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Project Organization Development & Learning OrganizationResearch by SBM ITB studentDesign & Creative Director by Alvin NukmanThis research includes 2 company, which is stagnant company and growing company. This research are looking for what best intervention to do to the stagnant company to grow and learn


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    Executive Summary

    This is our final project on the subject of organization development and

    learning organization, this project is conducted by a group consisted of 4 SBM

    students from class of 2014. In executing this, we also study an organization

    learning on five disciplines, they are shared vision , team learning , systems

    thinking , personal mastery , and mental models .

    This project is a selection and analysis of the two companies. One of

    which is growing while the other is not, we are allowed to use profit or non-

    profit companies in order that we can know and understand the differences,

    and provide some recommendations as explained in the subject of

    organization development learning and organization. It is hoped that

    recommendations we give can change the stagnant companies into the

    growing ones and do not get the term of maturity because of the ongoing


    We as students can enter to the company world directly, applying the

    knowledge we get to be implemented in the companies we choose to analyze.

    In this project, we choose two companies covering Siete and Kitchen Potluck

    Caf . Through this project, we will also look into the factors of the company

    success key that are carried out by the growing company to be a

    recommendation for the stagnant one.

    The analysis process of the project uses two frameworks. We use

    McKinsey 7s and Key Success Factor from Donald Crestofel Lantu, Ph.D. as

    frameworks. We use McKinsey 7S to improve the companys performance.

    The McKinsey 7S is a popular model used in organizations to analyze the

    environment and to investigate the achievement of the company toward their

    own intended objectives

    The recommendation result that is in the form of designing intervention

    is hoped to be a new plan for one of the stagnant companies and to make it

    better in every way , especially in the company organization that impacts to

    the culture , values and the customers view about a company , and if it is

    looked through helicopters view, it has a good brand image .

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    Chapter 1 Introduction


    Caf is a part of urban people lifestyles. Today, caf is a place not only

    to eat but also to do a lot of activities such to meet up with colleagues, to find

    a hotspot area for doing assignments, to spend the evening time, to have a

    formal meeting, or even to socialize with new people they barely meet. The

    aim of visiting caf has transformed because of the changes of lifestyle,

    especially to young generation.

    Several years ago, people go to caf only to get the food and

    beverages, but now, even that thing may not be the main reason of why

    people go to certain caf. There are a lot of more complex factors that

    influence people to go there including the ingredients of the dish, the branding

    of the cafe, the design interior, the class of society who often visits the cafe,

    and the marketing strategy that the caf uses to attract the customers. Each

    factor is related one another, however in this study, the author will only focus

    on the marketing strategy used to attract the customers.

    Since Bandung is well known for its culinary delight, several years ago

    there was phenomenon, which have caused the modern-designed caf to be

    a lifestyle cycle of young people in Bandung. This kind of caf usually targets

    the segments of young people, which have a potentially big-buying power and

    impulsive decision in behavior, make them the big and untouched markets for

    this kind of caf. Soon, the caf business bloomed into a big trend, which

    usually, one area is occupied by many cafs in each side of the way. We

    choose caf as our subject because we want to reach the closest market

    target that is ourselves, college students. Caf is the most frequent place that

    is visited by college students. The high demand of a cozy place to eat with

    friends while doing the paperwork and open until midnight are the concepts of

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    many cafs nowadays. The faster Wi-Fi connection is, the better caf is.

    Another reason of why we choose caf is because therere a lot of cafs with

    similar concept in Bandung. We assume that it will be easier to identify the

    significant differences between the growing and the stagnant ones.

    We choose Siete caf and Potluck kitchen because we know the owner

    of both cafs, so its more feasible to get more details and reliable information.

    Siete and Potluck also have similar market targets and concept, those are

    college students. Both places are located nearby the big universities in

    Bandung, ITB and UNPAD. These two cafs are also the most frequent caf

    that we visit. The interesting thing is that the similar market targets are served

    with different ways, which make the customers have a lot of assumptions

    when they are compared.

    1.2 Company Profile

    1.2.1 Stagnant Company POTLUCK Coffee Bar and Library was established in 2003 with a

    theme of a coffee bar that has a library and gallery, which is located in Jalan

    Teuku Umar Bandung. POTLUCK Coffee Bar offers a homey environment

    with various beverages and food with their market target is 70% University

    Student. POTLUCK Coffee Bar and Library is the first coffee shop in


    POTLUCK Coffee Bar is a well-known place to hangout and often

    visited by celebrities. In 2007, Potluck moved to Jl. H Wasit because of the

    owners problem. The owners of Potluck are 3 men in friends and live in

    Jakarta because Potluck wasnt their main priority, Potluck was neglected

    slowly and the popularity decreased, for they couldnt be competed with


    In 2008, Potluck tried to change its theme to Potluck Kitchen and

    change the market target to fewer University students and broader market.

    They also changed the menu, from light bite to main menu in order to

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    decrease the University Student customers. The University Students had bad

    habits, which only ordered one menu, but stayed for 5-8 hours that caused

    other customers didnt get any table. Unfortunately, the changing process

    didnt go well that caused unclear theme and decreasing sales.

    In 2010, the owner of Potluck Kitchen gave up and sold the restaurant.

    Decil Christianto, who was the loyal customer of Potluck Kitchen, didnt want

    his favorite hang out place to be over. He decided to buy Potluck Kitchen with

    2 of his friends. In 2011, Potluck Kitchen is officially owned by Decil

    Christianto. He tried to rebrand Potluck Kitchen again by targeting more

    segmented market (music communities, specific profession). He made

    various events such as kid cooking class in order to attract the mother

    communities, acoustic music event that plays various genres of music,

    Bankers day, etc.

    1.2.2 Growth Company

    Siete was established on May 9th 2012 by six ITB students that

    graduated on 2011, most of them graduated from School of Business and

    Management. It all started with their similar passion in culinary and interest in

    making their own business, started by business plan that were submitted to

    investor that also graduated from ITB. Now from the total of six owners,

    currently two of them left Siete because of their personal issues.

    Open from 11.00 am-12.00 pm, special on Saturday night till 2.00 am.

    The theme and market target of Siete Caf are based on their

    experience of being university students. There used to be few places to work

    assignments until late, and there were no places to hold small scope of event.

    Because of that, they built Siete Caf targeting youth, especially university

    students and communities. They offer place to do activities and assignments,

    for the location is nearby some campuses such ITB, UNPAD, UNPAR,

    UNIKOM, ITHB that influence the Sietes concept.

    Since they used to be the students, they know that the campus only

    open till 11.00 pm, in contrast the students needs a more comfortable place to

    finish the assignments that are not as many as those today. The food served

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    is western and Indonesian dish, which conforms to the market targets. The

    price is affordable because the youths become the market target. Their vision

    as well as mission is to be the best caf in Bandung.

    There have 40 employees, who are divided into service division and

    led by supervisor; there also have a captain, waiters, and host man. Kitchen

    division is led by head chef, then there have chef, cook de party, cook,

    dishwasher, bar division led by head barista, barista, bar helper, besides there

    have finance division that manages administration and fund (admin,

    purchasing, cashier). Marketing division is consist of university students, in

    the beginning they only hire ITB students but as time goes by they also

    helped by UNPAR and UNPAD students to get closer with market targets.

    For Struc