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1. School: Mwambiti Boy Secondary School Region: Voi District, Taita Taveta County, Kenya Mwambiti Boy Secondary School is located in a rural area of Voi district, surrounded by bushes and mountains, with good connection to a nerby highway. The closest neighbour is Kajire Girl High School. The schools cooperate often and organise their own workshops focused on trade or simple programming. The school has a very good and fast internet, with very rare electricity black outs. Company established: January 2013 Business Subject: Production of accessories, film shooting and editing, exporting Bata Safari Shoes to Slovakia Departmets: Directorate, Financial Department, Marketing Department, Customer Relations, Human Resources, Production Department Number of members: 10 The name Kenslov is derived from companys Kenyan Slovak cooperation. The firm started as the main partner of the Slovak training firm Slovken. The two partners exchange their products, with Kenslov exporting majority of its products to Slovakia. The boys from Kenslov are also the main video makers for the Sote ICT project. Marketing skills of the students are over average, with the firm taking the 3rd place for Best Marketing at the trade faire in April 2015. Still the boys are in the process of acquiring a deeper understanding of business processes, work within departments or adding value through CSR. They also need to improve their SWOT analysis and a business plan. Kenslov products are regularly promoted in Slovakia and Czech Republic by the partner firm Slovken, through various student trade faires, presentations or catalogues. 2. The boys also excel at science contests on national level, taking the 3rd place in Best Science Project Contest in 2014 for their door opening through a phone application. Awards: 3rd place Best Promotional Video Contest May 2014 3nd place in the category Best Marketing at Sote ICT Trade Faire April 2015 Areas of possible cooperation with the University of Huddersfield students: Preparation of a marketing strategy, business strategy, development of a business plan or a SWOT analysis, PR plan, CSR startegy Slovken promoting their cooperation with Kenslov at Training Firm Trade Faire in Bratislava, Slovakia (November, 2014)


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