politics in the 1920s

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Politics in the 1920s. The Age of Republican Prosperity. A Return to Normalcy?. Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy 1920 Election Who were the candidates? What were the issues? Harding Who was he? What did he represent?. The Worst President?. The Cabinet Who were they? Economic Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Politics in the 1920sThe Age of Republican Prosperity

  • A Return to Normalcy?Wilsons Moral Diplomacy1920 ElectionWho were the candidates?What were the issues?Harding Who was he?What did he represent?

  • The Worst President?The CabinetWho were they?Economic PolicyMellonomicsTax PolicyFordney-McCumberReparationsCorruption

  • President CoolidgeWho was he?1924 ElectionProblems of Agriculture

  • A Chicken in every PotWho was Herbert Hoover?1928 ElectionThe Legacy: The CrashWhat did Hoover do?How did he fail?