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  1. 1. Play Dough Recipes Playdough 2 cups flour 1 cup salt 2 cups hot water 1 teaspoon Cream of Tartar 1 tablespoon cooking oil Red Food colouring Strawberry Flavouring Mix all the ingredients together with hot water. Add more flour if required, knead on floured board. This will keep up to one month if stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Claydough 1 cup cornflour 2 cups bicarbonate of soda 1 cups water Food colouring Mix all the ingredients together. Cook over medium heat, stirring all the time. Use to make shapes and leave to dry. This dough will harden overnight. Can be painted. Stretchydough 2 cups self raising flour Water to mix Food colouring Put flour into a bowl, add water and colouring. Mix to a stretchy dough consitency. This will not keep. Gloop Mix cornflour with water. Colouring can be added later to revive interest. This mixture pours like liquid, yet is dry and crumbly to touch. This can be put straight into a tray to play with.