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  • 1. Portraits of Time You will use everything youve learned about composition and light to create a series of self-portraits and still life photographs. These images will capture the essence of your best moment, a favorite place, etc. as if you could make time stand still and savor just that.
  • 2. Inspiration: The Best Time of The Day by Raymond Carver
  • 3. Idea Starters: In your sketchbooks, either drawing or with words, show me your best time of day or time of life. If you could make time stand still and savor a moment What would it be? What would you look like? Where would you be? What would you be doing? How would you be feeling? Who would you be with? ** Include at least 5 different ideas. **
  • 4. Objectives: To practice the skills you have learned, you will take a series of self-portraits and still life photographs that capture a moment in time. To help you understand the concept of capturing a moment, you will analyze the work of Elliott Erwitt.
  • 5. Elliott Erwitt
  • 6. What You Will Do: Using what you have learned about composition and lighting, take a minimum of 40 pictures that reflect your best time of day. As part of your 40 (or more) pictures self-portrait of your hands self-portrait of your feet self-portrait of your face self-portrait of your whole body still life images related to overall theme *** These should all focus on the SAME moment one of your best moments in time. ***
  • 7. What You Will Do: Use demonstration and tutorial as a guide to edit your images, then combine them to create a final Portrait of Time Your final piece should include between 3 and 5 images that emphasize the meaning and mood of your best moment.
  • 8. Due Dates & Evaluation: Sketchbooks: 20 points Friday, October 17th * I will meet with each of you individually during class to discuss your plan and ideas and help you work though how to accomplish them. * 40 Image Contact Sheet PLUS Best 5 Images: 100 points Tuesday, October 21st Final Portrait of Time: 100 points Thursday, October 23rd
  • 9. Examples