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Find out how to make PR work for your business. Hill & Knowlton’s PR Fundamentals for Start-Ups will provide an overview of public relations specifically for entrepreneurs.


  • 1. PR Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs June 14, 2011 Presented by Hill & Knowlton: Monta Johnson, Vice President David Chin, Vice President
  • 2. Todays Agenda Understanding PR: The Basics Dening public rela9ons Tips for PR success The media Ge>ng Started: A Few Fundamentals Press materials Inuencer rela9ons Media interviews
  • 3. Understanding PR: The Basics
  • 4. If advertising is what you say about yourself, public relations is what others say about you.
  • 5. Defining Public Relations What it is: Management of rela2onships between your company and your audiences and stakeholders through strategic communica2ons A way to enhance the understanding of your companys objec2ves, strategies and achievements Helps build strong reputa2ons, credibility and corporate image More than just media rela2ons A two-way street
  • 6. Defining Public Relations What it is not: NOT adver2sing NOT strictly media rela2ons, or even just marke2ng NOT just a press release NOT free publicity NOT a science
  • 7. To be successful in PR: Dene your goals Know your story Be brief Understand your audience Focus on where you want to be Follow the news in your industry Be a useful source
  • 8. Understanding the media The media are BUSY Know: Who they are What they cover Why they might be interested in you
  • 9. Tips for working with the media You can only control what you say Respect deadlines Share the spotlight Be prepared for long lead 2mes Its okay to start small Rela2onships count Content counts more It takes 2me!
  • 10. Getting Started: A Few Fundamentals
  • 11. 12 June 15, 11 Digital printing & production Automated 24x7 lights-out computing Influencer Relations Press Materials Press Releases Execu2ve Bios Product Fact Sheets Corporate Prole Journalists Bloggers Industry Analysts Evangelists Prepara2on Prac2ce Performance Personality Press Interviews A Few Fundamentals
  • 12. News Story the 5 Ws Instant Gra2ca2on Clear & Concise Compelling & Crea2ve Adapt for Mul2ple Audiences Dis2nct from Sales & Marke2ng Characteristics Components The Lede Execu2ve Quote Product Benets & Features Market Research & Trends Credible 3rd-Party Endorsement Company Background Press Materials: The Press Release
  • 13. Reduce, Re-use & Recycle: Share content with website Execu2ve Biographies: Establish experience & credibility Product Fact Sheet: Overview of benets & features Corporate Prole: Background & boilerplate Press Materials The Press Kit: Online & Offline
  • 14. Journalists: Business, Technology, Science, Lifestyle, and more Bloggers: Moms, Travel, Photography, Fashion, and more Industry Analysts: Apps, cloud, hardware, and more Evangelists: Personal networks, business partners, and more Influencer Relations Who are they?
  • 15. 1 2 3 4 Produce Your Story Pitch Research & Target Professionally Personalize Refresh & Follow-up Influencer Relations: The Steps
  • 16. Understand the opportunity Know the audience Tailor key messages & examples Keep your messages close (telephone) Review any sensi2ve issues Everything is on the record Prac2ce & Relax Press Interviews: Preparation
  • 17. Iden2fy & use trigger words Amplify messages with your voice and body language Deliver pithy & colourful sound-bites with personality Illustrate with anecdotes & examples Men2on your company & product Restate/summarize with convic2on & passion Eliminate verbal 2cs you know, uhm, & ah Press Interviews: Performance
  • 18. Questions? D a v i d C h i n 4 1 6 . 4 1 3 . 4 6 3 3 M o n t a J o h n s o n 4 1 6 . 2 0 9 . 1 3 3 9


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