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<ul><li> 1. Architecture and<br />Urbanplanning<br />DUNDAS SQUARE<br />Toronto, Canada<br />In SECOND LIFE<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. INTRODUCTION<br />HI EVERYBODY <br />Im Jessenia Clemente, I study urban planning at Simn Bolvar University (USB), Caracas, Venezuela.<br />This work summarize the content of the English for architects and urban planners course<br />Trough the analysis ofdundas square(Toronto, Canada), youre going to see the concepts we worked in class, such as color, texture, light, rhythm, circulation, space and scale.<br />Enjoy it!!! <br />scale<br />color<br />texture<br />circulation<br />light<br />rhythm<br />space<br /> 3. Yonge-Dundassquare<br />Is a privately owned and administered public square in downtown Toronto, Canada<br />Commonly called Dundas square<br /> 4. It has the gray of thecityduringtheday, because of thegranite and the concrete.. And it has manyplantstoo..<br /> 5. In thenight, youseethe square surroundedbyanimatedadvertisingscreensthatmakeitcolorful.<br />Manyeventstake place in thisamazingpublicspace.<br /> 6. It has aninterestingshape, itslike a square with a triangle taken out of one side, because an important street bends at the square..<br />Thispart has a linear system of concrete pilarssupporting a structure<br /> 7. Thereisanarray of fountainswhich are thecentrepiece of the square Thesefountainsformedthemainwalkway of the place.<br />You can play and passtroughthem<br /> 8. As itis a public open space, it has manyentrances, and natural lighting<br /> 9. The square has severallevels, it has a spacewhereconcerts and other performances take place..<br /> 10. The Dundas square is not at the level of the street, architects designed it to stand in a higher level, to make it interesting..<br /> 11. Tallbuildingsformedtheedges of the square<br /> 12. Real life<br />pictures<br /> 13. In conclusion<br />In second life, we can easily understand how places work. All the aspects I mencioned on the presentation are represented in the locations in second life, so, it is a great resource to architects, and urban planners, to study and create interesting places.<br /> 14. In conclusion<br />Ifwe compare thecities in secondlifewiththose in real life (taken dundas as a example) wenoticethatthey are not so different in terms of thespaces and structures.<br />Itwas a greatwayto study.. <br /></p>