing personality makes her as conspicuous as the rest of us who choose to wreak havoc on the hallowed halls of Faura. She is the voice of reason, the silent conscience of the group, yet always ready to join in the fray when the moment calls for her to do so. Feliz has a heart so much bigger than her body, so big that most of the time, it spills over to those around her. She is the kind of student so many teachers would dream of having: responsible, diligent, and determined, even if the odds are piled against her. It is no big surprise, therefore, that she usually comes out of them unscathed. Shy, she most certainly is. But, nonetheless, she possesses a strength that can only come from an innate goodness deep within. A good that youd rarely see in people nowadays, but youd certainly see in her.</p> <p>346</p> <p>Marvin Boni A. Go BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>True, we love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness. - Friedrich Nietzsche</p> <p>347</p> <p>Edgardo P. Guevarra, Jr. BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Unti-unting magliliwanag ang tanghalan. Sasaliw ang nakabibighaning kundiman. Maririnig din ang pagsalpok ng daluyong sa batuhan. Mula sa madilim na bahagi ng entablado, lilitaw ang isang anino. Masisilayan siya ng naglalarong pusyaw-kislap ng kahel, dilaw at pula; takipsilim na. Ang tauhan natin ay isang mangingibig. Sa pagsinta sa sarili, hindi lumalabis ni nagkukulang. Sa pagliyag sa mga kaibigan, matalik man o karaniwan, nag-uumapaw ang gatang. Irog naman ang turing niya sa karunungan, sa libog para sa dulaan, at sa bawat tamis-pait na karanasan sa dulang itong tinatawag na BUHAY. Subalit may tensiyon ang kanyang katauhan, hindi raw niya naipararamdam ang kanyang paghirang. Panlabas man o usapin ng kalooban itong nasabing kasawian, mananatili ang ating tauhan, sa kanyang espasyo sa batuhan, sa patuloy na pagharap sa susunod na yugto ng kinabukasan, habang pinagmamasdan ang pagtatalik ng araw at karagatan.</p> <p>348</p> <p>Pia Marie F. Larin BS Physics with Computer Engineering</p> <p>Pia is...</p>


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